Watching her play like a child, Atobe Keigo couldn’t help muttering that she was not gorgeous and then picked up those white sandals and ran to her.

Today, both of them are naive. They pushed a pile of sand to make a sand castle, but they rushed to break it and picked up many shells, but they were buried one by one, and then they were found out and buried again or thrown into the sea.
In this crazy way, two people finally lay down on the beach exhausted.
"Xiaojing … Are you happy today?" Sitting on the beach, I looked at lying on the beach and Atobe Keigo asked with a smile.
"Uh-huh, it’s not gorgeous, but it’s ok." Although Atobe Keigo said that, he was satisfied and laughed.
"Scene, we are really rare to be presumptuous …" Atobe Keigo and her are similar in some places. Many people are nervous every day, and occasionally entertainment can’t relax their subconscious nerves. This crazy game really makes them … rare to be presumptuous.
"Ah, uh, Huai" She called him Xiaojing, so he wouldn’t be melodramatic and call him Miss Xia.
"… Xiaojing, shall I be your sister?" Look at that endless sea, I said with a smile
For a long time, Atobe Keigo didn’t call himself Xiaojing so kindly. It turned out that he was a younger brother. It really hurts his self-esteem. Is his masculine charm finished before her?
"If you want to be me, it’s enough." He still couldn’t say it, and he said that after only one day together. His gentleman really didn’t allow him to say it.
"… well," see yourself more like a friend? Friends are good, too
【 Fei appeared after don’t know the taste funny natural to stay Huai sauce! 】
Atobe Keigo got up and sat on the beach with Xia Huai and looked at the sea. The blue sea is no longer the same color as the sky. The sky has gradually turned into a wine red that has been brewing for a long time. Although this scenery is not the first time to see it, it is particularly beautiful because they are rare to be presumptuous today.
No, no, no, it’s rare to be presumptuous. I guess it’s just eating chocolate
Kunimitsu Tezuka hum is too careless.
No. Where’s Minister Fei?
It’s rare for Kunimitsu Tezuka to be crazy about her.
No, I don’t. The minister really likes Xia Huai very much.
Kunimitsu Tezuka Feiye
No, Fei?
Kunimitsu Tezuka love.
No Fei … (covering her face ing) Youth …
[Fragments-Deep Love]
"That’s enough! Dad, please don’t break mom’s things again. It’s mom’s legacy, dad! Please! " These words sound so heartbreaking in my ears that I have never begged for something, but this is something I can never give in to.
"Since you said that, you can break this sogeum. I can move all these things into your research room and don’t ask these questions." The man is covered in alcohol and bloodshot eyes. How terrible it looks. The original handsome face is twisted and scary.
"I …" This sogeum is her favorite. She clearly remembers her mother’s warmth, holding her hand and pulling the sogeum. This sogeum has a mother’s taste and is the only clearest memory of her mother and herself.
"What are you trying to say?" To get drunk, the inside of Danfeng’s eyes was changed to be cold, and his whole person smelled of danger.
She also knows that even if she doesn’t break the string, he will break it and break it.
Trembling as if she had been sprinkled with one thousand catties of powder, her hands were so slow to move.
Tears accumulated in her eyes for a long time and finally fell straight. This drop was like a gate, which made her tears wet all the time, and her bloody little face wet the periphery of Xiaoqin.
Black hair and long hair have been hovering around the floor. The elegant white dress is so pure, but it seems to be soaked in black atmosphere here, but it is just obvious that the crying little girl is thin and thin.
She resolutely broke the strings and then slammed the piano, so it fell apart.
For this move, the man who smelled of alcohol acquiesced and staggered out of the door.
Only she knows that what she treasures most has been abandoned and destroyed by herself, and painful tears have flooded her sight and her world again.

It’s a bit hard for him who is used to all this.

However, JiZheng only hesitated for a second. He immediately smiled and said, "Well, your territory will be canonized when I think about it. You and Zhuo Qing haven’t seen each other for a long time, have you? I won’t bother you, you go down first. "
Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQing farewell out, JiZheng a person quietly sitting in the dragon chair, looking at the top of the hall to stay.
A dark shadow emerged from nowhere and slowly became a human figure, an old man.
It is because his whole body is covered in a black robe that people can’t see his eyes clearly. It is only from the white beard that we can judge that this person is very old.
"Your majesty, why did you do that? This young man is difficult to control. " Always talking, his voice is as old as his beard.
Ji Zheng doesn’t seem to be surprised by the appearance of this person. It seems that he is still used to it. His eyes drifted slowly into the distance, as if looking at the outside of the temple and recalling the past.
After a long time, Ji Zheng said faintly: "I, how can I not understand?" This person is not difficult to control, but it is impossible to be controlled. "
"So, why are you doing this? I know what you want to do … Do you really dare to take risks? Aren’t you afraid of losing your ancestral land? Because this kid put down a rebellion? All you have to do is stretch your finger to destroy that stupid thing! "
Ji Zheng smiled indifferently, with great confidence on his face: "I didn’t want to control him at all. As for Gong Yin, I am very happy that this old guy can play such a game at a dying age and let me relieve boredom, but I won’t take it to heart at all. The sky is boundless and has helped our ancestors without reservation, and our family has always obeyed this man’s words. Now that he has recommended this boy, I believe he has his reasons. I also have my own ideas, but I still want to trust this ancestor again. "
The old man was silent for a long time. He said indifferently, "You are playing with fire. Aren’t you afraid that this boy will become the most horrible beast?"
Blade master!’ Ji Zheng’s tone was suddenly blunt: "Don’t talk to me in a qualitative tone. Everyone in this world will respect you. But in front of me, you must remember who you are, who I am, and understand your own identity! "
The old body suddenly released a cold murderous look. At this moment, the whole hall seemed to be extremely cold, and a layer of light frost spread upward from the bottom of the hall, little by little extending to the whole palace. The invincible defense circle in the hall is as fragile as a piece of paper in the face of this old power.
However, this force of frost is confined to the interior of the hall, and the guards standing outside the hall did not feel the coldness and strangeness in the hall at all, but still looked straight ahead without any sleep.
JiZheng smiled, and the index finger of the right hand gently bounced on the dragon chair. You can vaguely see that with the action of Ji Zheng, the invisible ripples slowly invaded the hall, and then spread toward the force of ice. As a result, the original turbulent cold suddenly seemed to be caught in a sore spot, jumping violently, then retreating a little, and being pushed back to the old body by fluctuations a little.
However, the fluctuation of JiZheng’s pop-up still shows no signs of dispelling, but it oppresses the old along the ground until he is trapped in the middle and can’t move.
The old body began to tremble gently, and then began to exhaled breath. Later, it even sounded like a cow growling. But strangely enough, with such a loud voice, the guards outside the door still didn’t respond, as if they didn’t hear it at all.
After a long time, Lao finally gave up his struggle and stopped. He slowly bent down and knelt down, and his already old figure looked even older.
"Yes, your majesty, the old slave is guilty."
The old compromise was exchanged for Ji Zheng’s smile: "It’s good to understand, the world is in my hands. You have to remember this … "
Li Feiyang followed MuZhuoQing to her residence. After two people had a love affair, MuZhuoQing was flushed and breathed heavily. If it weren’t for her strong resistance, Li Feiyang even gave birth to the impulse to "eat" her at the scene.
After all, he is no longer the young boy, and after two years of killing experience, Li Feiyang’s body and mind are becoming more and more intense. Sometimes he is even pregnant. Is it the fusion of red blood and tiger blood, which is making him slowly change?
The former Li Feiyang was not steady, but he was definitely not a crazy person. Now, his heart is full from time to time.
Conquer, kill, possess.
If Li Feiyang hadn’t been suppressing himself intentionally or unintentionally, and the infinite heart sutra would always cleanse his heart, maybe he would have been a different person.
"ZhuoQing, you tell, this is how to return a responsibility? How did you become the goddaughter of Emperor Bai Man? " Li Feiyang calmed himself down and once again put forward this question that has been wrapped in my heart.
MuZhuoQing adjusted his messy clothes, some JiaoChen stared Li Feiyang. Then he said, "This starts with the day you suddenly went crazy …"
Mu Zhuoqing said again what Li Feiyang didn’t remember that day, and then said that a little mind of the father of the boundless sky appeared from the five swords, and then took her and Li Feiyang to the white country. Just don’t know why, the road is endless and Li Feiyang is thrown into a village …

Chapter 152 imperial doctor
Ya put Li Feiyang down, and took Mu Zhuoqing to Bai Man’s country. Emperor V Man had a long talk. After that, Emperor Bai Man was asked to recognize Mu Zhuoqing as his adopted daughter.
Emperor Bai Man seems to have great respect for the father of Cang Infinite. He not only agreed to this request, but also promised to take good care of Mu Zhuoqing. In fact, during this period of time, Emperor Bai Man was really kind to Mu Zhuoqing, and it can be said that he treated Mu Zhuoqing as his own.
After Bai Man’s father arranged all this, the last thought left. Mu Zhuoqing once wanted to find Li Feiyang, but when he was flying in mid-air, things were indistinguishable, and he couldn’t remember where Li Feiyang had been put by the boundless sky, so he had to give up.
Because the boundless mind once said before it disappeared, as long as Mu Zhuoqing waits patiently here, Li Feiyang will naturally come to her …
After hearing what MuZhuoQing said, the original doubts in Li Feiyang’s heart did not disappear, but became more dense.
He doesn’t understand why.
If, according to Mu Zhuoqing, he slaughtered himself wildly that day, it should be regarded as the public enemy of practitioners all over the world. As the founder of the Five Elements Sect, Cang Wuyou has no reason to help himself. But instead of taking himself away, he may even help himself.
Why is this?
Why do you want to interview the emperor Bai Man? Why did he bring himself here? Why did Emperor Bai Man recognize Mu Zhuoqing as his adopted daughter?
Really … That’s weird.
Don’t. What’s the plot against yourself?
Li Feiyang just gave birth to this idea in my heart. Then I gave up. Obviously this inference is wrong.
If the sky is boundless and wants to harm yourself. He has no reason to save himself. Kill yourself while you’re out of your mind. Didn’t you get it all?
But if not. Why should he help himself?
Li Feiyang is puzzled. Think about it. Only the Emperor, who had a close talk with Cang Infinite, might know the truth. But Li Feiyang believes. He won’t tell himself anything.
To say. When they summoned themselves. He would have said it.
Li Feiyang is a simple man. Since I don’t understand, don’t think about it first. The urgent task is to solve your own problems and do what you should do.
First, solve the weapons that the Dark Forest urgently needs, and then try to find some help as much as possible to help the Dark Forest through this sacrifice.
After dinner that evening, Li Feiyang was chatting with MuZhuoQing in her bedroom. Suddenly, the news came, and the emperor summoned them to the Prince’s bedroom.
Hearing the news, Mu Zhuoqing suddenly trembled all over. Then, as if remembering something, he grabbed Li Feiyang’s arm excitedly and said in a hurry, "It’s saved, my brother has it, Feiyang, let’s go!"
Li Feiyang was dazed by Mu Zhuoqing’s appearance. He asked in amazement, "What has been saved? You don’t worry, talk to me first … "
"I’ll tell you on the way, come with me!" MuZhuoQing high-handed, pulling Li Feiyang ran out of the bedroom, and then royal five swords flying.

I miss the purple princess bed in the room!

"I’m tired, too. I’ll sleep with you." Yue Xuanyi hurriedly posted it to arouse people’s disdain eyes.
"Well, let’s go." Xingtianmo or go to the second floor arm in arm with Yuexuan Yi. She can’t wait to have a date with Duke Zhou.
Early the next day
"Why is the headmaster in such a hurry to find us?" Xingtianmo wanted to catch up on sleep and wake up naturally, but she was awakened by a strange word. It turned out to be the old man of the principal.
"I don’t know" Yue Xuan Yi Yi didn’t wake up just like Xingtian Mo.
The headmaster was so anxious to find them that he said that if they didn’t go, he would die = …
"Knock knock" Xingtianmo habitually knocked on the door.
Unexpectedly, there was no response from Yuexuan Yiyi, so I impatiently kicked the door and thought it was habitual.
The door was hit and the headmaster was talking to a man, Kan Kan.
Xing Tian Mo and Yue Xuan Yi walked in unhurriedly to see that the man was Xing Lengyu.
Seeing his impatient face, it is estimated that the headmaster will be angry if he doesn’t stop. If he is angry, the consequences will be very serious …
7 exchange learning
"The headmaster …" Star day foam called a he didn’t respond estimation is too absorbed.
"Principal!" Star day foam shouted a pity that he finally had a reaction.
"Hey, what are you doing here? Can I help you? " The headmaster inexplicably asked with a face of koo.
Xing Tian Mo and Yue Xuan Yi suddenly had a black line on their faces. The old man forced them to come here early in the morning. Now he asked them what they were doing. Is this old headmaster selective and forgetful? !

Moreover, its body is much larger than that of ordinary tree demon, and the strangest thing is that it has a very ferocious face.

Thick trunk, two lanterns-like eyes, a huge mouth and long fangs dripping with saliva, looks disgusting and terrible.
Especially at this moment, its body has been stabbed and its look is distorted.
No! They suddenly found a more strange place.
That is, its wound was sprayed with blood, red blood.
This happened at a time, but at that time, people didn’t feel like it. Now, when they see that the source of the blood rain is a tree demon, they are really horrified.
Do tree demons bleed, too?
It’s incredible. In an instant, everyone was shocked.
And at this moment, Qianfeng’s body has jumped to a height higher than that of the tree demon flying in the middle.
The sun shines on her for a moment and people can’t look straight.
At this time, she has already launched an attack.
Cold and charming, drinking her body, in the middle of a flip, the aura surged, and the end of her right arm burst into a devastating light.
Brilliant knife light, she has swooped towards the tree demon.
Time seems to freeze at this moment, and at this moment, she is the only picture in this day.
No one can deny it or deny it, especially these men who look up at her at this time.
This tree demon is suspected to be the king of tree demons.
No other tree demon dares to stay here in its territory.
It has the peak strength of the spirit emperor, and there are some tree demon kings who have the ability
But even the tree demon king is still a tree demon.
How high can you ask for the wisdom of a demon?
It would be really strange if a elm head were smarter than a human.
It didn’t expect that it would attack it just after it appeared, and it was still so fierce
The most important thing is that the speed of this blow is very fast, and the flint seems to be as fast as a blink of an eye and as fast as a flash, and when the root doesn’t respond to people.
The demon king of the tree didn’t come to protect the aura in vitro, and the gas mask had already suffered from a thousand chickens breaking the moon.
I have been brewing since just now.
Condensed a lot of spiritual force until just broke out hand knife.
Scary wounds, large tracts of blood, screaming and screaming, the demon king of the tree has swooped down from the height of the moon and wants to launch an attack on the demon king of the tree
In this world, at least for hundreds of years, there has been no creature except tree demon in this forest for a long time, and bossing around a group of tree demons has already made the tree demon king have a dominant consciousness.
I am in charge of the sky, but I have the feeling that I dare not disobey it.
This feeling has been imperceptibly influenced by every cell in its body, and today someone actually challenges it to be a king.
Not only that, but also when he just appeared, he sneaked on himself.
A despicable human being with no dignity and spirit
For hundreds of years now, the sudden contrast has raised the anger in the heart of the tree demon king, and the anger will be extinguished if it is exhausted.
It’s angry! It’s completely angry!
It will tear up this human who dares to challenge it and hurt it, instead of turning it into nickel powder to nourish this land.
Thousands of phoenix broken moon has rushed over, and the lich king roars and gives off a little green light, suddenly moving towards the front and gathering away quickly.
Green fluorescence has become a glittering and translucent torrent in an instant.
Like nine days of divine water falling in the sky, this glittering torrent is spinning wildly, like an angry sea roaring and spinning, turning into a whirlpool and sweeping away towards a thousand phoenix and breaking the moon.
Thousands of phoenix broke the moon, and a flash of light flashed through her eyes. Her right arm was dragging a long light blade, and Guanghua was bright and suddenly moved, and she had already split out.
Draw a sword and cut off the water, and suddenly it seems that the waves are divided into two parts. The glittering torrent is divided into two parts in a moment. The attack of the phoenix breaking the moon is not only the surge of aura, but also the light of the knife is once again full of mapping, and the cold face of the phoenix breaking the moon is crashing towards the tree demon king
Fang Ming night suddenly froze. I don’t know what. He suddenly had an illusion that at this time, thousands of chickens broke the moon and their strength was much worse than when they met just now.
Of course, in his view, this is also an illusion.
943 Chapter 943 Ghost Night

"What can I do to integrate them all? It’s a headache!" Huangfu Zhantian tried many times in a row, but every time it was the last step of fusion, there was a furnace explosion, which made Huangfu Zhantian suddenly hysterical. He thought for a long time and didn’t understand what it was and what it couldn’t be fused.

"Are you in trouble, silly? Let me help you for the last time, old man. The rest of the way is up to you!" When Huangfu Zhantian was very depressed, an old man sounded the first section: the past.
After hearing this sound, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly showed a respectful look in his face, and soon the old man appeared again. It was the old servant who was chaotic before Huangfu Zhantian.
"Old-timer, you really want to help me! What is it that you said this was the last time to help me? " After hearing the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly surprised because he remembered that the old man was omnipotent, but now he says it is the last time to help himself.
"Ha-ha silly boy forgot I told you. After you came to this Shenyuan continent, it is estimated that after three years, I will disappear forever, and now the three-year deadline is coming!" The old man kindly way
"But …!" After hearing this old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a little sad. Whenever he encountered difficulties, the old man would help himself. Now he suddenly said that he was leaving Huangfu Zhantian, which was a little unacceptable at the moment.
"Who won’t die? Although my strength is very strong, my heart is already dead. My master died at the moment of his fall. It’s just to help him find someone for so many years. But when I first found you, your strength was too weak. I came to find the owner and then I left. But I can also help you in this situation for a while. When you are strong enough, I can safely leave." The old man’s wind is light and the clouds are light, as if he were not himself [
Hearing the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was a little sad, but he also understood the old man’s thoughts and didn’t say anything he opposed.
After a good half-day, Huangfuzhan genius looked up and said to the old man, "Now, the elder can talk to the younger generation about my master, because I met someone two days ago …!" Any suspection.i Zhantian then said it again when SiLie saw the chaotic jade in his hand.
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the old man suddenly became silent. After a long time, he finally looked up at Huangfu Zhantian Road. "Yes, my master is the founder of this Shenyuan mainland and your Lifeng mainland, and that Si Lie is the master, a student, and the master has a total of nine real students, including your Si Lie, who is old, that is, your brother. It’s a long story."
Then the old man told some past events to Huangfu Zhantian. After listening to the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian genius Bai had what happened.
It turns out that there was a student who was the most powerful among the students, and naturally he was a big brother. Their strength was as old as their ranking, and their strength was the worst. At that time, the chaotic venerable had made a rule that whoever was strong would get more resources and cultivation, and the longer he was, the weaker he became, the stronger he became, and the stronger he became. This made the four other disciples who ranked lower feel resentful. Of course, the chaotic venerable was their teacher, but he didn’t often know this with them.
It was not until later that their contradiction broke out completely that the four other disciples behind them could not defeat the top four disciples by virtue of their strength, but they did not know where they had attracted foreigners. These foreigners were very powerful. Although they struggled hard, they were still defeated by these foreigners. In the end, three of the four brothers escaped by luck, and the third one was the most intelligent and savvy among them. However, if he was injured in front of the chaotic honour person, he would rank third.
This incident shocked the chaotic venerable master, and killed all these aliens in one fell swoop. However, although these aliens were killed, they left a curse. One of these aliens was an alien Lord, and after the alien Lord’s father arrived, the chaotic venerable master fought several rounds and divided the whole continent into two parts. In order to protect these two continents, the chaotic venerable master led the powerful alien to fight alone in Outland.
The two of them fought for a whole year, and then the chaotic venerable came back with a trace of spirit, saying that his body and soul were mutually assured destruction with the alien strong, while the four inverse acts were sealed by the chaotic venerable to powerful forces for millions of years until Huangfu Zhantian gave the star world and the mainland passage the seal, and the four inverse acts seals were slowly dissolved.
After listening to the old man’s speech, suspection.i war genius understood that SiLie had lied to him, which made Huangpi war, as a result of a burst of resentment, summon SiLie.
"Master doesn’t know why you want to see me …!" Si Lie was forced to come by Huangfu Zhantian and then said respectfully to Huangfu Zhantian directly, but when he saw the old man around Huangfu Zhantian, his face suddenly changed and he was about to escape.
"If you dare to escape, I will destroy you now!" Any suspection.i Zhantian at this time a full face of murderous look shouted at the same time any suspection.i Zhantian directly controls the small world to squeeze the SiLie up.
Si Lie was sent back by the powerful strength of Huangfu Zhantian, and he was scared to death. When he saw the old man, he knew that he was finished. I am afraid that his lying was also exposed.
"Si Lie, how dare you lie to me? Do you believe me or not?" Any suspection.i war day coldly drink a way
"Xiaotian, don’t move yet!" When the old man saw Silie, the whole person’s eyes suddenly showed anger than look. He has always been very dull, but now the whole person is like a leopard. He came to Silie’s side in an instant. The skinny palm severely bombarded Silie’s chest and directly bombarded Silie. I don’t know how far it was, but the old man didn’t let him go. He planned to wave his hand and directly bound the Silie back to him with a strong binding force.
In this way, the old man punched him out and then sucked him back into the hands of the old man who was beside him, and he didn’t have any strength to fight back.
Seeing such a situation, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly surprised, because this fierce Huangfu Zhantian knows that since he dared to hide the truth from himself, it is certainly impossible for the old man to strike back. The only explanation is that the strength of the old man has exceeded him so much that he has no fighting back at all, which makes Huangfu Zhantian a little hard to accept. He didn’t expect the old man to be a peerless strong man.
"Please forgive me, housekeeper. I was wrong. I was really wrong. Don’t fight. Please, just leave me alone for the sake of Master!" SiLie was struck by the old man for so long and then immediately begged for mercy.
"Let you go, you let me let you guys go. What about you? That little resource actually killed your master. For so many years, you not only have no remorse, but also want to kill your master. Let me let you go!" Old man anger repeatedly shouted.
"What, you are the master’s undertaker? It’s impossible for the master to be dead. How can you give his mantle to others? Even if you want to, you have to give it to our four brothers. How can you give it to an outsider? I don’t!" Si Lie was dumbfounded when he heard the old man’s words, so he angrily asked the old man, but his eyes were staring at Huangfu Zhantian as if he wanted to kill Huangfu Zhantian.
"Hum, the four of you have long been expelled from your master’s school by your master. Now you are traitors. It’s a dream to dare to get your hands on your master!" The old man immediately sneered after hearing Si Lie’s words [
"It’s impossible. Master, how can his old man expel us from his master’s school because we are a little small? It’s impossible to be a housekeeper. Are you kidding us? You’re lying to me, right!" After hearing the old man’s words, Si Lie immediately panicked, with a pleading look in his eyes, trying to get the answer he expected from the old man’s mouth, but the old man’s answer disappointed him.
"Little sex, you still don’t repent at this time. The master has only one other disciples in total, but three of them have actually been killed because of the jealousy of the four of you. There is also a great kindness for the master to let you reflect on your life. The master said that if you don’t repent after breaking the seal day, you will be expelled from your legacy forever. Now that you have just got out of trouble, you will make waves and want to kill me. How can you? I now declare for the master that the four of you will be expelled from your legacy forever!" Old man cold way
After hearing the old man’s words, Si Lie suddenly froze. wait for a while’s eyes were full of ashes, just like being taken away from his soul.
After a good half-day, that Si Lie finally broke out, with a full face of pain and a crouching look, and the whole person was shivering.
"Master, I was wrong. I was really wrong. I shouldn’t be jealous of my brother. Master, please, I don’t want to be expelled from my school. Forgive my brother for being confused and blinded by lard!" Si Lie cried and slammed his head in the virtual space. There was no hardness in the virtual space, but Si Lie kowtowed and broke his head. Even so, Si Lie still didn’t stop.
See this behind the scenes, the old man is crustily skin of head to kowtow.
And suspection.i war day by this time also gradually white some, but he has some not white what this SiLie has made things like that don’t want to be expelled from his legacy.
"Do you ask the master that there is no master who has gone to the root and can’t hear you, but I can obey the master’s wishes!" Old man coldly to SiLie way
After hearing the old man’s words, Si Lie suddenly sat there with a look of regret as if he had smoked his soul.
"I am the master’s successor. Do I speak like a master?" By this time, Huangfu Zhantian also found a little taste. The old man always said that he would expel them from his legacy, but he didn’t use his means to kill them. He just wanted to be a good man himself.
"Of course!" Old man after hearing any suspection.i war words corners of the mouth immediately with a smile and then cold way
"In that case, I will take them back to Mensilie on behalf of Master. I wonder if you will?" Any suspection.i war cold asked
"I’d like to. I’d like to see the master!" After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, Silie has to listen to me wrong. It was not until suspection.i Zhantian said it again that Silie was excited and shivering, and saluted suspection.i Zhantian.
"Wrong, we are all Master’s brothers. If you want to worship, you should naturally worship Master’s old man’s house and I am a teacher’s apprentice. Get up. If you behave well later, you will still be my brother. If you have that idea again, I can expel you directly from my master!" Any suspection.i Zhantian light to SiLie way
"Is … is nine … nine teacher younger brother!" Si Lie was suddenly excited after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian. He was speechless and stuttered.
"Well, get up, master. If there is a spirit in the sky, you will be pleased! Right, brother! " Any suspection.i Zhantian previous step to help SiLie way
"This is natural. Master will naturally hear from Junior Nine. Do you want to ask your three senior brothers something?" SiLie was lifted up by HuangFuZhanTian immediately after some trepidation and some carefully asked, although HuangFuZhanTian said he was his brother, but he didn’t dare to show any disrespect to HuangFuZhanTian.

Are you lucky enough to go against the sky? Monty’s conclusion after careful observation. There must be some monster living inside him to help him stabilize. Otherwise, Yuan Shen will surely break up. Haikui told him before the combination. It must have something to do with Zhou Lin who was sealed in the body by the real Wuyang.

Monty looked at Haikui seriously and said, "I don’t know if you will be distracted after waking up this time." In that case. It is a deep blessing. "
On the other side. A middle-aged man frowned slightly. Now close your eyes and count for a while. Looking at the distance. "Actually took my distraction. Hey. That’s too much for you. More and faster chapters, please go to. You are just a tripod furnace and you want to go against the sky. "
Monty wants to think about it. Only this one is logical. He sat cross-legged again. After looking at Haikui’s eyes, he closed his eyes and meditated.
On the east coast of China. Xue Zheng Xiu and Stuart Yuan Wu are probing carefully. Xue Zhengxiu suddenly looked up at the sky. Eyes a dignified. Then he turned to Stuart Yuan Wu and said, "Stuart Yuan Wu. I have more important things to do. When you find the old man. Baojia and Ziruyi are all yours. I want the old man’s yuan god. "
Stuart Yuan Wu gloomy looking at Xue Zhengxiu. Heavy voice asked: "Xue Zheng xiu who are you?"
"You know the old so long still don’t know who I am? The old man is just a casual repair. " Xue Zhengxiu hey hey smiled.
Stuart Yuan Wu’s eyes were full of pitfalls. "I don’t think so. You take a break. I know so much about the various factions in the spiritual world. And people who are Taoist are even more familiar with it. Who will believe you if you say it? I think you are like … "
Stuart Yuan Wu seems to have noticed something. One-handed pinch tactic carefully staring at Xue Zhengxiu.
Xue Zhengxiu looked at Stuart Yuan Wu cautiously. Laughing. "Stuart Xiaoyou thinks too much." He said and disappeared.
Stuart Yuan Wu looked at the place where Xue Zheng had just disappeared. Eyes show the color of meditation. Frown. Think twice and continue to search for people in Donghua.
Stuart Yuan Wu came to Daofeizong with all the fighting power of Wanmo Palace. I got an imperial edict. This imperial edict comes from another world. Another powerful world. Stuart Yuan Wu dare not disobey. Whether the imperial edict is true or not. He has to come. And he is expected to soar. In urgent need of powerful help. The promise in the imperial edict. Success or failure. There are rewards.
Stuart Yuan Wu suspected that Xue Zhengxiu was from another world.
Xue Zhengxiu appeared in Jialing City at this time. Since he was separated from Stuart Yuan Wu. A few minutes. He came to Jialing City. Didn’t hide his breath. A powerful breath filled between heaven and earth. Mortals can’t feel it. But the practitioners here can feel it.
What exactly is Xue Zheng’s practice? Haikui guessed that he had a state of distraction.
Soon. It’s time to hide It’s time to appear.
At this time there are dozens of people in front of Xue Zheng Xiu. Fix for the lowest infant period. Two distracted periods. They looked at Xue Zhengxiu cautiously. One of the distracted monks asked, "Who are the Taoist friends? Why call me? "
"I am a celestial messenger. I was ordered to arrest a man. I order you to scrape three feet to find this man. " Xue Zhengxiu looked down at the crowd and said.
"It’s a loose tongue." Xue Zheng Xiugang finished. The friar said in a cold voice at the end of a dollar baby.
Xue Zhengxiu’s eyes looked sharp. In the later period of Yuanying, the friar only felt the sudden lag of Zhenyuan in the body and then became tyrannical.
The power of a glance. Let him be really unstable. The heart of Tao is shaking.
"Fairy angel. It’s really the first time I’ve heard it. " During the distracted period, the friar moved lightly and stood in front of Xue Zheng Xiu. Blocked his eyes.
The monk’s back was cold and sweaty in the later period of Yuanying. Heart andao fortunately. Hurriedly take a step backward. Pull away.
Chapter 299 are looking for.
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at all. "Which one is a descendant of the Sect that has existed for more than 3,000 years?"
A distracted person stood up. Xue Zhengxiu threw him a jade slip. "Look at it."
The distracted person picked it up. After a glance. He said to the crowd, "Dear Taoist friends. This is indeed a celestial messenger. "
Everyone was surprised. Everyone wants to know what’s in the jade slips. But Yu Jian was taken back by Xue Zhengxiu.
"Don’t ask anything more. Let you know what you know. If you don’t know, you will be killed if you want to know. " Xue Zhengxiu took a look at them and said coldly.
Everyone shuddered. They all shut up honestly. The celestial world is the supreme existence in their hearts. And they also aim to soar to the celestial world. How dare you offend the celestial messenger?
"To find this person. Dig a thousand feet and find it. " Xue Zhengxiu waved his hand. Haikui’s image came out. Sure. Is what he looked like before he changed his body.
Zhou Lin can’t communicate with Haikui after being sealed by Wuyang real person. Haikui changed his body. He doesn’t know it yet.
The people kept the appearance of Haikui in mind. Xue Zhengxiu flicker disappear.
A few minutes after Xue Zhengxiu left. After a distracted person confirms it. He said to the crowd, "Let’s go."
"Zhao predecessors. What do you see? " Someone asked the distracted person who saw Xue Zheng’s jade slips. First time update
"The seal of the fairy world." Friar Zhao’s distracted period said.
"Feng Xianwen. What is that? "
Friar Zhao’s name is distracted. "After successful soaring celestial. The fairy world will appear on the fairy list and admit that you have stepped into the ranks of immortals. Then you take this fairy list to Huaxianchi. Into the fairy pool. The true elements in the body are transformed into immortal elements. Since then. You are a real fairy. "
Brother Zhao said. Many people are showing the color of suddenly. Someone has heard of it. Someone hasn’t heard of it.
"That day? Armageddon is not the real element that helps us refine the body. " One person did not understand and asked.
"Armageddon is natural selection. More and faster chapters, please go to. Get rid of those who can’t survive the disaster. This is one of its intentions. Second. People who have survived the natural disaster. The cultivation will grow in the Armageddon. You can bear the cleaning of the fairy pool. The fairy pool turns the real yuan into the fairy yuan. The flesh is the container of immortals. If it is unbearable, it will collapse. Still failed. So people who have survived the natural disaster. It will be able to withstand the cleaning of Huaxianchi. " Brother Zhao explained carefully and said, "Look at those people who have crossed the sky through the ages. Most of them rely on strength to survive. Lucky to get help from others. Or a magic weapon to resist. Ascended to the celestial realm. That is also the lowest fairy. People who can’t stay for three days after entering the fairy pool. The whole body can’t be completely transformed. Such people can’t get along in the celestial world. "
Some people didn’t know this kind of thing before. Someone immediately showed a pessimistic expression. "If according to zhao predecessors said. After soaring, isn’t it a change of environment to continue to practice and practice again? "
Brother Zhao looked solemn. "Yes. I sent my predecessors to soar. Ten times as hard as you can in the lower bound. Work hard in the celestial world to stand in front of people. Today, I’ll tell you about it. In fact, the fairy world is not as good as you think. "
In the crowd, the face of a monk in the later period of Yuan Ying immediately collapsed. "I thought I could be free and unfettered in heaven and earth after I became an immortal. Listen to you. Is the struggle in the celestial world more fierce? "
Brother Zhao sighed and remained silent. But everyone knows.
After a while. Brother Zhao said to the crowd, "Let’s follow what the messenger just said. Find this person as soon as possible. If you can’t catch him alive, don’t startle him. Signal to wait for the arrival of the messenger. The emissary left a rune signal. I will give it to everyone. " He said, with one hand, he definitely drew a few pictures in the air with Zhenyuan. Hold on a second. "In the last five fingers spread out with true yuan before pushing. Runes will automatically look for the messenger’s adult. Remember. "
They wrote down the runes and dispersed. Brother Zhao also flew in the same direction. Heart andao: From the first generation of soaring predecessors. A person of the younger generation. Must be suppressed. You can’t cross the sky until you can’t suppress it. In this way, the actual strength to survive the apocalypse is much stronger than the strength to go all the way directly, to be distracted and to soar in Mahayana. After soaring. Win at the starting line.
The battle between the immortals is more fierce than expected. Update the first time where there is a paradise. Where there is no immortal happy. It’s all bullshit But once you have set foot on this road, you can’t back down. The elders of the sects in the celestial world are still waiting for the younger generation to soar to increase their strength. Hey.
Brother Zhao’s face gets lower and lower as he thinks about it. But he shoulders the mission of sects. Shoulder the mission of becoming cannon fodder or elite to the celestial world. Let him have no other choice.
Haikui is still in a coma underground. And in Jialing city and even nearby. There is a great uproar among practitioners. Are looking for haikui. Trying to dig up the ground and find him out. But what more people know is that Haikui is the person asked by the celestial messenger. After finding it, you can exchange it for the interests of the celestial messenger. The alliance of cultivating immortals is also looking for the people who slaughtered the Hao family. These two things are the most important things among practitioners in Jialing.
Xue Zhengxiu appeared in the place where the Hao family was slaughtered. There are policemen and soldiers everywhere now. Fiona Fang is blocked for miles. The news was also blocked. But the mayor of Jialing needs to give an explanation to the above. Not only did half the police come. The subordinate army division also sent a battalion of soldiers to station and assist.
Xue Zhengxiu looked at the vehicles flashing the alarm and the big green truck with a slight frown. "This is the place where the last induction. I don’t know what happened. "
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at the people below. The soldiers are resting. You can also walk around. He appeared below in a flash. Update and control a soldier’s mind in the first time. The soldier’s eyes were confused. Turn to yin. He walked up to the policeman who was whispering and asked, "Brother. What happened here. "
Two policemen looked up. There is a strange color in his eyes. One person asked, "You don’t know yet."
I don’t know. The soldier shook his head.
"I heard that the rich family Hao family here was slain by people. A big fire left no residue. Look at this. Everywhere is blackened. Maybe the place where we are standing now is the ashes burned by the dead. " The policeman said. The tone is slightly low. Finally, it was found that the other party was a soldier. I can’t scare him with this tone. Hey, hey, smile. "We don’t know the details. More and faster chapters, please go to. I came as soon as I was informed. Waiting for the investigation. "
"Oh. Thanks a lot. " The soldier smiled.
"You’re welcome." The police also waved generously.
The soldier turned around. The expression of eyes was gloomy. Suddenly, my eyes turned into confusion again. Strange. Look around.
Xue Zhengxiu once again appeared over the original address of Hao’s family. Not only dark eyes. My heart is also gloomy. He’s sure it was Haikui. But the dead didn’t even leave a soul behind. So he can’t know what was going on at that time.
He used his magical powers to explore carefully for dozens of miles in Fiona Fang, and there was no sign of Haikui. Except those down there that are not living. Nothing else was found. Xue Zhengxiu thought for a moment. I don’t think Haikui can stay here. After killing people. There must be a monk here to explore. I’m sure it’s bad luck to stay here But at this time, there is not a soul of the Hao family. He doesn’t know where Haikui has gone. After looking in four directions. The figure disappeared into the air.
Most practitioners speculate on Haikui’s trace with the heart of ordinary people. Many people think we should hide in sparsely populated or barren hills. And the so-called big is hidden in the city. Haikui is now under a hotel in the center of Jialing City. So they can’t find Haikui in a short time. Moreover, the monty flag hides the breath of him and Haikui. Even if someone is looking in the city. It takes a little effort.

Even fangzhou folded to drink and asked, "Aunt Miao? What have you done to Miao Da’s family? "

The leader took a cool glance at Fangzhou and smiled. "What else can I do? What kind of hard-mouthed untouchables do you keep? Kill them all, of course! It’s only a dozen mouths. What matters! "
"You!" Even Fang Zhou’s face turned white and shivered, staring at the man mercilessly and wishing to kill him!
Listen to another person still don’t smile happily enough and added, "Gee, those two little wives are really watery. If it weren’t for us, I wouldn’t give up my hand! Oh, I regret it! "
Another person took a meaningful lust even fangzhou smile happily way "this is not simple? I’d say Mrs. Weininghou is much better than those two daughters-in-law Hey hey, this is the duke’s woman! "
They said with unbridled laughter.
Li Fu couldn’t help but hold the soft swordsman in great anger, and his joints turned white and his veins stood out suddenly, and his eyes suddenly turned cold as ice, staring at everyone’s thin lips and pursed his lips without saying a word.
Lian Fangzhou was extremely angry and said to Li Fu, "Jane didn’t fall into their goad, so you killed them all and took revenge on Aunt Miao!"
Thinking of hospitality, simplicity and kindness, when everyone thought that they and Li Fu were leaving, Aunt Miao earnestly urged even Fang Zhou’s eye socket to burst into tears.
They deserve it!
She swore that if she didn’t die today, not only these people in front of her, but also those behind their scenes would not let her go!
This Nanhai county is not a place where they single-handedly cover the sky and care about human life!
Li Fu nodded.
The leader saw that Li Fu was obviously very angry, but he actually resisted not being angered. He had two unexpected giggles and smiled. "Weining will wait for you-"
A word unfinished Li Fu suddenly jumped up and jumped at him like a flash, and he was taken aback to object to looking down at soft sword in Li Fu’s hand and passing through his chest!
The man couldn’t believe stare big eyes Li Fu sneer at a foot to kick him out of the wrist and yank out soft sword’s sword. A roll has been attacked by others.
This sudden change in addition to Fang Zhou that a few assassins froze!
Who would have thought that Hou Weining would let go of his daughter-in-law and violently attack?
By the time they react, the leader with the strongest martial arts has breathed his last, and two others have also died and been injured!
The atmosphere suddenly changed, and a few people left were no longer surprised and angry. Before I closed it, I cried out with a few laughs, holding a sword and attacking Li Fuqun.
Li Fu sneered at soft sword’s fast-moving sword, sword, zither and naruto’s shadow flashing, and the two sides were inextricably linked. From time to time, someone was injured and screamed.
Even fangzhou was dazzled, his hands tightly holding his big eyes and he didn’t dare to move.
She has never been so sorry and hated herself for not knowing martial arts and fighting.
Accompanied by "ah!" A scream, a man’s left arm was cut off by Li Fu, and he fell in pain. Even Fang Zhou’s consciousness glanced at it. It was just a cold look at the man, with rage and bloodthirsty. Even Fang Zhou was surprised and stepped back.
The man stared at her with a ferocious smile, and the sword in his hand staggered up bit by bit, and staggered towards Lianfangzhou step by step.
Even Fang Zhou’s face burst into a white mouth, trying to shout and endure.
These people are obviously very talented. Even if Li Fu takes the lead and kills two seriously injured people, it is not easy to get rid of them for a while. If he is distracted, it is hard to say.
The man stared at Lian Fangzhou with a giggle in his throat and a long roar. The sword in his hand stabbed Lian Fangzhou straight in the past.
The dazzling light stung her eyes, and even Fangzhou felt dizzy. Although she had been waiting for her heart for a long time, she was still so nervous that she almost couldn’t live!
More importantly, she doesn’t know whether Yunluoer gives her powder or not!
Panicked, even Fang Zhou’s hand waved the powder for a long time and hurried back.
I heard "Ah! Ah! " The squeal screams came to a terrible place in a row, and even Fangzhou had never heard such a miserable scream to the extreme, and she was a little unresponsive at the moment.
All the people in the box were taken aback and glanced at it. They didn’t look big, and there was a surprise in their eyes.
Even Fang Zhou’s brain was in a daze, and he was surprised to see them so much. He wanted to look at the screaming place and Li Fu shouted, "Don’t look!"
Toe a little fly away to embrace her quickly retreated into the mountains towards running all the way in the deep forest.
There are three people left outside who are not injured. The rest are seriously injured, two are slightly injured, one is dead and three are dead.
A few people stared at the terrorist accomplices who died at the hands of Mrs. Weining Hou, and their faces were bloody and frightened.
No wonder Hou Weining dared to show off in Nanhai County with a lady who can’t do martial arts. No wonder …
Rao is Nanhai County, which has been rich in poisons since ancient times. They have never seen such terrible and powerful poisons. What the hell is this …
Several people looked at each other, in addition to fear and trepidation, and asked whether to chase or not.
It doesn’t seem appropriate not to chase, but it seems even more inappropriate to chase. Who knows if there are any strange things in Mrs. Weininghou’s hand?
In what meritorious service opportunity at the moment a few people even dare not think about it!
"Come on, let’s leave here quickly and contact other brothers to report to the Lord! Well, now that we have found their trail, they will not escape in this mountain sooner or later! Consumption can also kill them! " One sneer at a way
Several other people have agreed to fold so many brothers, and even the leading brother Lu has lost his life. It can be seen that the other party prick the hand even if he goes back, he has something to tell.
A few people want to take back the dead brother’s weapon, and it is certainly impossible to take it away from the body.
Who knows that when collecting weapons, don’t just collect the sword that was poisoned by Lian Fangzhou, but the sword is good at three or five sentences. The man feels that there seems to be something wrong with his hand. He bowed his head and scared. "Ah! Ah! " Screamed and the sword in his hand stumbled to the ground.
A few people were surprised. Fortunately, someone responded quickly and wielded a sword "shua" to cut off the man’s whole arm in shock and picked up a life for him.
Li Fu ran out for more than two minutes with Lian Fangzhou in one breath and stopped panting.
"Chase, can make track for? Otherwise, let’s run and run a little further! " Even fangzhou leaned against the tree and gasped for some pain in his chest and asked intermittently.
Li Fu patted the judo behind her. "There should be no chase. It doesn’t matter. Let’s have a rest." She said and helped her sit down.
I ran too fast and too fast, and my heart was full of tension. At this time, I stopped, and even Fangzhou felt trembling all over, especially my legs could not stop trembling.
Li Fu helped her to sit, then pulled her injured foot and rubbed it. "Is there any discomfort?"
Even the continent some embarrassed busy back feet say with smile "nothing! It’s already healed. How could it be wrong? I’m not afraid of running too fast and my legs are always shaking. "
Li Fu couldn’t help laughing. "Good mother, when did I say you were afraid? My mother is so bold. How can she be afraid of people casually? You didn’t go through such a thing, so eager to dash all the way. Are your legs and feet trembling with fear? "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said to him, "You are shaking with fear!"
Two people laugh make a mood slightly loose.
"By the way, why didn’t you let me see it?" Lian fangzhou asked
Li Fu’s eyes flashed with a touch of disgust and disgust. He didn’t like all kinds of harmful poisons, especially disgusting poisons that looked so evil.
He smiled and said, "Because it’s really ugly, I’m afraid you’ll be scared."
Lian Fangzhou spat out his tongue and laughed, "Where am I so timid?" In my heart, I believed Li Fu’s words. He said so. The death must be very, very ugly. Fortunately, I didn’t see it …
Li Fu gave her a look and suddenly added, "Is that medicine for you from Yunluo? It’s too vicious, and if you make yourself too bad, do you still have it? Don’t be careful when you are easy. "
Even Fang Zhou nodded "well" and said, "Luo Er also told me that this powder is too poisonous and too powerful to be in the most critical moment. It’s best not to! But I was really scared at the time. I just took a look outside. This is what I can’t do! "
She smiled and comforted Li Fu. "Don’t worry, Luo Er told me that this medicine is not afraid of my wounds until I see blood!"
Li Fu "oh" a little relieved in his heart, but secretly muttered that it’s no wonder that winning is like that …
I rested for a while and recovered my strength. Even Fangzhou was busy. "If those people make track for me, it will be miserable. Let’s hurry!" It’s Jane. What should we do if we pick it up? "
Li Fu just mused, "There is no need to worry at present. I don’t think that a few of them may have the courage to chase, but once they contact others, it’s hard to say."
This is a bit depressing for both of them.
Lian Fangzhou muttered, "We are really unlucky!" Being trapped in this mountain is temporarily ill, but it is even more difficult to get out!
And aunt Miao’s family. Chapter 1177 Crossing the deep forest

Chapter four hundred and fifty-six: The road of the forerunner’s crossing

Chapter four hundred and fifty-six: The road of the forerunner’s crossing
After all kinds of hardships and countless dangers, I finally have to face the inheritance in my imagination. The agitation in Tang Qing’s heart almost made him uncontrollable.
Treasure, achievement method, lingshi, Dan medicine? Or some kind of magical teleportation? For example, caused by an idea, it is like taking a fast train and soaring to the realm of god in an instant?
God is too outrageous, Yuan Ying. Grandpa Tang is not so greedy. "Standing in front of the cupboard, Tang Qing licked some dry lips due to nervousness and lowered expectations.
Bao Puzi didn’t set too many obstacles for Tang Qing, and there was no organ hidden weapons on the pavilion. In addition to the outermost layer, there is no forbidden law, and there is no such test as moral cultivation. In this way, it is like a treasure house that opens the door, quietly waiting for the arrival of the predestined friends.
Even the bamboo forest, mostly by accident. It’s just that Tang Qing himself is second-rate and too greedy, which makes him beaten continuously. Besides, his gains far outweigh his sufferings, so naturally he won’t have any complaints.
The old gentleman probably really believes in karma. It is estimated that if he wants to come here, most of the younger generations will come from the same place as themselves. Under such circumstances, it is always necessary to leave some incense.
The cabinet is very simple, except that the material is special and the style is simple, there is not much strangeness. A huge drawer with a single-door handle doesn’t even have the simplest barrier prohibition. As if a shy girl, she has undressed and stayed in bed. As long as she reaches out, she can take whatever she wants and pick it at will.
"Amitabha, your Buddha, three sweeping respects, and Tang Ye is about to open the card. Our habits have always been very good. You can’t fool me by washing your hands before and after meals. "
With an abnormal flush on her face, Tang Qing tried to restrain the greed in her eyes and prayed silently with her hands folded. This just took a deep breath and opened the door resolutely.
And then blindsided.
Three jade slips
No … No ring, no storage bag, no jade bottle, jade box, magic weapon of lingshi Dan medicine material, nothing.
I cann’t believe it’s gone. How can it be gone? It’s gone
His eyes widened in an instant, and he stood there with extreme disbelief and disappointment, just like being trapped by a monkey. After a full half-ring, Tang Qing still couldn’t believe the facts in front of him, and he pulled in the drawer with his hands like convulsions, as if to remove a few copper coins from the air to soothe his injured heart.
Still nothing. It was the three jade slips that collided with each other under his scratching, making a tinkling sound, staggering and endless. It’s as if a few naughty children set a proud trap and laughed at the adults they played tricks on.
"Smile a fart!"
Tang Qing had no place to make a fire. He grabbed a few jade slips and tried to throw them. Suddenly, he took them back gently. He said with a smug smile, "Are you stupid? Do you think Tang Ye is stupid?"
Then, he came to the table with his arms dangling, sat comfortably in the plush chair that was very comfortable at first sight, and sighed with a sigh.
"Your ya think Tang Ye will be angry and disappointed? Too look down upon me! "
"The law is not false. Who is Tang Ye? Can you just be swayed? Okay, I admit, you did fool me. It’s nothing. But you can even play with Xiao Xuanzi, which is a bit unorthodox. "
"What multilayer abode of fairies and immortals? What multiple seals? What is the best lingshi? All of him? No. I have to say, you are really bad. "
Holding a few jade slips, Tang Qing seemed to be whispering to her lover and negotiating with the enemy. The expression is like the face-changing king of Sichuan opera, sometimes angry, sometimes disappointed, sometimes sighing, sometimes confused, and there is no moment to finalize the design.
"It doesn’t matter, Tang Ye has made a lot of money and doesn’t care about this money. I guess you don’t have the best lingshi at all. That thing is so precious that you didn’t get a few, not to mention you are an old man. "
Judging from his appearance, he really regards these jade slips as human beings. Without fighting back a few times, he can’t eliminate his resentment. Like a psycho.
"Next door to spicy food, Tang Ye is a mental derangement" complained to Yu Jian for a long time. Tang Qing realized that she was bored and could only berate herself helplessly, trying to put all kinds of distractions behind her.
Unfortunately, he is destined to be a snob, and he will never become a Taoist monk. With a sigh, Boss Tang probably felt that he was too photogenic, and began to talk to himself to remember the friendship of the old friend.
"In fact … you are always good to me. If you don’t have this code, Tang Ye may have lost everything. Since you have left these things, you probably have some last wishes to entrust to me. Tang Ye is not as stingy as you are. If it is convenient, I will help you get rid of it when I have time. "
After thinking about it, Tang Qingsu looked seriously and said solemnly, "Don’t be too difficult. Don’t accept the mission. Also, don’t leave any powerful skills as a thank-you gift, as that would look down on me too much. Really "
"Of course, if there really is … Tang Ye’s sake of seeing your age, you will be reluctant to accept it. Good things can’t be lost, right? "
Long-winded for a long time, Tang Qing, with extreme anxiety and unwillingness, put the jade slips on the eyebrows one by one.
Surprise, shock and ecstasy followed …
"Yu Ming Tang Qing, Jin Danyang Jurong Renshi."
After reading the first sentence in the jade slips, Tang Qing was almost scared into a mental derangement. In turn, I thought that surnamed tang was one of the most popular names in China, and it was not unusual to have the same name, so I settled down a little.
"I have to warn you, it’s no good flirting with Tang Ye." Swearing with malicious, Tang Qing continue to look down.
"When I was young, I was famous, and I studied for more than ten years. I dare not say that I am familiar with ancient and modern times, but I can know the classics of a hundred schools of thought. Through the path of scientific research, you can enter the official position without exception. Later, he won the king’s weight, and he was awarded the patrol ambassador from all directions, holding the Tianzi sword and supervising the world for the king. "
"I have been blessed by the upper body, and I have been compassionate to the people. I dare not work hard for three years. Although I have no outstanding achievements, I can be conscientious. Cutting corruption, punishing evil and promoting good, and saving people’s health are really worthy of what they have learned in their lives. "
"On the day of return to Beijing, my wife. He is a wise man, and it is a good match for me to respect him. Giving birth to our son years later adds joy. I have tasted it, and if life is like this, it is not wasted. "
"However, disaster comes from the sky, and I am conceited and clean, but I don’t know that the fish will not exist when the water is clear. When it comes to being constructed by traitors, it is not yet available for the disciples to give up their lives, and it is even more implicated in their wives and children. "
"My son is harmed by people, and my wife is unbearable to be humiliated by Goulan, and the soul pays the hanging beam. My parents are sad and lonely, my teacher died in his sickbed, and I have no way to call, and there is no way to live and die, so what can I do? "
"The son of heaven has eyes, and he is not aware of it. He thinks every day, only for the sake of immortality, and the immortal body. However, life is born with death, which is heaven, and it is what human beings can ask for. Even more alchemists use flattering words, the method of Dan Sheng, and take the ointment of all the people to continue one’s life. How can this retrograde be called heaven? "
"My life is a gift from heaven, born by my parents, and I have never reported anything, that is, I went to the grave. More harm to his wife and children, sad sad. "
"When I was in prison, I often thought about it and regretted it. If I have the day of rebirth, I will definitely slay the demons and get rid of all the evil alchemists, and give me back my talent …
"… I have been executed, why didn’t I die, but I was in infancy … Murphy, there is a rebirth in the world."
"… otherwise this place is not my homeland. Words are unknown, and living habits are not necessarily … "
"Since this is really the case, I will be Xi Zhi, and I will not bear the care of God." ……
"… fix true … is there a fix true in the world? There really are immortal immortals. "
"Don’t … I came to another world. The sky here is not the sky in my hometown. What is a planet? Maybe my hometown … is one of the vast stars? "
"This is not my home, not my hometown. Here, I am an orphan without my parents. Without this so-called spiritual root, they would not have saved me. "
"I want to fix true, I want to practice to the broken void. I want to find my way home, and I want to find the way of rebirth and revive my wife and children. "
"I want to go back, I want to show the dog emperor, this is the real immortal, and I want to show those who can only flatter and waste, this is the real fix-up."
"I’m dead, but I’m alive. Now I am no longer the Tang Qing I used to be. I need a road number and a new identity. "
"In my hometown, maybe there is a monk … let me think … the flow of legends is out of reach. I know Dan Shi … Ge Hong "
"Good embrace PiaoZi … is the name. From today, my name is Bao Puzi. "
"… this is called Tianyouxing. If my hometown is a planet, what’s its name?"
See here, Tang Qing sighed. He understood that this jade slip is actually the autobiography of "Tang Qing".
All the characters on this jade slip are written in ancient Chinese. It doesn’t matter if the newcomer is not from the earth and doesn’t understand it at all. The old man was so attached to his hometown that he told his life story to the latecomers, but he just didn’t know if he meant anything other than commemoration.
"Dog blood is a little bit of dog blood, but this kind of thing should be a common thing in ancient times, not surprising." Feeling the unwillingness and resentment between the lines, Tang Qing rarely did not mock and told his feelings truthfully.
After thousands of years of civilization, even if he is illiterate, in some ways, Tang Qing is better than the pioneer. Perhaps because he has the same name as himself, Tang Qing feels a little touched for no reason. As a result, as if chatting with old friends, Tang Qing talked to Kan Kan in the air, which was quite well-meaning.
"I said Tang Qing … ahem, I said the old man … I X, why is this awkward?"
Adjust your mood and barely suppress that absurd feeling. Tang Qingcai continued: "You still can’t see through it. It was your own fault at the beginning. At most, it has something to do with the emperor, but it has nothing to do with God. But I can’t blame you. At that time, it was estimated that there were still so many people. Then again, who can be as talented and free and easy as Tang Ye? "
"Come on, it’s no use pulling these now. If Tang Ye has the chance to practice to your level and soar, maybe he can meet you again. At that time, my brothers and sisters will talk again. "

The thief has such a hand.

The thief was furious. "Where did you get paralyzed? The little red guy actually hit us with his idea to die." He said with a swinging knife.
Haikui smiled. "What, do you still want to do it?"
At this time, many thieves are bold and fat. As the saying goes, two fists can’t defeat four hands, but this is meaningless to practitioners and ordinary people. Even a hundred ordinary people can’t defeat a foundation practitioner, and it’s even worse for Haikui. What about the practitioners who reach the fairyland in the early childhood?
"Mom, don’t delay the arrival of the egg horse. Wait a minute. It’s crowded and crowded. Don’t delay the time to make a fortune." A cargo scolded.
Haikui nodded, "Yes, don’t delay your making money, then I’ll hurry up."
With that, Haikui’s feet moved instantly and people seemed to be divided into five people, each holding out his hand in front of five people and raising five people at the same time.
This is not that Haikui has cultivated the separation, but that the speed has reached the extreme to produce the effect.
Haikui looked at the five people grimly and said, "Give me all your money, or I’ll cut you alive." He said that Ran Yan was fierce and at the same time grabbed the thief’s knife and gently scratched them in the face, leaving a wound on five people’s faces.
Haikui’s body instantly recovered. A man looked at them coldly and said, "Go quickly. If you don’t get it for 30 seconds, I’ll cut you off."
Where have you seen this battle before five people were frightened? Who the fuck is this? Look, I’m afraid it’s a demon! For a moment, I was shaking with fear and my eyes trembled
Haikui is satisfied with their reaction, like this group of social scum. If there is no absolute power to intimidate or the state violence agency is finished, they can’t be stopped. "Go quickly, it’s been a second."
Haikui said coldly that several people were frightened out of their wits and went back to get the money.
In a short time, the five men turned around and came back with this one in their hands. Bao Haikui simply checked out a handful of cash and returned the other things to them. You also saw what it is like for me to surpass mortals. You should all know how to keep your mouth shut.
A few people watched Haikui take a lot of money and suddenly disappeared. Is this fucking magic? Is magic so strong?
Haikui ignored those stupefied people and walked back.
The 345 police officer chased four or five carriages, but he didn’t see Hai Kuiying sweating all at once, but the bus had arrived.
Wang Zhonghou is also anxious after the policeman’s ass. For him, although it is not a big number, it is equivalent to his income for nearly two months, and his heart is like a root floating.
When the policeman saw that Haikui could not be found, he immediately turned his head and said, "Go back to the sleeper car quickly." His idea was to detain the beautiful girl and the boy would definitely appear.
However, the train has already knocked on the door, and the passenger car is crowded with people. It is difficult for them to move.
Wang Zhonghou shouted "Let’s go!"
But the drivers are all here, and they are all in a hurry. Who cares if he shouts?
Wait until two people back to the sleeper car has been like also didn’t see a figure.
The policeman had an inspiration and hurriedly said, "Express to the exit."
But when they got to the sleeping car, Haikui was out of the train and waiting for Yang Yulu and Ma Mengmeng outside.
Wang Zhonghou screamed and kept cursing, "Are you policemen eating for nothing and letting people run away like this?"
After looking for a circle, no one can be seen. The police have confirmed that the boy may have left, but they have the real information about the boy buying tickets here.
The policeman took Zhong Wang’s kindness to "go to the car police room to register and buy a ticket. If they have information, they can’t run."
Wang Zhonghou has long been furious. "Then hurry up and be a bunch of fools like a head fly."
The policeman was not happy in his heart. The attitude of the goods was really fucking bad. After that, he was also unhappy. He pointed to the front and said, "That’s the police room. You go first and I go to the toilet." Then he slipped away. This person can’t serve.
Wang Zhonghou was in a bad mood and scolded "a lazy donkey grinds shit too much"
Haikui waited outside until Yang Yulou and Ma Mengmeng greeted with a smile. "Why are you so slow? Slower than me? "
"Are you out?" Yang Yulou looked at him strangely.
"Why do you want me to go to prison? But that old goat named Wang Zhonghou is really not a fucking thing. "Haiquin really took Wang Zhonghou’s money this time, so he was not so angry. Instead, he took it for granted. Who told you to falsely accuse me? I’m really welcome.
"Where are we going next?" Yang Yulou asked.
"Go to school, of course," Haikui said. "It’s only ten o’clock in the afternoon." Are you two going to eat first or report to school first? "
Yang Yulou laughed and said, "Ask your monitor."
Chapter 17 This is like an introduction?
Haikui looked at Ma Mengmeng.
Ma Mengmeng turned red and shook his head. "Whatever you decide."
Haikui hesitated for a second. "Let’s go to dinner first and report for duty at noon. I haven’t had a good meal in the car these two days. It’s better to have a good meal and I’ll introduce you to our school alumni."
Yang Yulu said, "Hai Kui didn’t expect you to know so many classmates before you got to school."
Brother Haikui’s shame, I’ve come for a walk, okay? I just made a haha with them and said, "Let’s go near the school first and I’ll introduce you."
The three men took a taxi and went straight to Fugang University.
Haikui dialed Yunxi Yuehua in the car and asked her to bring Jingxiang to the school gate. Then she dialed liujing dialect. Although she is not familiar with liujing, after all, it is a place. Maybe she can help each other after studying in Laifu Port.
Yang Yulu asked behind Haikui, "Strange, how do you know so many people and it seems to be a girl?"
Haikui gloated with a chest, saying, "It’s natural for a man to be handsome and charming."
Next to the driver’s uncle, he looked at it with a smile and was embarrassed to laugh.
Yang Yulu threw a dirty look at the back of Haikui’s head. "Come on, you, you, who are you and I don’t think any girl you know is beautiful."
After that, I looked at myself and Ma Mengmeng and said, "Of course, except for your monitor and me."
Haikui laughed more triumphantly. "Wait, I will surprise you, and maybe you will beg me to say, please be my boyfriend less." Haikui teased Yang Yulu that she was elated because Shizuka and Yunxiyue are both great beauties, although Yunxiyue is a little different at this time and liujing is also a beauty, although she looks petite and exquisite.
Yang Yulou thinks this guy hasn’t boasted yet, so he has to tell Ma Mengmeng, "Is that what he is like when you have known him for so long?"
Ma Mengmeng thought that he really didn’t care about Haikui’s situation, shook his head and said, "I didn’t know him well before."
Haikui was sad when she heard that. It was a waste of me paying so much attention to your every move before, but you actually said that I didn’t know my heart well.
Yang Yulou exclaimed, "No, you and he were childhood friends."
Ma Mengmeng turned red and said, "I didn’t talk to him much before I talked nonsense. If it weren’t for this time, his grades were too Uber, I’m afraid we wouldn’t remember each other after."
Haikui’s sad heart is cold. "Stop it, I’m sad." I didn’t expect myself to be such a presence in the monitor’s heart.
Yang Yulou looked at Haikui strangely and asked, "Haikui didn’t you say that the monitor was your childhood friend?"
Haikui growled, "Who said it was all you, the girl? I said at random that I never said she was my childhood friend. If I hadn’t filled in Fugang University at the moment, I’m afraid she wouldn’t even know who I am when we met later." Haikui was upset at the monitor.
Ma Mengmeng blushed and said shyly, "But I have paid some attention to this boy since his grades came out and he was admitted to Fugang University. In fact, he is good."
Ma Mengmeng said to Yang Yulou that his eyes were flashing and shy.
Yang Yulu looked at her and suddenly felt that his monitor liked him. He looked at Haikui’s hair with a triumphant expression.
Haikui feels full of blood and resurrects. Generally, just now, the monitor said that he didn’t pay attention to him first, which made his heart cold. After that, he said that he was good. I almost want to move with the embrace of the sun.
Yang Yulu suddenly asked, "Monitor, do you like Haikui?"
She asked Ma Mengmeng and Haikui instantly became statues.
Ma Mengmeng doesn’t know how to answer. She feels very embarrassed. She feels that she has risen to a good impression on him. She doesn’t like it, but if she doesn’t like it, will it be stiff?
Haikui pricked up his ears to answer him, but he always wanted to know whether the monitor liked him or not.
The driver’s uncle also cocked up his ears. He still prefers such pure hexagrams. He is over forty and has not experienced such an interesting age. Besides, where did he put them in his own time?

Elder Tianyi Pavilion pinched the tactic with his hands, and several magic weapons were thrown out. A purple light filled the air, and more than a dozen purple knives were interwoven into a knife array and shrouded.

He heard that Zhuge Liang is tough and can destroy magic weapons, so Elder Tianyi Pavilion dared not go near Zhuge Liang.
More than a dozen purple knives danced up and down, crisscrossed and chopped.
Zhuge doesn’t shine with his palm, and the faint purple light in his palm is crystal clear, which can shake the magic weapon. Several purple knives were crushed under Zhuge’s dim palm. After entering the then period, Zhuge’s dull Zhenyuan Guanghua has changed from white light to purple light.
Zhuge grabbed the void before it was bright, and suddenly, all the purple knives stopped in mid-air and shattered under the destruction of Zhuge’s strong power.
"You" Elder Tianyi Pavilion has a faint blood spill at the corner of his mouth. These dozens of purple knives are connected with his painstaking efforts, and the magic weapon is destroyed, and he himself is also traumatized.
Zhuge grabbed it before it lit up, and the invisible hand enveloped the elder Tianyi Pavilion and took it to his side.
Elder Tianyi Pavilion drank heavily, and his arm burst into a raging flame, which flooded towards Zhuge. However, it stagnated and overflowed at a foot where Zhuge was not bright. Elder Tianyi Pavilion can’t go near him in all his attacks.
Zhuge stepped on the elder’s chest before dawn, and the whole chest collapsed and his sternum was broken. Then Zhuge slapped him before dawn and flew the elder Tianyi Pavilion out of the window.
The people outside the Drunken Immortal Building immediately became noisy. Tianming City belongs to the jurisdiction of Tianyi Pavilion, and these practitioners naturally know the elder of Tianyi Pavilion. Seeing that the elder was thrown out of the window, everyone was shocked.
Then, in the window on the third floor, the repairers of Tianyi Pavilion flew out one after another and fell on the street in a mess.
"Call your masters!" The sound came from the drunken fairy building.
In the private room, Zhuge looked at the messy room with a sneer. He let Xiaojianling watch the fragrant princess, jumped out of the drunken fairy building and came to the top of a tower in Tianming City, standing still on it.
"It’s really him, Zhuge is not bright! I met him at the Xiandao Conference. "
"What is he going to do? He injured the elders of Tianyi Pavilion. Why didn’t he escape?"
A little while later, a large number of practitioners gathered in Tianming City, full of voices and bustling.
Zhuge stood on the tower with his bare hands, staring into the distance, with a sneer at his mouth. When he first entered the golden elixir period, he really wanted to know what his strength had been improved to, and he wanted to practice with the practitioners of Tianyi Pavilion. As early as before entering Tianming City, Zhuge inquired before dawn that Tianyi Pavilion only belonged to a small third-rate sect. Although it was attached to Dugu’s family, there was no infant master in the whole sect.
Moreover, Tianming City and Dugu City have a long way to go, and the support of Dugu’s family will not arrive so soon.
Zhuge has nothing to hide when he is not bright.
At this time, two rainbow lights came from the far sky, and the practitioners in Tianming City were suddenly boiling. They knew that another master had arrived.
When the rainbow light dispersed, two middle-aged men appeared. One of them stepped on a combat knife and was wearing the clothes of Yi Ge. This person is the head of Tianyi Pavilion, Jiang Longfei, an eight-story practitioner in the then-Dan period. The other man is driving a flying sword, and judging from his clothes, he turns out to be a member of the Xiang family.
"Zhuge is not bright, how dare you run in Tianming City? Today, I will represent the practitioners in Tongzhou and kill you here! !” Jiang Longfei heavy drink, not too much nonsense, direct shots, combating Dao appeared in his hand, to various ge not bright.
Zhuge didn’t shine his palm like a knife, and swept out against Jiang Longfei’s attack. His palm collided with combating Dao, but there was a clanging sound of metal.
Zhuge Buliang and Jiang Longfei retreated respectively, while the repairer of the Xiang family frowned and retreated to one side, without joining hands with Jiang Longfei.
Jiang Longfei leapt up, and the space trembled where the combat knives passed, and the shadow of the knife shrouded Zhuge Liang.
Zhuge’s dull hands chop quickly, and his body is of the earth as a magic weapon. He is completely fearless of Jiang Longfei’s attack. The palm of your hand shattered many knife shadows. Zhuge stepped on the inverse empty step before dawn, and instantly appeared behind Jiang Longfei, his palm was sharp and he cut to Jiang Longfei’s neck.
Jiang Longfei combating Dao split backwards, which contradicted Zhuge’s dim palm.
Zhuge grabbed the void before it lit up, shattered the void around Jiang Longfei, swept the iron leg out, and whipped it like a whip on Jiang Longfei’s combating Dao. Knife chatter, Jiang Longfei facial expression, a bear zhuge not bright this blow, he felt a hemp arm.
At this time, Zhuge came to kill again before dawn, and his feet were printed on Jiang Longfei’s face.
Jiang Longfei flew out obliquely, leaving two clear footprints on his face.
"You" Jiang Longfei has the urge to vomit blood, which is an absolute insult.
"This kid is really like a rumored pervert."
"Jiang Longfei’s eight-story cultivation in the then period is no match for him. If such a person grows up, who else in Kyushu can subdue him?"
The practitioners who watched the battle in Tianming City argued.
"Why don’t you cast the door of life and death? Or do you not understand? " Zhuge stepped on the inverse empty step without bright feet, and walked in vain, looking down at Jiang Longfei.
Jiang Longfei a roar, combating Dao cut out, an overwhelming cold breath, this side of the void was frozen, and the ice flow spread towards Zhuge.
Little ice crystals fall, this small world is frozen, and a layer of ice flows in the void.
Zhuge not bright eyebrows a wrinkly, ghostly back off.
But I still didn’t get rid of the cover of the ice flow. An ice flow covered Zhuge Buliang, and in an instant, Zhuge Buliang was covered with a thick layer of ice. Zhuge Liang was frozen into an ice sculpture before dawn.
The practitioners in Tianming City were noisy and looked at this scene in amazement.
"Hum, overreached, it seems that rumors are empty. This boy so much "Jiang Longfei sneer at a way.
The Xiang family member also nodded and said, "It is rumored that he is so horrible, presumably because of that piece of black iron in his hand."
Just then, a crack appeared on the ice sculpture. Then, the crack spread around. Accompanied by "boom!" There was a loud noise, and Zhuge rushed out of the ice before dawn, laughing: "Want to seal me up? Die! !”
Voice down, a big purple palm down, vanity jitter. Cracking the empty handprint is prompted by Gu Wu Upanishads, which is more powerful than before.
"Look out!"
The name of the Xiang family people drink a way.
But it was too late, all the vanity around Jiang Longfei was smashed, and Jiang Longfei flew out with his big palm. His body was like a shell and smashed into a building, and the whole building was immediately reduced to ruins.
Zhuge’s hands were sealed before dawn, and a blood print formed in the palm of his hand, which turned into a mountain of blood and shocked Jiang Longfei in the ruins.
"This guy is so horrible that even the head of Tianyi Pavilion can’t seal him."
"It’s a monster!"
People in the city, zhuge not bright a wave of his hand blood mountain, Jiang Longfei will want to struggle to stand up again.
Dozens of bombardments in a row, a horrible pit more than ten meters deep appeared in the ruins, and Jiang Longfei was lying in the pit, already unconscious, not knowing whether he was dead or alive.
"The door of life and death-open!"
With a cold roar, the practitioner of the Xiang family made a move. This is also a practitioner of the then period, but he realized the meaning of the door of life and death. When the door of life and death was opened, the momentum of this practitioner climbed to a peak, and there was a faint foot entering the momentum of Yuan infant.
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