The medicine garden feels neglected, too. It is cluttered with herbs and smells.

There are various kinds of herbs, although most of them are common, but each plant is radiant and shiny. I don’t know how long it has been since anyone picked them. Most of the herbs have been used for thousands of years.
There is a stone road that has been paved for a long time, and now it is covered with herbs.
Be careful to stand on the slate, and don’t let yourself step on herbs. Yang Xiu strongly feels that in the middle of the medicine garden, there are aura fluctuations that are far higher than elsewhere.
Yang Xiu was curious and didn’t know what could radiate such an aura as essence. With curiosity and doubt, Yang Xiu slowly stepped forward to the middle. The closer he got, the more obvious he felt.
Yang Xiu walked to the middle of the medicine garden and saw a natural cave of a hundred square meters.
The cave is covered with stalactites of different sizes, and there is a pool in the cave.
The strong aura of the medicine garden is scattered from this pool.
Yang Xiu stood at the edge of the pool, and saw the viscous liquid in the pool, which shone brightly. There was a glittering mist floating on the liquid, which condensed into a water drop above the pool and dripped from the stalactites, and so on.
"This is the spirit of ten thousand years!" Yang Xiu exclaimed in my heart.
So standing on the edge of the spirit pool, Yang Xiu felt as if he were completely in a space full of aura, and he didn’t have to practice exercise deliberately, so his body absorbed aura on its own.
If you can practice here all the time, the efficiency will be three times as high as usual.
It is very rare for such a large spiritual pool and scattered aura density in the whole Xianye University 6. It is said that even the spiritual eye spring where Nanling sent Kongjue master to practice the forbidden area at the most touching place of Yunfeng is just an aura gathering, but it has not condensed into reality like this.
I want to come, only the nectar pool in the rumor of the first gate of Xianye University 6 can be compared.
Yang Xiu looked over the remaining two rooms again, more and more affirming the speculation in his heart.
There is an empty training room and a transfer room, but the transfer array inside has been damaged. This also solved Yang Xiu’s doubts just now, and really thought that the earth-escaping technique was worthless, and everyone could just go in and out of the abode of fairies and immortals.
"It seems that this is really an empty abode of fairies and immortals" Yang Xiu thought excitedly.
Yang Xiu is going back and forth to the underground abode of fairies and immortals in the next few days. After carefully determining that there is no problem, Yang Xiu decided to practice by the Lingchi in the future.
Yang Xiu, of course, first of all, should build a secluded mansion on the tooling right above the underground abode of fairies and immortals, but Yang Xiu will retreat to the underground abode of fairies and immortals for cultivation in the future.
Above the underground abode of fairies and immortals is the foot of Julufeng near the lost swamp of Nanling Sect, next to the tomb of Nanling Sect, with remote terrain and general aura coverage, but Yang Xiu doesn’t matter anymore.
However, in order to avoid causing suspicion, when Yang Xiu built the abode of fairies and immortals, he specially bought several sets of high-order Ju Ling array flags from the city square and arranged them around the abode of fairies and immortals. After all, there are some monks in the practice period of the Law Enforcement Hall who also want to practice in this abode of fairies and immortals. If the abode of fairies and immortals is too embarrassing, Yang Xiu also feels sorry for others.
I bought two sets of protection arrays to protect the abode of fairies and immortals.
It didn’t take two days, so Yang Xiu completed the construction of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Informed the Mu Yi owners, Yang Xiu officially moved from Peiyao Peak.
Soon, the head of Mu Yi also asked Ge Muduo to bring seven monks from the Law Enforcement Hall to Yang Xiu.
Ge Muduo: "These seven monks belong to the former Law Enforcement Hall. If Brother Yang feels that he is short of hands and is afraid that he is too busy, he can go to the Miscellaneous Affairs Office and choose some more disciples."
"Thank you for reminding me. I will go again when I feel that there are not enough people in the future."
Yang Xiuxian arranged the rooms for the seven people. Fortunately, Mu Yi told Yang Xiu at that time, so the room was completely enough.
Yang Xiuxian is familiar with the names of several people.
A chubby-faced young monk with ten floors of practice, Ming Leshi, a middle-aged monk with a cold face and twelve floors of practice, Hao Hai, three monks with twelve floors of practice who are nearly sixty years old, Hong Buyi, Xiao Nairong and Yin Sansi, and a Tsing Yi woman, Mrs Hua, and a plump young woman, Luo Qiu, are all practicing ten floors of practice.
Yang Xiu staring at seven people, quietly said:
"You usually practice independently when you have nothing to do, and there is a forbidden practice room in the middle, which is where I practice. If there is nothing urgent, you must not disturb."
After the simple command, Yang Xiu let them disperse, and went to his own training room, opened the ban, and then fled into the underground abode of fairies and immortals.
After these days of practice, Yang Xiuxian’s protective array outside the underground abode of fairies and immortals should be a kind of array with pure soil properties.
The array method takes the aura in the abode of fairies and immortals as the energy source, never stops, and is perfectly combined with the earth, regardless of each other, completely isolating the huge aura in the underground abode of fairies and immortals.