Zuo Chaoyang was rescued by a mysterious master in the "Tiger Killing Hall" and later heard from Li Tianlang that Zuo Chaoyang must have died of serious injuries.

Never imagined that Zuo Chaoyang was still alive!
Zuo Chaoyang said, "Don’t you want me to ask me what I have against you? Don’t ask? "
Li Tianlang was speechless.
Since the other party is Zuo Chaoyang, it is foolish to ask again.
Zuo Chaoyang stared at Li Tianlang coldly. "When I took people to attack the’ Killing Tiger Hall’, I recruited Wang Li. You waited for the power and prestige. You fed the body of Huyan’s head to the beast Wang Li. You waited for outrageous things! Come on, I don’t want to kill you. I blame you for being amazing! I left Chaoyang back in the Jianghu and never showed my face. I just waited for an opportunity to kill the blood monk and your blood monk. Now it’s your turn … "
When Li Tianlang heard this, he felt a twinge in his heart. It turned out that the blood monk was killed by Zuo Chaoyang!
Zuo Chaoyang will wear a mask again.
Li Tianlang knows that Hu Yanting treats Zuo Chaoyang as a future son-in-law, and Li Tianlang knows how much Zuo Chaoyang hates him.
Although Li Tianlang knows born to die, he will not do nothing.
Li Tianlang grabbed a stone and threw it to the left Chaoyang, while he jumped up from the ground.
Zuo Chaoyang reached out and grasped the stone, then shook hands, and the stone turned into pieces. Li Tianlang felt that his heart was crushed by Zuo Chaoyang.
This instantaneous Zuo Chaoyang suddenly turned back because he heard a strange sound behind him.
Sure enough, a figure has reached behind him.
The bearer covered his face and his clothes were covered with blood.
The stone chips in Zuo Chaoyang’s hand shot at each other in a stream, and then Zuo Chaoyang’s hand made a scratch. An air dragon flashed and twisted to pounce on the masked man.
The masked man scattered the stone chips with a palm, and then his body flashed around quickly. The masked man also arrived in front of Zuo Chaoyang, which surprised Zuo Chaoyang and Li Tianlang.
The masked man rushed to attack Zuo Chaoyang, and at the same time he shouted to Li Tianlang, "Master Li, let’s go!"
Li Tianlang was ecstatic. It turned out that the masked man had come to save him.
So Li Tianlang quickly fled.
Zuo Chaoyang was entangled by masked men and it was difficult to chase Li Tianlang, who watched Li Tianlang escape more and more and finally disappeared from his eyes.
Zuo Chaoyang finally found this opportunity, and now he is stirred by masked men. Zuo Chaoyang is very angry.
Angry Zuo Chaoyang swept up his commanding robe and encouraged two palms to strike two "gas dragons" quickly, such as coming from outer space with two cold winds hitting the masked men.
The masked man suddenly changed his body and turned his palm, turning a palm force with the smell of waves like a vortex and attacking the "dragon" who was the first to pounce, and the "dragon" was scattered in the wind.
Then the second "gas dragon" and the masked man slipped his feet backwards and slipped out three feet. The "gas dragon" hit the ground and found that "bang", the frozen land was hit to a basin, and the soil flew four times.
The masked man praised, "Haha, Zuo Yangyang is good at kung fu!"
At the same time, the masked man dragged the masked man turned out to be Lin Yi.
Zuo Chaoyang closed his body and looked at Lin Yi.
At the moment, Lin Yi’s surprise is hard to describe. He is excited at Zuo Chaoyang. "Brother Zuo! So you are still alive! Ha ha … "
It turns out that Lin Yi’s early arrival is behind a hidden river tree.
Because he wants to find out who the mysterious Tsing Yi people are.
Let Lin Yi did not expect that Tsing Yi people turned out to be Zuo Chaoyang.
His best brother is still alive!
Zuo Chaoyang airway "What do you want to save that beast? !”
Lin Yi said, "You can’t kill him."
Chapter 13 Turn the situation around (1)
Zuo Chaoyang knew that Lin Yi wouldn’t let him kill Li Tianlang because he didn’t give the western regions a reason to invade China.
But Zuo Chaoyang is really unwilling.
Zuo Chaoyang said, "I know that Chen Chongbing in the western regions is eyeing up the border, but I also know that Phoenix Liancheng will be afraid of the western regions again when hundreds of thousands of military forces are deployed in the border town …"
Lin Yixian glanced around warily, and then he approached Zuo Chaoyang and whispered, "Brother Zuo, to tell you the truth, Feng Liancheng’s claim that there are 100,000 troops waiting for the truth is to confuse the enemy. He has 40,000 people who are insufficient to resist the army of the Western Regions. Feng Liancheng is trying to train a new army, but it will take time to train a new army. Now the war in the south is tight and gangsters are gathering to make trouble. I am worried about foreign invasion .."
After listening to Lin Yi’s words, Zuo Chaoyang was very shocked. The original border town had 40,000 troops to defend.
If the western armies invade, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Lin Yi added, "The situation is always grim, and even the emperor forbear the enemy’s arrogance. The emperor also wants to marry the seven princesses to the three kings of the western regions and the pro-Chaoyang lowliness, but we have to endure it even more."
Zuo Chaoyang is also a righteous man. Of course, he will not go his own way and put the country in danger.
"I see. It’s a good thing you arrived on time, otherwise I almost made a big mistake." Speaking of this, Zuo Chaoyang regretted, "Alas, it seems that Li Tianlang can’t kill this beast!"
Lin Yi felt wronged again.
I really can’t kill Li Tianlang now.
"Zuo Xiong, you don’t have to be depressed. When the time is right, he will stop talking about this beast in born to die." Zuo Chaoyang "came back from the dead." Lin Yi was overjoyed. "Zuo Xiong, there is nothing more gratifying than that you are still alive. The world is really amazing. Zuo Xiong survived and practiced his magic. It’s really gratifying to save the Duke, Jin Er, and kill the blood monk in Guizhen .. Haha, you can help me again. I’m overwhelmed."
Zuo Chaoyang but nai tunnel "Lin Xiong I’m afraid I can’t help you anymore"
Lin Yi said, "?"
Zuo Chaoyang said, "Do you know who saved me when I was trapped in the Tiger Hall?"

The figure suddenly froze in the air, and then, a heart-rending cry rang out in the whole battlefield: "Xingtian’s big fiend is dead, Xingtian’s big fiend is dead, and the ghost fairy killed Li Tianda!"

The man who suddenly appeared was Mao Youzuo.
Tens of millions of fiend soldiers suddenly burst into chaos.
"Don’t mess up, General Mao. This is the time of crisis. You should command the fiend soldiers quickly and avenge the big fiend!" Space is distorted again, and the figure of big fiend in black wind appears in front of all the fiend soldiers.
"Yes!" Didn’t wait until Mao Youzuo said, countless fiend soldiers quickly moved closer to Mao Youzuo. Black wind stretched out his hand, grabbed the banner from Xingtian’s body, and flew to Mao Youzuo with both hands.
"General MAO. The life and death of the demon gods are in your hands! " Black wind said with tears in his eyes.
Mao Chopsticks reached out and took the flag, wiped a handful of tears, and once again showed a determined expression on her face. The flag in her hand was black and shining, and the power of countless demon soldiers gathered in her body. A loud explosion full of true yuan rang in the sky: "Revenge for Xingtian’s big demon, kill!"
With the flag waving. Tens of millions of fiend soldiers rushed to the nether world.
At the moment, the true qi rolled and the mountains trembled, and a bitter struggle began again.
Looking at the fiend soldiers and the ghost fairy "kill each other", with nine days of wisdom of Xuan Nv and Nu Wa Empress, I also froze. At the critical moment of the struggle between the two sides, how could the ghost fairy kill Xingtian? What the hell was born?
At this time, Bai Ling grabbed Empress Xuan Nv for nine days and said in a hurry, "Empress, don’t worry about me, go back and command the immortals and help the fiend soldiers to kill the ghosts!"
It took nine days for Xuan Nv to realize this. Hurriedly said to the Queen Mother of the West: "Empress, you take care of them here, I’m going back!"
Say, nine days Xuan Nv a flicker, away from Wan Li, blink of an eye, a wave of his flag in his hand, eight dragons, mountain soldiers will, Linxi Zongzhong fairy. Crazy to kill the ghost fairy.
Over there. Mao Zuo, who killed the red eye, led a large array of 100 thousand people to kill the bodhi old zu on Sunday.
On Sunday, the bodhi old zu had a puzzling smile on his face, and a whisper suddenly appeared in Mao’s ear: "General Mao, you finally made a move, well done, really smart!" In the next thousand years, you will also be a famous fairy in the fairy world. "
With this voice, the bodhi old zu raised his axe to open the sky on Sunday, and thousands of reiki gathered around the peerless magic weapon, and with a bang, they cut off the hundreds of fiend soldiers who rushed to him.
At the moment, Zhenyuan scurried about and bloodied. Hundreds of fiend soldiers, no one can stop this earth-shattering axe, all of which disappear into the breeze and disappear.
"I don’t want to be an angel, just to survive, for myself and the people I love, I have to play such a small trick!" Mao Youzuo shouted in his heart, leaving tears in his eyes again. With a wave of his banner in his hand, another 100,000-man team flew out, bypassing the bodhi old zu on Sunday and killing the ghost fairy behind him.
"Bastard!" A loud denunciation sounded in the void, and Mujil, Haimo Ming and others who were about to be beheaded suddenly disappeared in situ. Then, on Sunday, the bodhi old zu also had a blue halo.
On Sunday, the bodhi old zu once again showed a puzzling smile on his face, glanced at his hair and disappeared.
After leaving Daxian, the ghosts and immortals are no match for the fiend soldiers and the immortals in the three realms. In the blink of an eye, tens of millions of ghosts and immortals were slaughtered, and the voice of "surrender" rang out in the vast East China Sea.
At this time, the four dragon kings who surrendered to the ghost fairy led their defeated troops in the Dragon Palace, held high the white flag, and surrendered to Empress Xuan Nv for nine days. Bai Ling and Heiyue were supported by the Queen Mother of the West and appeared in front of everyone. Bai Ling showed a smug smile on her face and quietly said to the Queen Mother of the West, "The Dragon King of the Four Seas really has no integrity this time. They should no longer manage the four seas?"
The Queen Mother of the West showed a trace of vigilance on her face and asked, "Fairy Bai Ling, they did commit an unforgivable crime, but without dragons, how can it rain in the celestial world? Who will manage the creatures in this celestial world?" She watched Lingxi Sect grow stronger and thought that Bai Ling would take the opportunity to seize the control of the dragon.
"Mochen, the twenty-one son of the East China Sea Dragon King, has always been firmly in our camp. It is better for the empress to let him temporarily manage the Dragon Palace in the Four Seas!" There was a look of pain on Bai Ling’s face, and it was obvious that talking touched her wound again.
The Queen Mother of the West just breathed a sigh of relief gently. It seems that she is overrated. Bai Ling is not so ambitious. Let the dragon control the dragon. Ok, that’s a good idea. Let’s do it.
The Queen Mother of the West called Mochen.
This time, cut off two Shi Mao tongtian hierarch flew to the front of Bering and Black Moon, and the light in his hand flashed, and two strong real Yuan Xun rushed into Bering and Black Moon’s body, and the two men immediately recovered with the human eye’s visibility, and the injury recovered in a blink of an eye.
At this time, the leader of Tongtian called out: "Black Moon, Bai Ling, tidy up the spiritual followers, follow me to cover and kill the ghosts and immortals, and recover the heaven and the western Buddhist world!"
Black Moon and Bai Ling understood, and immediately waved their flags. Lead Niu Mowang, Lord Peng, Lin Zifeng, fate and others to follow the sky and kill them.
When Bai Ling passed by Mao Youzuo, a strange smile suddenly appeared on her face, and she shouted, "Listen, demons in the demon world, if you want to make amends, follow us to kill the ghost fairy, kill the heaven and rush back to the western Buddhist world!"
Before all the demons could react, Mao Ruo waved the flag in his hand and shouted, "Fairy Bai Ling is right. Ladies and gentlemen, revenge for Xingtian’s great fiend! "
Tens of millions of fiend soldiers rushed forward.
The Queen Mother of the West and Xuan Nv of Jiutian are a little silly. They recovered the heaven. How did they forget to call themselves and others?
Nu Wa Niangniang fell in front of Jiutian and the Queen Mother of the West at this time and said, "The celestial world has also been smashed into a mess. You should make a good rectification here for the time being, and then find some wandering celestial beings to support Lingxi Sect and the fiend soldiers. The ghost, the ghost, the fairy, and the worm are dead but not stiff. You still have to make more plans! "
Hearing this, the nine-day Xuan Nv and the Queen Mother of the West suddenly realized that, according to the orders of the Nannai Empress, they quickly gathered the three remaining Buddhist masters to look for new soldiers.
At this time, the female milk goddess will have ribbons floating. Following Linxi Zong and the fiend soldiers, they went to heaven to kill them. She was not there, and she met the mysterious man’s attack again. She was afraid that Bai Ling and others could not cope.
Tianxian City.
Just after teaching the twelve-pin lotus table how to use it, Long Xing gave the ancient Buddha a mysterious smile and said, "Here we are, and our life and death are here!" "
Original a surprised, the hands of a sword to draw out.
"No. On Sunday, the bodhi old zu and all of them were connected to Tianxian City from the celestial world. It seems that the other side’s Kowloon Ding is also all-important. Unfortunately, even though I have been able to pick people up from the outside, there is no one outside who can pick them up, so I must mention that I don’t want to come in, and all the people such as Burning Lamp, Tathagata and Pilu have been put into metempsychosis. The three masters are not skilled enough, and no one can match them! " Take the ancient Buddha with a sigh.
Long Xingxuan, who was sitting on the ground digesting the techniques just taught, opened his eyes, looked at the ancient Buddha and asked, "Ancient Buddha. Can you really pick people up from outside? "
"Of course, I didn’t come to the city later than that guy, and I was almost liberated, but I wasn’t as lucky as him. I didn’t find that special Shi Mao and didn’t have a suitable multiplier!" The ancient Buddha was still somewhat dissatisfied with Long Xingxuan’s failure to give him twelve lotus stands, and he couldn’t help letting it out at this time.
Moral Buddha laughed.
Long Xingxuan didn’t seem to hear the jealousy in his words, but said solemnly, "In that case, please ask the ancient Buddha to take two people in for me!"
"Who, you don’t want to pick up that Tongtian and Nuwa? Come in, hehe, they are too high. I can’t liberate their true yuan in a short time and let them have the strength to fight each other!" The ancient Buddha shook his head quickly. "No, I want you to pick up the daughter of the earth treasure king, the nine-plate daughter of the ghost virgin and Sun Xiaoxiao, the seventh disciple of the bodhi old zu on Sunday!" Long Xingxuan denied the speculation that the old guy was really not smart enough. No wonder he couldn’t get on the mysterious man, not because of luck or the multiplier, but because he was too stupid.
"Pick them up?" I was confused. "Sun Xiaoxiao, I know that you are kind to him, and maybe he will help you. However, his little skill is not enough for others to plug their teeth. That dove-dish girl, hehe, is the slut. You won’t be scared silly. Do you want to use this bad trick of honey trap?"
"Fuck you, old fool!" Long Xingxuan stood up and called him an old fool. He really didn’t wronged him. Where did he want to go? What honey trap is not honey trap, and hundreds of thousands of years have passed in the cellar? Is your head flat?
"Are you saying that the mysterious man is probably the Earth Treasure King?" The moral Buddha heard a little sign, and threatened the earth treasure king with his daughter. Although this idea is also bad, it is also a good idea, provided that the earth treasure king still has a little humanity.
"It’s probably him. Except for him, I really can’t remember the second person coming. Take precautions and lead the ancient Buddha. You’d better take these two people over. Even if it doesn’t work, multiple cannon fodder is not a bad thing!" Long Xingxuan said.
After receiving a cry and hiss, it’s true that Gouchen Emperor is frank, and it’s comparable to Papman, the demon king. If Hattori and Xiaoxiao hear this, I don’t know what feeling they should have. Very smooth, great foresight operation, open the picture. With the introduction of the sword in their hands, the wild silkworm and Deng Fei, who are luring the chicken-dish girl towards the idle city, suddenly disappear out of thin air.
Sun Xiaoxiao, too, is looking at Yunjiao and Sun Boyi’s grave in Juelong Valley, and the next moment, he appears in front of Longxingxuan and Jieyin Ancient Buddha.
The next moment, he found himself in Tianxian City.
The dove-dish girl was directly introduced into the palace and fell in front of her sister-in-law, who is now under the guidance of Long Xingxuan. Once again, she has a little magic power, and with her personality and style, it is the most suitable to guard the dove-dish girl.
Long Xingxuan watched as both of them were introduced into Tianxian City by Jieyin ancient Buddha. Instead of rushing to see them, he told Jieyin to put away his great foresight and said to the moral Buddha and the original Buddha, "Two Buddha. I have probably mastered the cultivation techniques of the twelve-product lotus platform. Next, please ask the two to display the techniques for conduction! "
The moral Buddha and the original Buddha looked at each other and nodded their heads. The two men shook hands, and the moral Buddha stretched out his hand towards the eyebrows of Long Xingxuan. A mysterious, mysterious and vast force instantly poured into Long Xingxuan’s mind. Unlike the general transmission of work, there is no true element gathering in Long Xingxuan’s body, and there is no general routine gathering along the meridians of Long Xingxuan towards the abdomen. Instead, it simply forms a powerful spiritual force in Long Xingxuan’s mind, which fluctuates slowly with the passage of time. Strictly speaking, it should be said that it is a shock. With the increase of the amplitude, Long Xingxuan can’t help but have various hallucinations in his mind. A rushing river. Roaring beasts, flying clouds, blood-like sunsets … Everything swarms and overlaps until you can’t tell what is water, what is cloud, what is wind and what is light.
A mysterious Huang Zhi gas appeared at this extremely chaotic moment, quietly passing through clouds, mountains and sunset clouds. Fly to the depths of Long Xingxuan’s mind.
At this time, Long Xingxuan, who was in a state of confusion, anxiety and chaos, suddenly squeezed out a drop of Pangu’s blood from his body. The drop of blood was crystal clear and fell into a myriad of dreamland, which immediately stirred up countless overlapping pictures and formed a whirlpool in an instant. The earth, fire, water and wind were completely mixed, forming a chaotic world.
That Xuan Huang Zhi gas was also attracted by this violently rotating vortex, which plunged into the core of the vortex, and was finally completely dispersed and became a part of chaos.
At this time, the moral Buddha was shocked, and almost one mouthful blood gushed out. He quickly stabilized his mind, pretended that nothing was born, and continued to conduct great foresight in Long Xingxuan’s mind.
Half a day later, the moral Buddha put down his finger pointing to Long Xingxuan’s eyebrows, and a sense of distress struck him and the Yuan Shi Buddha clinging to his body. This time, the conduction capability really cost them a lot of spiritual strength. However, the benefits are also obvious. They have never been so thoroughly exerted. After enduring the sense of sleepiness, both of them felt that the real yuan, which was suppressed by the forces of the original world, was loose again, and both of them were happy.
Longxing Xuansheng stood there motionless, and after a while, his body gradually spread out a green light. The two Buddha and the leader looked at each other, and everyone’s eyes showed surprises. As expected by the three people, Longxing Xuansheng absorbed the great foresight capability of the two Buddha and began to slowly improve the realm.

Without saying a word, the palm of your hand gradually overflowed with black light, and Gu Chaoyun was frightened and retreated again and again. This is the black blood curse and the magic seems to be one hundred times stronger than what she had seen before.

If you are trapped in this aperture and want to escape, if you want, this aperture will slowly approach and trap people to death.
"retreat!" Chu Yin cold and a crowd followed him back to the door of the East with seven evil spirits.
"Hehe, I didn’t expect that one day we would fight side by side." I cried bitterly and felt sorry.
"It’s a pity that jade evil is absent" Lin Rexue blurted out.
"It’s a pity that Ningluo left." Butterfly sighed with emotion and everyone was silent.
No one did it first, everyone was waiting, but no one wanted to do it.
It’s a pity that it is his blood shadow!
White light constantly escaping from Gu Chaoyun’s hand with the black light against the sky frame emperor also carefully dodge to find the weakness of blood shadow.
The three elders dare not do it easily, but Xihe Feng has already left. Xihe Rain must be in the palace. He must find her. Gu Chaoyun’s wrist is the most cruel he has ever seen.
"Blood shadow you forget? Sue doesn’t like you like this. She hates your bloody hands the most! " Gu Chaoyun talked about trying to distract the blood shadow. Naigen’s black light suddenly became generous and swallowed up her white light.
Just as she was about to be swallowed up by the black light, the emperor suddenly pushed her away.
The two of them joined forces as if they were tacit understanding. Emperor Tian Frame waved his sword and said, "Lend me a firm but gentle hand to hurt his hand!"
Look at it for a long time. The weak point of blood shadow may be the strong point in his hand!
Gu Chaoyun immediately understood that when the emperor waved his sword in the day frame, his hands were one and cold, and a strong white light flashed to the day frame, and the emperor struck the sword at the blood shadow.
There is a sneer on the blood shadow lips, and it seems that there is a big playfulness to deal with them.
However, he underestimated the ability of Emperor Tian Frame. However, in an unguarded moment, the sword suddenly shone brightly, and the sharp shock wave trapped him completely and pushed him closer and closer.
"I’m sorry!"
Lin Rexue low voice down a few poisonous needles in his hand with a strange white light disease toward the blood shadow hands to shoot, can’t kill him a little delay?
Then a few demons are all moving their hands and palms, and all of them are white light and qi qi towards the blood shadow.
Three blood clan elders were surprised when they were about to start work, but they listened to the blood shadow and folded it. Then a sharp weapon crossed the glass and saw a black light wave coming out of the blood shadow in generate and shattered the whole white aperture.
Blood shadow clothes are also messy and broken all over, as if they were separated by sharp tools. It is very eye-catching to carry a blood-red birthmark on the back of a slender wound!
Day frame emperor recently so instantaneous trapped by the black light waves could not move.
"Those who stand in my way die" blood shadow cold eyes, bony hands slowly clenched and black light gradually wrapped around the sky. When the Emperor touched the blood, it burst out, but it was quickly absorbed by the light.
"Si Ye is my son. I should really do something for him in my life." Emperor Tian Frame said lightly that he didn’t struggle again. He didn’t think that his life would end like this, nor did he think that he would finally see Shu Fei again.
"False" blood shadow suddenly clenched his hand with a smile.
"Don’t!" A sudden intrusion sound seems to be hoarse than crying.
A black shadow desperately broke into the mortal zone. It was a woman in black, masked with black satin and black gauze, so desperately stood in front of the Emperor Tian Frame.
"He is your father! You can’t kill him! It’ s hard for the child to find you! " She didn’t dare to touch him, so she stood in front of the emperor in the sky frame. The light in his hand ran through his heart, and the blood in his mouth kept pouring out for so many years. That’s why she never felt at ease with this red birthmark on his back.
"You were born in the mountains and were stolen as soon as you were born. Mom remembers seeing you with a red birthmark behind you!" Yin Niang stretched out his hand to hold the blood shadow, but the blood shadow was gone
Day frame emperor leng looking at blood shadow slow huanguo to god.
Blood shadow slowly frowned and the whole body light faded away. He didn’t seem to come and look at Yin Niang and then at the sky frame. The emperor’s line of sight finally fell on Gu Chaoyun.
Gu Chaoyun’s story will never be exposed. If you think it’s actually revealed in such a situation, it was she who stole Yin Niang’s child. This is her last bargaining chip to deal with the mountain. You never know, how could she know that this child would be a blood shadow or a blood clan leader!
"say it!" Blood shadow cold hum figure that fell behind Gu Chaoyun.
Gu Chaoyun intuitively wants to escape, but the blood shadow has already been on her shoulder, giving her one last chance to "say it!"
"yes! You are indeed a yin Niang child! " Gu Chaoyun has to admit
"What about Xiyu?" Blood shadow coldly asked
Voice down all didn’t come in vain.
"Where did Xiyu hide?" Blood shadow asked again
At this time, Xihe Feng had come with a group of troops, and Xihe Rain was behind him.
"The master deserves to die!" Take punishment before Xifeng
"Remember once that you can’t leave your post without leave even if she dies!" Blood shadow coldly said
"Yes!" Xihe wind nodded heavily.
Everyone doesn’t know what blood shadow really wants to do, and his temperament seems to change as soon as he says it.
And Gu Chaoyun is no longer able to speak at this time. He feels that the shoulder blood has been surging, and the shadow hand is getting more and more reorganized. He is unstable when he is groggy.
"Blood shadow you dare to make you dare …"
She couldn’t speak completely, staring at the shadow of blood
"From now on, my blood clan will respect those who oppose me!" Blood shadow and complete look at the hand of the demon who has already been hurt, and Gu Chaoyun was thrown out and slammed aside, not just on the shoulder, but with less than half a breath left in the bleeding.
And not far from her, Yin Niang was already dead and lying in the arms of Emperor Tian Frame.
At Yin Niang, the blood shadow didn’t stay much. A magic entered the East Palace, and when all the demons turned to chase, they found that they had already been trapped by the black blood curse and couldn’t get out.
Gu Chaoyun endured the last half breath and struggled to climb to and throw a long blood trail on the emperor’s side, which provoked the blood slave behind Xihe Wind to be restless.
"Dedicated … you tell me … tang … he …"
She wants to know what happened to Tang Wen. Where is he?
She didn’t know that she would be so obsessed with that gentle and somewhat weak man.
Maybe it’s because he’s really nice to her
Day frame emperor is laughing, laughing all over the wound pain blood obsessively.
"Tang … you tell …" Gu Chaoyun already don’t stay up.
"I’m telling you, listen carefully. You were beheaded at noon on July 15th. Tang Wen died long ago without coming!" Day frame emperor laugh is raging like a vengeance general heart.
Gu Chaoyun was so shocked when he was frozen, and the blood slaves behind him had long been unable to resist the acquiescence of Xihe rain, and all of them flocked to drown Gu Chaoyun.
And the day frame emperor and Yin Niang also soon disappeared.
"She is a blood shadow mother!" Lin Ruo Snow, don’t turn away and feel nauseous.
"He is no longer a ghost of blood. Ning Luo is right," said Luo Shuiji lightly.
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45 escape
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"Childe, you should be careful in everything." Wan’er collected and packed his bags for the green forest, as if sending Lang to the battlefield, with thousands of exhortations.

Qing Lin threw all the snacks and clothes that Wan’er had prepared for him in the space of Tianzi, and smiled and said to Wan’er, "Be good when I come back. It will take me ten days and a half months to go out this time. I wanted to take you with me, but Qing Xia must be protected by someone, that is, I can wronged you. I’ll leave the tiger for you, and then I’ll leave you two giant mungbeans to accompany you for me. "
Wan’er nodded. "I will take good care of Sister Qingxia, and of course I will take good care of myself."
Qing Lin reached out and rubbed it on Wan’er’s face a few times. "Wan’er, wait. I’ll be back."
After coming out of the array that protected the core area, Qing Lin released Ling Dou Ying and jumped on the eagle’s back. "Eagle, let’s go."
Accompanied by a sound, the eagle howling through the sky, the hurricane set off by the wings of the spirit bean eagle blew the surrounding flowers and plants stagger, and the claws of the spirit bean eagle slammed on the ground and immediately took off.
The purpose of Qinglin’s coming out this time is very clear, that is, to prepare for the first tribute after two months. Among the three investigation tasks given to Qinglin by Zhenxian of Xunyu, the first one is the end of the month when he was in charge of Wudu Village for three months, paying tribute to the cobwebs of three bird spiders and the frog poison of one or two fire frogs.
Qing Lin hasn’t thought of how to deal with the bird spider yet, and the bird spider is elusive and not so easy to meet. By contrast, the fire frog is much simpler. Within Wuduzhuang, there is a small magma lake opened by the real fairy of Junyu with great magic. It is said that it is connected with the center of the earth, and new magma gushes out from the ground every moment, thus keeping the magma lake from solidification. The fire frog likes to live near the magma lake. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Qinglin looking there.
The magma lake is located in the mountains, surrounded by mountains, and the terrain is quite dangerous. However, for Qinglin or other practitioners, it is not. As long as you fly from the air, the terrain that is ten times and one hundred times more dangerous will not play a little role.
This time, Qinglin was exceptionally lucky. On the way, he didn’t encounter a poison hunting in the air and arrived safely and smoothly near the magma lake.
Qing Lin let Ling Dou Ying land on the ground, and then jumped off the eagle’s back. After that, Qing Lin immediately released Xinger, Hatoyama, Huolei and Huoyu, as well as all the poisonous or fire-attribute Lingdou beasts, and formed a protective circle around him.
After Qing Lin confirmed that there was no danger, he divided all of them into three groups, one was himself and Xinger, the other was Hatoyama and the poisonous beanstalk, and the other was Huolei, Huoyu and two beanstalk ravens. They split up and searched in three different directions, trying to find the trace of the fire frog earlier.
The range of lava lake is very large. If the range affected by lava lake is counted, the range to be searched is even larger. The largest fire frog is the size of an adult’s fist. It is difficult to find fire frogs in the air. Besides, fire frogs spend most of their time hiding in the cracks of rocks and rarely stay in the naked wild. Only by carpet search can they find their traces.
In the process of searching for Paederia, Qing Lin found a dwarf apricot with four spirit bean fruits hanging on it, but after it came out, all of them were spirit bean beasts. Qing Lin transferred them to Hatoyama’s banner and asked Hatoyama to command them. Although Qing Lin is the owner of the so-called Five Poisons Village, he is quite alert to poison, knowing that the poisonous spirit bean people and beasts conjured from spirit beans will not hurt him, but Qing Lin still hopes that they will stay away from themselves.
After separate actions, Qing Lin released all the black pockets, fat pigs and four or five hundred mung bean rats. Among the Lingdou Beasts under Qing Lin, the number of Lingdou Rats is the largest, accounting for about one-tenth of the total number of Lingdou Beasts. This is also something that can’t be helped. Soybeans are basically the lowest Lingdou in the Lingdou system, and their carrying capacity is limited. The Lingdou Rats that grow from inch to foot are already the limit they can carry. In addition to soybeans, the situation of common mung beans such as black beans and mung beans is similar. The proportion of mung beans transformed into mung beans is basically the same, which is particularly large, while the probability of other mung beans transformed into mung beans is quite small. Even if they are transformed, they are giant mung beans, and their ability is hundreds of times that of ordinary mung beans.
However, there are great advantages, and there are small advantages. It is more advantageous to find a small-sized spirit beast like the fire frog, or a normal-sized spirit bean mouse. They can smoothly drill into the cracks of rocks and a small corner without worrying about accidentally hurting the fire frog.
Qinglin doesn’t know how many fire frogs there are in Wudu Village, and what proportion of adult fire frogs can collect frog poison? A fire frog is that big. It is estimated that at least 500 or 600 adult fire frogs have to be collected to make up one or two.
Green forest commanded, spirit bean rats left a part of the guard in the green forest and Xinger’s side, and the rest of the nearly four hundred spirit bean rats like a gray cloud, swept away in the direction specified by green forest. Xinger watched these fluffy little things with great interest. After all, she is essentially different from human beings. Unlike many human girls, she jumped up and down with fear and screamed.
Black Pocket and Fat Pig’s interest is not high, and the temperature around the magma lake makes them feel quite uncomfortable. Seeing that they are listless, Qing Lin received them in the space of Tianzi. Anyway, the main purpose of this time is to collect the frog poison of fire frogs, rather than looking for spiritual beans and natural materials.
Quack …
Suddenly there was a frog’s cry in front, and Qing Lin was so happy that he hurriedly took Xinger’s hand and ran past. After running for more than 20 meters, Qing Lin saw that not far ahead, a piece of mung bean rat was dark and formed an encirclement, and two fire frogs were enclosed in the middle. The two fire frogs are golden red, which is an obvious feature of mature fire frogs. Two fire frogs crouched back to back on the ground, their big lux eyes staring at the surrounding Lingdou rats.
There are about 130 lab rats in this group, and they have compressed the activity space of the two fire frogs to less than two square meters. As long as Qinglin gives the order, lab rats will rush to catch the fire frogs.
Qing Lin is well aware of the power of fire frog. The frog poison of fire frog is actually the means of fire frog protection, and the second most powerful, ahead of frog poison, is the means of fire control of fire frog. The moonless day of each month is a relatively mild day in the lava lake. At this time, the fire frogs will rush to the periphery of the lava lake to breathe the aura of fire attributes emitted by the lava lake. Some of the more powerful fire frogs will even directly absorb the fire erupted from the lava lake, and those who have become fine fire frogs will even jump into the lava lake to take a bath and practice. It is precisely because of this way of cultivation that the most puzzling thing about the fire frog is its means of using fire spells to attack.
Most of Qinglin’s Lingdou are fearless of heaven and earth. What they are most afraid of is fire. If there is a fire, everything will be empty, or they will die, or they will cause injuries that can never be repaired. Although there are a large number of mung bean rats, they are also very precious, and Qinglin is not willing to waste them easily.
"spread out." Qing Lin commanded. With a crash, the rats surrounded by the fire frog retreated for five or six meters, and the activity space of the fire frog was suddenly enlarged by twenty or thirty times. It is more difficult to hurt the rats by means of spraying fire.
Qing Lin tiptoed to the ground, as light as a swallow, and stepped into the encirclement of the spirit bean rats. He carefully looked at the two fire frogs, wondering what kind of means should be used to grasp the fire frogs in his hands and let them honestly offer frog poison for themselves.
When the green forest looked at the fire frog, the fire frog also looked at the green forest. In a sense, mice are also the world of frogs. It is obviously not good for them to control so many mung bean mice to surround them.
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack and quack. The jumping ability of the fire frog is quite amazing. It jumped to a height of one meter and six or seven, which is basically the same as the position of Qinglin’s eyes.
Whoo-hoo … Two fire frogs spit out a flame from their wide mouths, and it burned straight into the eyes of Qing Lin. Qing Lin hurriedly raised a hand before and after his eyes, and quickly retreated. However, even so, the fire from the fire frog ignited Qing Lin’s clothes, and Qing Lin tore off the sleeves that were on fire, then took out a Dan medicine, chewed it in his mouth, and carefully applied it to the right forearm burned by the fire.
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. This time, the green forest had a place, and the fire frog was not allowed to succeed.
Qing Lin’s arm is burning with pain, and the coolness of Dan medicine can’t completely suppress the pain caused by liaopao. "I’m so angry. If I hadn’t reacted quickly, my eyes would have been burned out by you." Qing Lin couldn’t wait to rush forward, one foot at a time, and stomp two fire frogs into patties. However, Qing Lin had to carefully weigh the consequences of doing so. Fire frogs are small and agile, which is not so easy to stomp on.
Two fire frogs squatted on the ground, and their four big eyes stared at the green forest. Obviously, once the green forest has any sinister move again, the fire frog will certainly not hesitate to spray fire again and burn the eyes of the green forest.
Qing Lin slowly retreated, and retreated outside the encirclement of the spirit bean rats. Then Qing Lin rummaged in Tianzi space for a long time and found a fishing net. This is not a fishing net used by fishermen to cast nets for fishing, but a fishing net with a net bag in front and a long bamboo pole behind it.
Qing Lin removed the net bag from the fishing net, and then replaced it with some fire silkworm silk that he bought at a high price. This kind of silk is very fire-resistant and is a good material for making fire-attribute shirts, but the price is much more expensive than gold. Qing Lin spent ten pieces of standard spar at first, and only then did he buy less than two ounces of fire silk. Fortunately, the fire silk is very light and tough, and this new fishing net compiled by Qinglin in a hurry has not even used up half a penny of fire silk.
"See where you are going?" Qing Lin copied the fishing net in his hand, and once again walked into the encirclement of the spirit bean rats. After nearly two meters, Qing Lin waved the fishing net. The fire frog was on guard and jumped up.
But this time, Qinglin had a weapon in his hand, and the fishing net turned a corner in the air, so he put both fire frogs in the fishing net. Then Qinglin quickly put the net mouth down and buckled the fishing net on the ground. Then Qinglin caught the fire frog from behind the fire frog through the fire silk.
The fire frog croaked with anger, its mouth blazed and its nose smoked, but it couldn’t help the green forest at all. Qing Lin laughed, pulled out a piece of fire silk, tied the mouths of two fire frogs, and then took a transparent glass lamp to scrape the mucus off the back of the fire frog. This is the frog poison of the fire frog. After the frog venom of the fire frog is collected, it only takes three to five days to regenerate the frog venom, and it takes about a month to recover.
After collecting the venom of two fire frogs, Qing Lin tore down the fire silk, leaving the fire frogs far away, and then took Xinger and the lab rats to find the next target.
The search for fire frogs is very difficult. On the first day, three teams only found about ten fire frogs, and collected frog poison without even half a dollar. After that, for several days in a row, the progress was still not great. The number of fire frogs searched every day remained at around ten, and sometimes even ten were unlucky enough to be searched. At this rate, it will take about a month to a month and a half to collect one or two frog venom, and the time left for Qinglin is not enough to collect the spider webs of bird spiders.
"Ping son, Xinger, Hatoyama, fire thunder, fire rain, and Zhang Xianglin, these days, you are clear. Help me think quickly. " In desperation, Qing Lin had to gather all the spirit bean people who accompanied him out for a meeting to study countermeasures.
It’s the first time for Zheng Ping and Zhang Xianglin to see Hatoyama, Huolei and Huoyu. The space inside Tianzi is too big. The situation of Hatoyama, Huolei and Huoyu is too special. The former is poisonous, while the latter two are fire-related spirit beans. They usually don’t meet other spirit beans.
Zhang Xianglin quietly gave Zheng Ping an expression of eyes and asked Zheng Ping to give Qing Lin an idea as soon as possible. Zhang Xianglin is very clear that Lingdou people who can be named by Qing Lin personally represent that they are outstanding among Lingdou people. Wan’er and Xinger are not worse than Zheng Ping in appearance and temperament. If Zheng Ping does not have outstanding performance in ability, it will be difficult for Zheng Ping to occupy a favorable position in this Lingdou system headed by Qing Lin.
Zheng Ping can be elected as the head of the clan of the Zheng family. Besides being the lineal blood of the Zheng family, her personal ability is also an important reason why she can be selected. The people of the Zheng family are dying, turning ghosts into ghosts, and want to avenge their people. The heads of the clan can’t do it without ability.
"Son, can you tell me something about the characteristics of fire frogs?" Zheng Ping said.
Qing Lin told everything he knew about fire frogs. When Qing Lin finished, Zheng Ping said with a smile: "Since we can’t find a lot of fire frogs every day, we don’t need to look for them. When the fire dolls come out to absorb the aura of fire attributes on the day of the moon, the son will come out and act again, and we will be able to catch enough fire frogs and collect enough frog poison."
Qing Lin patted his forehead, "yeah, such a simple method, I didn’t want to come out. Pinger, you are still smart. "

Of course, Jiang Xuanxuan also knows that Qing Xue likes Liu Chengyi. Jiang Xuanxuan is not very optimistic about this, but there is nothing she can do. After all, people like her and can’t interfere.

Jiang Xuanxuan persuaded Qing Xue in the car for a long time to make a clean break with Liu Cheng. Don’t experience this kind of thing again. Fortunately, Jiang Xuanxuan and her bodyguard are here today, otherwise I don’t know how it will end!
In the end, Cheng Feixue came at that momentum, but it was just a fight that hurt people and made them notorious. Now the network is so developed that every minute it takes to get online, it’s just a curse.
Xue Qin is not married, and even the object is not yet. This kind of determination has a great impact on her blind date.
Now life is happy, and Jiang Xuanxuan worries a lot about Qing Xue. She is afraid that Qing Xue will ruin her life and still feel that she is right.
Qing Xue didn’t say anything, but she listened to Jiang Xuanxuan, just like a mother. She nodded and dealt with it in a few minutes.
"The Mary …"
As Jiang Xuanxuan expected, things didn’t pass so quickly this time.
At about 10 o’clock in the evening, Jiang Xuanxuan saw her and Qing Xue’s name in the hot search in Weibo, and they both took the word "tearing" behind them …
Immediately, Jiang Xuanxuan’s head was stunned by her anger. "What …"
Just after two shots, she looked at the face and forwarded the comments. She couldn’t help but remind her mouth. "Unexpectedly … no one scolded me?"
It’s been ten times before the hot search, and a whole row has been forwarded to scold Jiang Xuanxuan. There are few people with that additional video. Almost% of people are scolding Cheng Feixue, 17% are speculating that Qing Xue and Lu Chengyi are even more loyal, and 3% are very generous.
Jiang Xuanxuan has never enjoyed being praised by so many people. She feels that her mouse is paddling in that row. The more she looks at it, the happier her mouth is. "Is there anyone who says that I am domineering?"
"Ha ha ….. what’s the name of Xuanbao ~ it’s even so called ~" Compared with the other room, Qing Xue’s side Jiang Xuanxuan looked at the news from the Internet in a wonderful mood, and the sun hung over her head.
Jiang Xuanxuan ordered another video to watch the scene of her domineering quarrel from the beginning to the end. Then she touched Ba herself and praised "I am really handsome today … really handsome! Even you have to be fascinated by yourself! "
Just then Jiang Xuanxuan suddenly looked intently and saw that many people loved Gu Chen and asked him to see his wife’s handsome appearance …
"ah!" Immediately, she cried her head and blew it up. "He won’t see it! No? "
Jiang Xuanxuan was afraid that Gu Chen would see her making trouble outside. When Gu Chen came to see her once, he urged her not to go out often and told her that it was better for her to stay at home and stop thinking about going out to play.
At that time, she promised …
Now that he sees this video, isn’t that a slap in the face?
The more Jiang Xuanxuan thought about it, the more frightened she became. She clicked on Gu Chen’s Weibo again to see if he had any news.
I wonder if Gu Chen is used to visiting Weibo. I hope he is not …
Jiang Xuanxuan prayed and swept Gu Chen Weibo more closely. Weibo is like a job number. It is the latest technology of the company’s production and forwarding of the latest games … Anyway, he has forwarded the company’s official account information. In the past half month, he has forwarded five 4d technologies to send out somatosensory games. There is news.
Does this mean that he doesn’t have a Weibo account? His Weibo account is actually controlled by the information department of the company, right?
Thought of here, Jiang Xuanxuan put some peace of mind on this hanging high.
But when she rowed further, she saw the wedding photos of the two of them appear in the picture. Is this kind of thing also distributed by the Ministry of Information?
Jiang Xuanxuan’s head is really a bit stupid. I wonder if he will watch Weibo.
There are also netizens who are constantly searching for the topic Aite Gu Chen in Jiang Xuanxuan. When Jiang Xuanxuan saw that the number of Aite increased again and again, her sorrow also increased.
"What should I do … Do you want to talk to him directly?"
"Even if he doesn’t look at Weibo, someone will wake him up?" Jiang Xuanxuan drummed his mouth and analyzed the status quo. "Anyway, he will die anyway, or he will die early and admit that he should not be too angry?"
Those crazy netizens not only visited Gu Chen, but also visited Xi Aite, opened newpys official website account and gave Aite everything that could be linked to Gu Chen’s Weibo account.
It seems that netizens want to pull Gu Chen’s water and let Gu Chen get into this muddy water for a big fight.
Gu Chen has been widely watched on the Internet recently.
Yugong’s new 4d technology game is about to be released, but the United States will sell it at the same time, but the limited number is 10,000. The game suite will be put in official website, and everyone will snap up just 10,000 sets. Everyone will be ready for it on the day of release.
Section 547
In private, he and Jiang Xuanxuan just got married and immediately joined the work. Jiang Xuanxuan’s figure also disappeared around him. Many netizens teased him if he was going to help Jiang Xuanxuan for a generation and not let people see it.
Including now that Jiang Xuanxuan suddenly became popular on the Internet, netizens knew that Gu Chen had sent Jiang Xuanxuan back to the country after her wedding. At this moment, Jiang Xuanxuan’s personality is still so provocative.
A few months ago, Jiang Xuanxuan tore Bai Mu by hand. Now in the video, Jiang Xuanxuan tore Cheng Feixue again. Her bold personality is familiar and inexplicably makes Jiang Xuanxuan have many fans.
Gu Chen’s family belongs to people who are not in the entertainment circle but are often popular in the entertainment circle. The reason is that Gu Chen is good at network resources.
So Jiang Xuanxuan think about it and think she’d better not be naive.
How could Gu Chen not watch Weibo? And even if he doesn’t look at Weibo, he won’t be ignorant of the news.
"Alas …" Sighed Jiang Xuanxuan or called Gu Chen.
She dialed the words directly before she thought about how to tell Gu Chen.
Jiang Xuanxuan bit her lip and felt nervous that the words would be picked up soon. She quickly sent the words to Kyle’s ear playing with toys.
The little guy raised his round eyes and looked at her. Jiang Xuanxuan grinned. "Dad wants to talk to the baby."
"Well …" Naiying, the little guy.
But after waiting for a long time, I couldn’t get through.

"Ha ha, Tianjun, well, today I am too vain to die at your hands, but I am too vain to regret the rebellion that year. A gentleman was born in the world, and it is important to die a fair death. I know that I can’t escape your clutches today, but I know that I did the right thing. I am rewarded by the kindness of others. Come Tianjun!" Suddenly, too the whole person became extremely violent, and the cassock of gray Se was directly torn by his arms and was tied to his waist. Too empty, the whole person looks unusually bloody.

Zheng slightly, Tianjun didn’t expect that this was too loyal to Guihui, and he was so calm even in the face of death. At the same time, he also thought at the bottom of his heart, did he really do badly hundreds of millions of years ago? So that people such as falling sky and residual blood are willing to die for returning to the market.
However, Tianjun laid hands on him without the slightest hesitation. He looked at Taixu coldly and said, "I don’t know what benefits the return to the market has given you, but one thing I can be sure of today is that you will die!"
"Ha ha, what’s the fear of death? Even if I die in vain today, I’ll die a fair death, and I’ll take you to my back and die! " Suddenly, I saw Se’s face was cruel, and then his body seemed to be burning with flames. The whole person screamed wildly: "Haha, Tianjun, you can’t escape!"
When the body shook, Tianjun understood his meaning in an instant when he saw Taixu was so crazy. Taixu was burning the energy in his body, and he was ready to gather the energy of his whole body at a peak and explode, in an attempt to end up mutually assured destruction. Tianjun had seen the deterrent of explosive when he was in chaos, which was absolutely powerful. Now Taixu’s strength has reached the later stage of Tiansheng. I was so close to reaching the holy one. At this time, compared with the master of the celestial world, he is tough many times. If he blows himself up, at least Tianjun can’t escape at all.
Face se upheaval, Xuan Ji and Kitty are also aware of what is about to be born, but they are all helpless. At the critical moment, I saw Tianjun holding the heavenly sword and suddenly splitting the space in front of me, directly tearing out a space crack, which is really Tianjun’s own different dimensional space. At the same time, Tianjun’s fearless body was close to Taixu, and his right hand was bleeding, which directly bound Taixu. Control his soul with soul-eating marks.
At present, when life is dying, all the minds of Taixu are on how to perish together, so there is no defense on him, which also makes Tianjun’s soul-eating seal March forward and directly control his soul. Then Tianjun suddenly raised his body with his hands and threw him into another dimension.
At the same time, Tianjun flashed in the direction of Xuanji and Kitty Hawk, full of haste: "Third, split your dimension quickly. This fellow’s energy is too full, and we are too close. I am afraid that my dimension can’t bear it. "
Knowing nodded, the eagle in Tianjun’s voice just fell, and he had already put away the plank brick in his hand. He immediately raised his fist and violently split the space in front of him. It was another light flashing without any stagnation. Tianjun and Xuanji plunged into the different dimensional space of the eagle.
Space cracks have just disappeared. Only heard a loud explosion in conan the destroyer, including a black Se smoke that destroyed xìng, which swept through the entire supreme sanctuary. The master below the Saint realm within a million miles of Fiona Fang was directly swallowed up by the destructive force created by the explosive explosion, and the ashes were annihilated.
Tianjun three people are hiding in the dimension of Kitty Hawk, so is Rao. Three people still feel a violent and powerful devouring force, which directly breaks the dimension of Kitty Hawk, and exposes Tianjun three people to the supreme sanctuary again before the smoke and dust are exhausted. But at this time, the energy spread has become a life threat to Tianjun three people, just forcing them to suffer a little damage.
Xuanji’s right hand was carelessly scratched by violent energy, and even her ice holy spirit was not blocked, and she was full of blood. Tianjun distressed and hurriedly hit Xuanji’s hand with an energy of cutting, and instantly healed the scar for her.
"Whoo-hoo, this fellow is really cruel. I didn’t expect him to do something so gray and annihilated that he almost lost my life!" Kitty hawk a face of concerned looking at what is still spreading rampant energy, said is full of shock.
"If you change Ri, you really need to ask Tianxian them well. What is the reason that makes them so loyal to Guixu that they can even die!" Tianjun said with a deep sigh.
Soul explosion involves a wide range, and all the masters in Fiona Fang are killed. It is conceivable that this war almost shocked the entire Supreme Sanctuary.
There was a sly light in his eyes, and Xuan Ji spread his hand and walked to the place where the explosion was fierce. He said with a twinkle in his eyes, "There must be a lot of treasures here, but we won’t get any points when there are more people coming!"
Hearing Xuan Ji’s lovely words, Tianjun shook his head helplessly, while the eagle sneered at him: "Haha, I’m afraid even the supreme device will be blown up under such a strong explosion. Sister-in-law will look for it slowly, and let me see it later."
"Hum, you just wait!" Seeing that Kitty Hawk didn’t believe in herself, Xuan Ji grunted in a cold voice, and he really didn’t believe in evil, so he looked for it. Tianjun seems to be thinking about something, but after only a few breaths, Xuan Ji exclaimed in disbelief: "Tianjun, look, I found a bracelet, which looks good!"
Xuan Ji said with some joy, while Kitty Hawk said with some disbelief, "No way, there is a bracelet under such a powerful explosion?" Let me see. " Tianjun is also very curious. If Xuanji really has a bracelet now, it is definitely not a mundane product, at least it is also an upper-order Buddha.
After being near Tianjun and Kitty Hawk, I saw Xuanji really holding a string of colorful beads in his palm, shining and dazzling in the sunshine. There are seven beads, including seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, each of which is as big as a bullet.
With a look of surprise, Tianjun reached out and took the beads from Xuanji’s palm with curiosity, and then absorbed them with the force of a soul, as if trying to detect the quality of the beads. After a while, I saw a flash of surprise on Tianjun’s grim face, unable to restrain myself: "If I didn’t guess wrong, this bead should at least be the supreme device, because I felt like HarmonyOS’s sword on this string of columns."
"Really? Really? Sister-in-law’s luck is really so good? " Kitty looked helplessly at Xuanji Road, and then she was shocked. It seemed that J Ο ng Shinto came: "Hey hey, I’ve looked everywhere, maybe I’ll find a supreme device later!" Kitty hawk said, and the whole person directly ignored the disdain eyes of Tianjun and Xuanji, and went out alone.
"Tianjun, is this really the supreme device?" Xuanji didn’t seem to wake up from the words of Tianjun, and asked with disbelief.

Chapter six hundred and five
"Ha ha, this I can cheat you? Being able to stay intact in such a powerful explosion is at least the supreme device. Xuan Ji, try to confess the Lord with your blood, so you won’t know? " Tianjun smiled and said according to Xuanji’s sweet shoulder.
"hmm!" Heavily nodded, and Xuanji said with delight that the beading was too feminine, so Xuanji didn’t shirk letting Tianjun own it. Directly from the fingertips to force a drop of delicate and charming blood, Xuanji carefully drops J and NG blood on the column. At the moment when J and NG blood collides with beads, a fascinating light shines, just like the rising sun, which makes people dare not stare.
Xuanji’s eyes were slightly closed, and the whole person was immersed in it, with a faint smile on his face, as if he were thinking about something. After a while, he saw Xuanji’s lips lightly open, as if reciting Buddhist scriptures: "Seven Se pearls, the supreme device of the upper order, the defense is the treasure, and there is no treasure to break through."
"Seven se accident bead? No treasure to break through? This, this is a bit too rebellious, Xuan Ji, your character is too good! " Tianjun looked at Xuanji with a face of surprise.
"Hee hee, thanks to this emptiness, otherwise these seven Se beads may not be born." Xuanji is full of excitement. At this point, many masters have come around one after another, all of whom were shocked by the movement made by Taixu. However, there seems to be a fierce battle from thousands of miles away, as if two people have shown a powerful magic weapon at the same time, and they are arguing at this time. All the people watched in the past, and then the news came out that it was now the supreme device.
Slightly appalled, Tianjun and Xuanji both saw the surprise in each other’s eyes, full of disbelief. They didn’t expect that two supreme devices appeared in the same place but Wan Li, which was really strange.
"Xuan Ji, put away your supreme device quickly, so as not to make people greedy, and we will join in the fun." Tianjun ourtenant looked at Xuanji and said, knowing a little. Xuanji’s mind moved, and the colorful beads were strangely attached to her white wrist, just like an ornament.
At this point. Tianjun seemed to see the clue of the struggle not far away, and frowned. After sorting everything out, Xuanji saw Tianjun’s worried expression and quickly asked, "Tianjun. What’s the matter? Did something happen? "
"The person who quarrels with others there seems to be the third child." Tianjun said faintly.
"Kitty hawk? Who are you fighting with? " Xuanji asked in surprise.
"Return to the market!"
"What? Why him again? Let’s point over! " Worried that the baby eagle had an accident, Xuanji took Tianjun’s hand and died in the struggle. Of course, Tianjun had already informed the major saints before this, and his ability alone was not enough to deter him from returning to the market.
"Hum. Returning to the market, you are at least a master of the sacred statue. You are so shameless that you found this sword first, and you are shameless! "
You said you found it first. You found it first? Who saw it? Boy, at best, you are a compound animal. Don’t think that I won’t kill you if your boss is Tianjun! "Two people who won’t let who, all is the fingertips overflow a blood column attached to the sword, but because it is two people at the same time to recognize the Lord. Instead, this long sword can’t recognize the Lord.

Originally, Meng Sixian thought that Meng Qi would agree to his request next, but when he asked such a sentence, he suddenly calmed down, thought for a moment and said, "In fact, the senior brother and his party have been informed by the general gate of all the scattered disciples. Plus, in fact, I have a little relationship with the Meng family in the clan, so … "

Meng Qi didn’t think that he had become a little celebrity in the black emperor clan. In fact, this is just setting an example, and its intention is to encourage people in the clan to work for the clan. Such propaganda has spared no effort in all walks of life.
After testing so much, Meng Qi didn’t bother to say anything else to the point: "You can see from my daytime problems that I am at odds with Feng’s family. You are very smart and can wait for me here quietly, and you are not anxious. You are very good, but this doesn’t mean that I will cooperate with your Meng family. However, I may find time to visit your Meng family. When are you free?"
Meng Qi’s words were full of twists and turns, which made Meng Sixian’s heart constantly churning. After listening, he was relieved, and then there was a surprise. He didn’t expect Meng Qi to cooperate with him directly.
He is already quite happy to have such a reaction. So I immediately said, "There is time, there is time at any time."
Meng Qi smiled and said, "Don’t worry, wait until you take a break. When is it probably? "
After being mentioned by Meng Qi, Meng Sixian also felt a little too anxious and embarrassed. After thinking about it, he said, "Thank you for reminding me, but I was in a hurry. My next day off should be three days later. "
"Three days later? Then three days later, come to me in three days, and I will go to Meng’s house with you. " Meng Qi patted Meng Sixian on the shoulder. Although this Meng family needs his help, he also needs the support of this Meng family. Otherwise, it is not so easy to get revenge by Meng Qi alone.
Meng Sixian was very satisfied with Meng Qi’s promise. Moreover, he had to inform the family members. After all, this was just his own move, and he had not yet obtained the consent of the family. However, this opportunity passed, so where did he have time to inform?
However, although he is not sure to get all the elders in the family to agree, he can convince his ancestors that as long as he agrees, it is useless for the rest of the people to have any opinions.
As for why we can convince our ancestors, Meng Sixian smiled. He is the direct grandson of the ancestors.
After Meng Sixian left, another figure appeared next to Meng Qi, which was Cheng Rewei.
Meng Qi stepped forward and hugged Cheng Ruowei gently and asked, "Ruowei, what do you think of this Meng family?"
Cheng ruowei thought for a moment and said, "since we all have the same goal, we can cooperate, but that boy is just building a foundation. How can he decide such a big event?"
Meng Qi gently took Cheng Ruowei’s slender waist like a willow branch and said, "In fact, I have some doubts, but since he told me this, he should be able to talk in his family. Besides, didn’t I give him three days?" If it doesn’t work then, forget it. "
Cheng Rewei pointed her finger at Meng Qi’s chest and said, "You guy, you have a lot of twists and turns in your stomach. You are so smart, but you are so lazy. I have to ask people to help you think about things, annoying! "
Meng Qi caught Cheng Ruowei’s finger with a smile and said, "Hey, isn’t this Ruowei you?"? I don’t need to think about that when you’re here. "
Cheng ruowei was flattered by Meng qi, but cheng ruowei asked curiously, "who is this Zhuge?" Very famous, why did he describe me? "
At this time, Meng Qi slipped his tongue and told the story of his last life, but he couldn’t help explaining it. He had to say, "This Zhuge is a character in a miscellaneous book I have read, in which he is the embodiment of wisdom, so he is used to describe Ruowei you."
"What miscellaneous books? Show it to me, Xianggong. " Cheng Rewei is a little curious.
Huh? Romance of the Three Kingdoms, of course, but where is Meng Qi going to show it to Cheng Ruowei now? Had to say: "this kind of miscellaneous book, after reading it, will be thrown away. Now where can I find it?"
However, the more Meng Qi said so, the more Cheng Rewei wanted to read it, because she knew that Meng Qi would never throw away the book. If he didn’t take it out, there must be a ghost.
Seeing that Cheng Ruowei didn’t believe in himself, Meng Qi was quite helpless and had to say, "Well, well, since you want to hear it, I’ll tell you about it, but I don’t remember it very clearly."
Seeing that Meng Qi insisted on not taking it out, Cheng Ruowei didn’t force it, and it was good that Meng Qi was willing to tell it to himself, so Cheng Ruowei said in a sticky tone, "Then tell it quickly ~ ~"
Meng Qi shook his head helplessly, thought for a moment, smoothed out the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and then said, "This is a long story. Once upon a time, there was a big country with a vast territory called Han …"
Well, Meng Qiyuan didn’t think girls would like to hear about the Three Kingdoms and so on. She thought that if she was not interested, three or two sentences would be over.
But now the situation is wrong. Meng Qi looked at Cheng Rewei beside him with a face of listening with relish, and his heart was very disappointed. Because Meng Qi couldn’t remember too clearly, some details were missed, and he was pointed out by Cheng Rewei one by one, and through his own inference, he also said the correct exhibition of things …
Meng Qi’s mouth is dry, and he has drunk pot after pot of tea, and his stomach is propped up. Therefore, after Meng Qi finished a small chapter, he said to Cheng Ruowei: "This Ruowei, the night is already deep, let’s rest early." Well ~ "
I didn’t know that Cheng Ruowei, who heard the rise, suddenly puckered her mouth, then hugged Meng Qi and said, "No, Xianggong, you are going to have a rest until you hear that Zhuge come out."
Hear Cheng Rewei, Meng Qi almost gushed out with a mouthful of old blood, until Zhuge came out? ! Oh, my god, when will that be? At this time, he has just started.
Meng Qi said, "Ruowei, it’s still early for that Zhuge to come out. Can we talk about it later?" Take a rest today. "
Hearing what Meng Qi said, he touched Meng Qi’s stomach again, then "sloped" and laughed, saying, "Well, well, forget it today, and continue to talk tomorrow."
Meng Qi suddenly hugged Cheng Ruowei and couldn’t help but cry, "Long live the lady!" Say that finish with a swish drill into the bed. Thought, finally can sleep.
Of course, people who cultivate immortality are not so exaggerated, but Meng Qi is just faking it.
Cheng Rewei also went to bed, but his mind was full of doubts. Meng Qi told this story, but he had never heard of it, the dying Han Dynasty? It seems to be familiar.
At this time, a pair of salty pig hands hugged Cheng Rewei, suddenly interrupting her thoughts, and then, um, the following three thousand words were omitted …


Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Camouflage
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Camouflage
At this time, Meng Qi naturally didn’t notice the small change of swords and smiles. After everyone went out, Meng Qi couldn’t wait to come to Yao Xing and asked, "Senior Yao, what’s going on?"
Yao Xing opened his eyes, was revealed bloodshot pupil. Meng Qi was surprised. Just now, I saw that Yao Xing seemed to repose peacefully. I had no idea that he had such tired eyes under his nose.
Yao Xing saw that Meng Qi seemed to have some strange eyes. He smiled and said, "It’s better to do something, it’s better to do something, but the offensive of the Magic Gate is too fierce these days."
Meng Qi stopped talking. A baby brother would have such symptoms. I don’t know how tired he is physically and mentally.
"On the second day after we came back, the magic door was launched again. And this offensive is more fierce than last time, and there are a lot of demon families in the magic door.
This demon race has a leader, and that demon’s cultivation is one point higher than mine. Even with the help of the Alexander array, for the man and Chen Hai, the old man still …
Alas, I’m afraid I’m out of luck this time, but I’ve only brought trouble to you and my nephew Dao. "
Meng Qi carefully looked at Yao Xing, this is not the appearance of Yao Xing deliberately made, as if he really felt hopeless.
"Yao elder why say so, there is always a way. Otherwise, we are going to get rid of another person like the other day? " Meng Qi frowned. He worked so hard for so long. Is it such an ending?
Yao Xing shook his head and said, "Last time, they were trapped while they were unprepared. If they were prepared, how can we trap them again?"
Eight _ zero _ power _ sub _ book _ w _ w _. t _ x _ t _ 8 _ 0. _ c _ o _ m
Yao Xing is not without considering what Meng Qigang just said, but it is impossible.
"Is there really no way?" Meng Qi unwilling asked.
Yao Xing just shook his head, look very depressed. Then he closed his eyes. He wanted to take time to rest, but the other side didn’t know when he would attack again.
Meng Qi was very dull and came out of Lingxu Temple, and then he met a sword smile in front of the temple. Sword smile at this time of expression is relatively indifferent.
After seeing Meng Qi, the sword smiled at him and asked, "Brother Meng, what did Senior Yao say? Do we …"
Meng Qi only had a wry smile on his face, and then said, "Brother Dao, I’m afraid this time we are …" After that, Meng Qi bowed his head in despair.
Sword smile first one leng, then there is silence. The two of them went to their own residence. On the way, they suddenly said, "Actually, there is another way."
Meng Qimeng turned his head and asked, "What is the way?"
The sword laughed at first in silence, and then after a half-ring, he said, "Now many demon families have joined the battle. If we attract the attention of those high-ranking monks, then Brother Meng, you can find a chance to sneak out of the spiritual virtual Sect …"
Hearing this, Meng Qi shook his head and said, "No, now their low-level disciples have increased." The blockade network has become more and more strict. "
The sword smiled and then said, "I don’t want Brother Meng to sneak out directly, but I want Brother Meng to blend in with the demon clan and then take the opportunity to go out."
Meng Qi suddenly stopped, then bowed his head and began to ponder whether the method mentioned by the sword and smile was feasible. After half a ring, Meng Qi looked up and said, "I’m afraid this method won’t work. Those demon families won’t even know their own people."
Seeing Meng Qi’s conation, the sword smiled, and then took out a silvery white bead and said, "This is a magic bead, which can help Meng Xiong transform into any image. It is absolutely perfect, and it is absolutely impossible to see it below then."
Meng Qi took the magic bead, and after a little thought, the prototype of a rough plan was generated. If it really goes well, I’m afraid I can really escape from the blockade of the magic door with eight points.
However, Meng Qi looked at the sword and asked with a smile, "Since there is such a thing, why doesn’t Brother Dao go in person? You know, I still have two ladies, and I really don’t want to leave them unless I have to."
Sword smiled and shook his head, saying, "This pearl can only conjure up the appearance of the same race, and it can’t change the essence of aura. Even though Meng Xiong’s spiritual power is different from that of ordinary demon families, it is still a kind of demon spirit."
After listening to the explanation of the sword and smile, Meng Qi nodded. If this is the case, it makes sense. However, Meng Qi remembered what Yao Xing said today. I wonder if Lingxu Gate can still hold out until reinforcements come?
If Meng Qi invited reinforcements and was greeted by ruins, Meng Qining would like to be buried here with his wife.
Therefore, Meng Qi picked up the magic beads, then smiled at the sword and said, "Brother Dao, I’ll go to Lingxu Hall again."
Sword smiled and nodded. He knew what Meng Qi was going to do, so he went back by himself.
Meng Qi returned to the Lingxu Temple. Yao Xing was still resting in the Lingxu Temple with his eyes closed. He found Meng Qi coming back again and asked, "Why did Meng Xian’s nephew go and return?" The tone is very light, but the voice is full of something called despair.
Meng Qi’s heart sank. If it is like this, it is absolutely impossible for Lingxu Gate to support himself to move back to reinforcements. Therefore, Meng Qi stepped forward and said, "The younger generation now has a way to break out of the blockade of the magic door."
Because Meng Qi had brought Yao Xing a surprise the previous time, Yao Xing opened his eyes and looked at Meng Qi expectantly and asked, "What can I do?"
Meng Qi told Yao Xing about the magic beads and some general ideas of his own thinking. Yao Xing listened, thought for a while, and said loudly, "Good!" Although he only said one word, Meng Qi could hear the hope contained in Yao Xing’s tone.
To tell the truth, Meng Qi is somewhat incomprehensible. If Yao Xing is bent on escaping, I’m afraid there is still a great chance to escape. Why did he choose to live and die with Lingxu Gate?
But at this time, what Meng Qi wants to say to Yao Xing is not this matter. He wants Yao Xing to cheer up again and must insist on coming back.
"Senior Yao, when I go here, it will be half a month long and ten days short. Please ask Senior Yao to support me until I come back." Meng Qi’s expression is very serious, which is related to the life safety of Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer. If Meng Qi comes back and finds out …
Meng Qi can hardly imagine what to do.
After listening to Meng Qi’s words, Yao Xing suddenly cheered up and said, "Meng Xian’s nephew can rest assured that even if I fight for this old bones, I will keep the inheritance of Lingxu Gate."
Then Yao Xing seemed to think of something and said to Meng Qi, "Don’t worry, nephew Meng, I will take good care of my two nieces."
Meng Qi waited for this sentence, nodded, turned around and went. It seems simple at this time, but the risk is not small at all. And Meng Qi is going back now. If he wants Hu Xianer to say goodbye to Cheng Rewei, because this time it may be forever …
Back in the residence of Lingxu Gate, Meng Qi told Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer what he was going to do.
After hearing what Meng Qi said, Hu Xianer was very nervous and grabbed Meng Qi’s arm for fear of losing Meng Qi. Cheng Ruowei, on the other hand, suppressed the fear and worry in her heart and said lightly, "Xianggong, don’t worry about me and Xianer’s sister. Go, Xianer and I will wait for you here. If anything happens to you, Xianer and I will go down to accompany you. "
Cheng Rewei tone is light, but there is a kind of decisively in it. Meng Qi was very moved in his heart, but at the same time he hoped that the two women wouldn’t do this. Meng Qi hoped that if he fell, the two women would be able to live well. However, this feeling of being cared about is really good …
Meng Qi pulled the two women into his arms, and then whispered, "Don’t worry, you’re" xianggong "and I’m a Xiaoqiang who can’t be killed. You must wait here for me to come back. If I don’t see you when I get back, I don’t know what to do, okay? "
Cheng Ruowei and Hu Xianer nodded cleverly, and then leaned on Meng Qi’s shoulder to feel the sadness of parting.
Hua Huan looked at the fierce fighting in the distance and burst into a spiritual flame. There was only infinite joy in her heart. He is just a small snake that can’t build a foundation. He should have been filled into the huge meat ground as cannon fodder.
However, because he has a compatriot’s brother, he has already had a later period of enlightenment. This kind of cultivation is already a medium-sized leader under their big leader. Men in charge of hundreds of small demon, is also a small strength.
Moreover, his brother’s task is to blockade with his little demon. Compared with the task of killing people in front of the mountain gate, although the current task has less harvest, it is extremely safe.
Although his brothers and sisters don’t have a good relationship with him, they are still willing to help with such a small matter as transferring themselves to his staff.
Of course, for the arrangement of the task, his compatriots and brothers are somewhat dissatisfied. After all, he is quite confident in his own cultivation, and he is full of wants to be neutral in this battle. So as to get more rewards.
But for Hua Huan, it is better to block the task like this. After all, it seems that he is such a repairman. If he just touches it, it is estimated that even the body can’t be left.
Huaheng hung on a stout branch and quietly unfolded his thoughts to ensure that no one could easily go out within his own responsibility.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four The war of the little people
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two The war of the little people
Of course, it is useless for him to cultivate nature at such a low level, but in order to completely block the spiritual virtual door, all the places outside this place are set up in a position.
The role of this appearance is to give up all the abilities of our own monks to read the rest, in exchange for greatly strengthening the detection power, so that even a monk then may be found if he does not pay attention.
However, although he is doing his duty faithfully, Hua Heng’s heart is actually quite disapproving. This time they demon race joined the battle, so the end of this spiritual virtual door is already doomed.
Moreover, in such a dense blockade network, how can anyone escape? Once the trail is found, there will be two monks of the demon family who will come to deal with it. I think it’s impossible to escape even if Brother then comes.
Flower constant half narrowing her eyes, the sun at noon is really some diabolical, although hiding in the shade, but flower constant still feel what should have been no temperature of blood is a little boiling.
But even though Hua Heng didn’t care much at this time, he didn’t dare to be lazy. After all, the rules of the demon race are extremely strict. If you are found to be lazy, if nothing else, even his brothers will not let him go. At that time, the countless tortures of the demon race, even death, are extremely happy things.
However, even if Hua Heng concentrated his thoughts highly, he could not find that in the shadow of the big tree where he lived, a pair of eyes were looking at Hua Heng.

Just a second or two, almost at the same time there were two voices. One is the scream of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu when Kwai Shui Shen was struck by lightning. Another sound is that the blood blade hits Meng Qi, and Meng Qi screams.

Fortunately, the second Kwai Shui Shen Lei promptly blew the blood-sucking bodhi old zu to ashes. Meng Qicai escaped being made a clean break, but the wound was so deep that you could almost see the bone.
This is the first time that Meng Qi has been hurt so badly since he became a golden scale tactic. Meng Qi fell to the ground, unable to hold on to the pain and fainted. Actually, Meng Qi is very afraid of pain …
And the neon standing there, unable to respond to this sudden change. What keeps flashing in my mind is the worry and hesitation in my eyes when Meng Qi jumped on her just now.
She didn’t react until Meng Qi fell. Hurriedly take out the wound medicine and panacea, first will be scattered in Meng Qi’s wound. Then the wound began to heal slowly, and then Meng Qi was fed several magic pills.
Sitting on the side, I looked at Meng Qi with my arms folded, and my eyes got wet somehow.
Meng Qi got this knife, which brought neon’s trust and gratitude to him, and maybe some other things. Is this guy happy or unhappy if he knows? I’m afraid he’s going to struggle for a while
Chapter 68 Respectively (Chapter I)
It didn’t take long for Meng Qi to feel something. The wound seemed to be less painful, and the ice was cool and comfortable.
When Meng Qi woke up from the ground, he found that the neon sitting on the side seemed to be thinking about something. Didn’t notice that Meng Qi had woken up.
Meng Qi moved a little, and immediately touched the wound, making him grin with pain.
Such a call will disturb the neon that I don’t know what to think. Looking at Meng Qi’s wound, he began to radiate blood again. She hurried over, sprinkled some magic medicine on Meng Qi’s wound and said, "As soon as the wound is closed, it will move, and the spirit will speed up the healing."
Although the statement didn’t sound very polite, Meng Qi heard a little concern from it. He was quite embarrassed. In fact, this kind of injury is not particularly serious for him. It just hurts …
Meng Qiyun used the spirit force to cooperate with the elixir, and his wound was completely healed in a moment. However, some troublesome things are that the bloody psychic force of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu is entrenched in Meng Qi’s body, which will affect Meng Qi’s use of psychic force.
However, this kind of thing is not something that can be solved at once. Only Meng Qi can slowly adjust his breath. On the whole, the impact is not very serious.
Next, Meng Qi collected the lair of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu. I have to say, this guy is really poor. Meng Qi turned the whole crypt upside down, but only found a few middle-order Lingshi and nearly a hundred low-order Lingshi.
As everyone knows, this has been the savings of the blood-sucking ancestors for more than a hundred years. Now, however, Meng Qi does have some disdain for this thing. But at least it’s meat, so Meng Qi is still very happy.
As for the rest, it is useless for Meng Qi to bring it. It is neon that picks up a blood blade on the bodhi old zu, which seems to have any use.
In this way, Meng Qi did not give him Lingshi. However, Meng Qi also found an interesting piece of jade.
This jade piece seems to gather the moonlight in the sky into this Yu Pei. Then form a small spiritual force field, which has the function of accelerating cultivation. Although the effect is not too obvious.
Although the effect of this thing is not very significant, Meng Qi also understood it. Obviously, this crypt is not a crypt, but in just over a hundred years, a zombie came out in the late period of enlightenment.
This thing is of little use to neon. It has a considerable effect on Meng Qi. One of the reasons why he no longer absorbs the moonlight is that he is too small.
In fact, the effect of the demon family absorbing the moonlight has a certain relationship with its body shape. Although the spirit force contained in Yuet Hua belongs to the pure spirit force of Yin, if the amount is too small, it is better to use the spirit stone with the same attribute to assist the cultivation.
Therefore, Meng Qi seldom absorbs Yuet Hua as a practice now. With this piece of jade, there will always be a spiritual force field surrounded by moonlight around Meng Qi. It is very beneficial to practice.
At least, under the shadow of this spiritual force field, Meng Qi can automatically absorb Yuet Hua’s talent through the demon family every day and keep practicing.
In fact, Meng Qi came to the outside world to travel, and his daily practice time was only the time he used to sleep. You usually have to walk around. Even so, Meng Qi rarely has time to achieve full-load practice every day.
This is your choice. If you get some, you will lose some.
With this thing, Meng Qi can shorten the training time by two hours a day under normal circumstances. In other words, even in the state of traveling, Meng Qi can almost practice at full capacity every day.
This is a very rare instrument for Meng Qi.
Such a thing, Meng Qi, of course, stayed calmly and didn’t tell Neon. After all, Meng Qi felt that she didn’t have such a good relationship with her.
It is a matter of cultivation, and Meng Qi has to do so.
After the crypt was cleaned, Meng Qi and Neon walked out of the crypt. It was just morning when they came in, and now it is dusk, which shows that Meng Qi has been dizzy for a long time.
Meng Qi moved all the bones of all the victims inside. Of course, using magic to carry. Otherwise, if he is asked to move skeletons and mummies, he really doesn’t want to do it.
In a sunset, Meng Qi and neon face such a pile of things. The feeling in my heart can’t be described in words. Finally, Meng Qi just silently blessed the dead. And dropped the torch.
The smoke slowly rises, and Meng Qi seems to see the souls of those dead women ascending to heaven …
"What about this guy now?" After returning to Jincheng’s mansion, neon looked at Meng Qi who was still kneeling on the ground.
Meng Qi looked at the poor guy and said indifferently, "Let him hang himself." Meng Qi didn’t bother to kill a guy like this who helped others.
Moreover, at that time, it is not easy to explain the official of the country. After all, he is the son of the duke of Jinling City. It also represents secular rights.
In fact, people who cultivate immortality can’t do whatever they want in the secular world. Of course, it will not be as restrained as ordinary people. Meng Qi just wants to have less trouble.
As a result, Kim Sung-Jae Meng Qi and neon eyes, personally put away the rope. Then stand on the stool and kick it.
At this time, the neon will give a solution to his ecstasy, only to see Jin Cheng’s face, which had no expression, was brilliant in an instant. He seems to be wondering why he hanged himself.
Then, he saw Meng Qi neon under the ground. At this time, he has no time to figure out how Meng Qi got out of the dungeon, and he is not in the mood to covet neon looks.
Just grasping the rope with one hand and grasping Meng Qi and neon with the other. Hard to spit out two words: "help!" " I never saw that charming look again.
And Meng Qi and neon just looked at him indifferently and struggled constantly, and his face turned from red to purple. Finally gave up the ghost …
During the period, the two did not show any look except indifference.
Finally, Meng Qi just said to Zi Xuan, who was standing beside him trembling slightly: "Although heaven and earth are unfair, justice is free from people’s hearts. Zi Xuan, you should firmly remember this sentence."
Zi Xuan just nodded his head, I don’t know why, was very afraid of the heart with a word from Meng Qi then calmed down.
Meng Qi touched Zi Xuan’s little head and said to the neon, "Where are you going now?"
Neon didn’t answer Meng Qi, but asked, "Where are you going?"
Meng Qi looked up at the starry sky. After half a ring, he said, "I don’t know. Let’s continue to travel around. When I feel almost the same, I will take Zi Xuan back to the Black Emperor Sect. "
"Then where to go next?" Neon also looked at the milky way all over the sky, and felt a little sad. But she has been missing for so long that she must go back to Zongmen.
"Ready to go?" Meng Qi is also irrelevant answer.
"Well ~" neon gently answered, Meng Qi didn’t recognize the meaning contained in it.
"Since you choose this, I won’t embarrass you. Have a drink before you leave. I don’t know when I will meet you again. " Meng Qi withdrew her gaze and looked at the neon.
Neon also withdrew her eyes looking at the starry sky and bowed her head without speaking. Just took the glass that Meng Qi handed me.
Meng Qi took out an altar of daughter incense that had been stored for a hundred years, patted Kaifeng mud, and suddenly a rich bouquet floated out. Meng Qi silently filled their glasses and drank them off. Neon suddenly felt sour nose, and looked up and drank all the wine.
One cup after another for two people …
Finally …
"After drinking this cup of wine, I will meet you again."
"See you again by chance."
Chapter sixty-nine Compassion (second more)
"Master, Sister Neon has left." Zi Xuan saw Meng Qi wake up with a hangover, and he was very clever and rubbed Meng Qi’s temple.
Meng Qi shook his head, but I didn’t expect her daughter’s fragrance in one hundred years to have such great stamina. After drinking yesterday, Meng Qi didn’t feel anything at first, just wanted to sleep.
But now, after getting up, Meng Qi only feels the pain like a split head. But Zi Xuan this wench knead really well, Meng Qi pain relaxed a lot.
Meng Qi didn’t care much about the news that Neon had left.

Meng Qi wandered slowly in this huge palace, and couldn’t help sighing that it was a mythical world, the original world. I think there is no place as big as the Afang Palace of Qin Shihuang and the Forbidden City in the capital. However, there is still a big gap compared with here, even though the area is almost broad. But people here are almost catching up with the height of modern architecture.

While Meng Qi was sighing, people passing by him were wondering, whose pet is this? I cann’t believe I ran to the main hall in Zongnei. The key is that this little snake looks like a tourist, and at this tense moment, it’s really uncomfortable.
However, no one cares about Meng Qi. After all, everyone has personal affairs, and no one has the leisure to mind their own business. So even with some attitude of visiting, it wasn’t long before Meng Qi found Fang Ling ling. When Meng Qi called Fang Ling Ling Ling, Fang Ling Ling Ling was still surprised. How did this guy get here?
Chapter XII Measures
When Fang Ling ghatpot came out, the whole face was already dark. It seems that if Meng Qi had nothing to say, I’m afraid Miss Fang Da’s anger will follow. In this rather tense period, even if she is in a special position, Meng Qi will at least be guilty of lax discipline. Just before he came out, someone was cooing.
Meng Qi looked at this dark face in front of him, and he could feel something vaguely. Plus those eyes that looked at him along the way just now, Meng Qi could guess 7788. But it doesn’t make Fang Ling Ling angry, because he really has something to say.
Just when Meng Qi expressed that he had an idea to help the black emperor, Fang Ling ghatpot looked at Meng Qi’s serious face and looked much better. When she came to a secret room belonging to her, she called Meng Qi to talk about it concretely.
And Meng Qi also told Fang Ling ling what he had met outside. But said Fang Ling ghatpot’s face turned black. Meng Qi had just finished, and some smug people wanted to catch their breath, only to find that Miss Fang’s face looked more and more like Bao Gong. It seems that there is no connection between the two things.
Meng Qi sighed, thinking that with Fang Ling’s mind, she would be able to extrapolate this kind of thing, so that she could keep a low profile. But, alas … So Meng Qi had to go on talking.
"You not is say, don’t want to come to the so-called play with them? Since they wounded or killed the fox. And I said something like that again. If it was in Zongnei, I would say that the fox was really a mountain protector in Zongnei. And they did this kind of thing, which obviously brushed the face of Zongnei. It is not impossible to interrupt this exchange, of course, it is a bit far-fetched. But as long as Zongnei makes the identity of the fox special. Plus, with me and that little fox testifying, they can’t deny it. "
As Meng Qi slowly narrated, Fang Ling’s eyes became brighter and brighter, and then it was like two little stars. However, suddenly she meditated again, thought for a moment and said, "But in this way, the intentional trace is too thick, doesn’t it show that we are guilty?" No way. Besides, if Haoranzong admits his mistake and apologizes, we still can’t stop communicating. "
Meng Qi listened to this, but he was a little stunned. He nodded his head underground and began to think again. Soon Meng Qi looked up and asked, "Is there any old guy in the clan who has a high seniority and high prestige, but has a strange temper and is angry with his six parents?" Well, anyway, it is one or two generations higher than the leader of Haoran Sect this time. "
Fang Ling-ling was puzzled when she saw Meng Qi suddenly ask this question, but she still said, "There are such people. Remember the elder Cheng who studied you before? He’s just like you said. But what do you want? " Meng Qi grinned when he heard that there was such a person and that he would never forget the old guy.
When Fang Ling Ling saw Meng Qi, she actually began to laugh. Just about to ask what, Meng Qi said, "Well, it’s good to have such a person! As long as we let the wind out first, saying that the fox is the old man’s favorite thing, and that the old man found out that she had been killed, let it out and avenge her. Well, this time, the wind should be fast and the action should be big. On the surface, you still pretend that you don’t know anything, and let the people below pretend that they have inquired about it themselves. Then, you will take Fox and me to identify people. After discovering the murderer, you will immediately call the old guy to beat them off guard. Hey, hey, even if they had taken precautions and sent those people back, we can still identify the murderer only if we find out who is missing and showing the portrait. And this contradiction will be transformed into the old guy, plus his old qualifications and high prestige, and Zongnei can’t do anything about him. And the old guy as long as the dead to tie up lousy dozen with them, if again in the case of the influence of this matter, hum, what nonsense communication, you can completely ignore, the most important thing is, although we have gone too far, but it is reasonable in hand. They have suffered a dull loss, and they have to admit that they are unlucky, hahahaha. "
Originally, Meng Qi didn’t think so deeply, but after what he said just now, Meng Qi was more inspired and more energetic. At last, I couldn’t help laughing and dancing. Didn’t find Fang Ling ghatpot to see his look very strange.
When Meng Qi returned to absolute being and found Fang Ling ghatpot looking at himself in a strange way, his heart was suddenly shocked and he knew that his performance was too shocking. A snake demon of the building foundation stage is equivalent to the first-class monster beast. Generally speaking, at this time, it has just started the soul wisdom. Moreover, Meng Qi’s ontology is not a spirit beast of heaven and earth.
Usually, he is just a heterogeneous person with abnormal spiritual intelligence. Now it seems that it is not so simple. Even thought of this kind of mean way, that is, helped the black emperor zong, and avenged himself. The key is that Elder Cheng will definitely agree to this plan for the sake of Zong Nei, and at this time Fang Lingling thought of the rescued little fox.
With this guy’s temperament, how could he risk saving a fox for no reason? Once this method is successfully implemented, the fox will surely be taken in by Zongnei. It seems that, hum, this matter needs to be well excavated for this guy. If it’s just a pet, it’s a waste. Well, at least it can be promoted to be his younger brother, haha.
Fang Ling twill more think more feel good, of course, both pets and younger brother, Meng Qi can’t run out of her big miss Wuzhishan. Besides, she doesn’t want such a fun, smart and pleasing pet to be caught and studied into something puzzling, well, at least before she gets tired of playing, hehe.
Just when Meng Qi was seen jumping about, Fang Ling Ling finally stopped looking at him and began to think about what needs to be done when this method is implemented. And Meng Qi also escaped, relieved. Look at Chinese Ling Ling, who was deep in thought, she asked in a low voice, "Well, if it’s all right, I’ll leave?"
When it comes to business, Fang Ling twill will no longer tease Meng Qi. Wave your hand and signal that Meng Qi can fuck off. She has to discuss it with Zongnei herself. In fact, this method may not be acceptable to those old guys, but she will talk about it anyway. After all, this method sounds really analog.
However, there are still many places that are not fully considered, but with such a shelf, if this method is really used next, the specific operation is still very convenient. Fang Ling twill thought like this, and came to the hall.
After Meng Qi went out, he quickly left this place. And then returned to the house at a faster speed. I was relieved when I returned to my nest. Although he was very excited at first, now he only feels a little tired. Looking at the sleeping fox around him, Meng Qi felt that his nest was a little small. I can barely hold myself and Fox. It seems that I have to find a spacious place.
Meng Qi still didn’t know that, because Fang Ling twill put forward that method in the discussion hall, there were a lot of monks who needed to look up at Meng Qi now. First, a few old fogies were very opposed to this method. But after all, it’s only a minority, probably burying his head in practice and making his head funny. But it won’t be long before they gradually understand that some things can’t be replaced by face.
Then, I began to discuss the specific implementation plan slowly. Some old guys here are much better than Meng Qijing. Meng Qi wants to die, but he has a general framework. These old things, holding each other, a huge plan is gradually produced. However, Meng Qi’s method has been changed beyond recognition, and only a faint shadow can be seen in it.
Speaking of this, I have to talk about the management system of the Black Emperor Sect. If a Sect wants to become a big school in the world, first of all, top monks are necessary. How the top monks in a Sect mean which rank the Sect belongs to.
However, it is not necessarily possible to manage a Sect well by practicing high. Moreover, they spend most of their time practicing and have little energy to manage these chores. Therefore, the management of a Sect is not the top monk in the Sect, but the disciples of three or even four generations.
These people are often cultivated. However, there is also a lot of free time. For example, it takes a chance to get from then to Yuanying, and you can’t just make a breakthrough through penance. Taking on the role of management can also be regarded as practicing after entering the WTO. However, if you cross this hurdle, you don’t have to play such a role. But not everyone will take it. It’s just that there are many people who are always suitable for this road.
There are also some who know that it is impossible to live in the elderly in further cases with their own qualifications. They often act as decision makers. These people are not the same as those in management just now. These are real high-ranking monks. And most of them are people who have served in the previous role, so it is handy to do this kind of thing. As long as there is no major event in the sky, they can completely manage the whole Sect. And it will hardly be hard. As long as the following people come up with ways, they will start to implement them if they feel that there is no problem. It is only those three or four generations of disciples who really suffer.
Chapter 13 New Love and Old Love
Just as Meng Qi was sleeping soundly, Fang Ling Ling Ling had come back from the magic temple (the general name of the hall of the Black Emperor Sect). And obviously with a smile on his face, it seems that he is in a good mood. I think there must be a solution.
Go straight to the front of Meng Qi’s nest, and for the first time, it is useless to directly remove Meng Qi with spells. Instead, he reached in and groped in Meng Qi’s nest. After a while, Fang Ling felt Meng Qi, and no matter where she touched it, she just ripped Meng Qi out.
Poor Meng Qi was sleeping soundly, so he was completely in a daze, and he died. Fang Ling Ling was really grasping Meng Qi’s tail. Therefore, Meng Qi was directly carried backwards. The most important thing is that Fang Ling Ling Ling saw that Meng Qi had not yet woken up, pinched her mouth and grabbed her tail directly.
"ah! ! ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "Meng Qi shrieks immediately spread more than ten miles away.
It’s really bad luck for Meng Qi to meet such an owner who doesn’t cherish pets. Looking at Fang Lingling in tears, Meng Qi couldn’t help cursing again: "I XX you OO, die!" In fact, Meng Qi would never do such a thing again if he was sober. But as everyone knows, I just woke up from sleep. Well, I’m always a little confused. Plus, Meng Qi’s relationship with Fang Ling Ling Ling has grown by leaps and bounds for a while. There would be no previous cautious.
However, as soon as the words were exported, Meng Qi woke up. However, this time Meng Qi decided to push hard. First of all, his relationship with Fang Lingling is already quite good, and he is also a pet and friend. Come again, this time, no matter what, I have done him a big favor, with Meng Qi’s understanding of this big lady. Fang Ling twill, not a reasonable person, even a kind person.
Of course, Meng Qi’s top ling ling is not an emotional struggle. Although it seems that Meng Qi was confused and angry at the moment, it is not the case. Meng Qi is also waiting for a chance to get closer to Fang Ling ling. If he only concentrates on being a pet, his relationship is almost the same now.
However, Meng Qike is not reconciled to this. What he wants is more trust, so that Fang Ling Ling can regard him as a bosom friend. If it is related to a certain degree, Meng Qi may be free. However, only kowtowing can never be really looked up to.
So, sometimes, Meng Qi must argue, so that Fang Lingling can change slowly from consciousness. This is a long-term plan, which cannot be completed for dozens or hundreds of years. However, it is almost impossible for Meng Qi to practice on his own to escape from Fang Ling’s clutches.
Not to mention Fang Ling ghatpot’s cultivation talent is higher than Meng Qi’s, and there is the whole Black Emperor Sect behind Fang Ling ghatpot, but he has nothing. Even if he is free, but without a backer, Meng Qi’s life may not be better than now.
Of course, you can also ask Meng Qi to find a mountain forest to hide and live in seclusion. But after the little fox incident, Meng Qi also understood that even if you don’t bother yourself, trouble will come to you.
But if you really want to find a deserted place with thin aura, no one may find him, but in this way, Meng Qi’s cultivation speed doesn’t know what will slow down. Moreover, Meng Qi’s ultimate goal is to be able to enter human social life. If you want him to stay alone in that hellhole for hundreds of years, it’s strange that he’s not crazy. Don’t forget, under this snake, there is a human soul.
Therefore, Meng Qi decided to change into a route. The first step is to have a good relationship with Miss Fang Da, and the better, the better. As good as it can be. As for the second step, it will be time for Meng Qi to break through the enlightenment. At that time, what Meng Qi wants to do is to mix in the Black Emperor Sect. Even if he can only be the most ordinary disciple, he is very handsome if he is well attended by a big lady. At that time, we can also have a single house. How nice it is to do whatever you want.
However, the key is to make Miss Fang not treat him as a pet, at least a very special pet. In fact, Meng Qi often whispers, if only Miss Fang Da were the kind of idiot woman who doesn’t care about the world. Three times five divided by two will scare her.
His requirements are not high, just let him help himself where he can. However, Miss Fang Da’s IQ may be much higher than Meng Qi’s. It’s good that Meng Qi doesn’t play around himself.
However, since things are already like this, Meng Qi can’t change it. However, Meng Qi still feels that it is quite a smooth road to go this way.
Then, as Meng Qi expected, Miss Fang’s face suddenly turned black. Meng Qi, however, pretended not to see it, mustered up courage and continued: "I have never seen such a savage girl like you. You are a woman at least. Don’t you know the word tenderness? If you go on like this, I think you will be an old nun all your life. No one dares to ask for it. "
At first, there was still some anger in Meng Qi’s words, but gradually it became rambling, as if he were really worried about Fang Ling’s lifelong happiness. And Fang Ling ghatpot also strange, Meng Qi said so, but her anger gradually disappeared. And, with a strange expression, it seems to be recalling something.
And Meng Qi saw Fang Ling twill reveal this expression, and stopped talking, as if he didn’t want to interrupt Fang Ling twill’s recollection. After a while, Fang Ling twill, Meng Qigang wanted to continue to say something, but he saw a strange smile on Fang Ling twill’s mouth. Knowing that things were not good, he just wanted to escape, but Fang Ling twill grabbed his tail again and turned the windmill.
Meng Qi that depressed ah, thought, this dead girl, is really hopeless. However, this time Fang Ling ling paid attention to her strength, and seemed to be just playing with Meng Qi. However, Meng Qi still felt dizzy and wanted to vomit, uh, oh …
Just when Meng Qi vomited, he suddenly found that the rotating world suddenly stopped turning like just now. At first glance, it turned out to be Fang Ling’s silk, but how did Meng Qi feel that it was still turning?
After a while, I finally recovered. Looking at Fang Ling ghatpot’s eyes is simply * * naked showing her flesh, drinking her blood, and ripping her bones. However, Fang Lingling directly ignored Meng Qi and asked, "Isn’t there a fox demon? Call it out and let me have a look. "