"It’s like you bought a Ferrari but you can get as much as 100 miles per hour. It’s really lang that a good engine can’t make it play its strongest state."

Dou Re-mei once again said that she had nothing to say about Qin Shaojie’s fallacy and didn’t know what to say.
It took a long time for Dou Re-mei to look at Qin Shaojie with a strange expression and say, "Do you have rice in your bag? Do you have eggs? "
When I heard Dou Re-mei’s words, Qin Shaojie gave a long cry. Even Dou Re-mei got a fright, but I was about to speak when I saw Qin Shaojie fumbling in the dry bag. Then a bag of rice and a box of eggs appeared in front of her eyes. But Qin Shaojie was still fumbling in the dry bag, as if there was something left out.
A moment later is the moment to truly witness the miracle.
"Bang" Rao is that Dou Re-mei has lived for so long and is used to the strong wind. lang is also stunned by the things in front of him.
At the moment, after Qin Shaojie took out rice and eggs, he even took out a series of kitchens with gas tanks, pans, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar.
"Ha ha" Qin Shaojie laughed and looked at a dull face. Dou Ruomei said, "It turns out that women are not all chests and brains. Thanks to your waking up, I really forgot that I still have this thing."
"Well, it’s good. The egg is still fresh." Qin Shaojie looked at the shelf life of the egg box and said, "Now you have the luck to eat. I’ll show you my cooking and make you a Qin’s home-cooked dish. It’s our old Qin family’s secret."
"What … what kind of food?" Dou Re-mei wait for a while asked her that she had an intuitive feeling that Qin Shaojie would definitely give her something unusual’ surprise’ again.
"Secret" Qin Shaojie blinked mysteriously. In Dou Re-mei’s already dull eyes, he pulled out a small pot of rice bags, caught a few rice in it, ran out for a moment and then ran back, but the rice in the pot had been cooked by Qin Shaojie somehow.
Then Qin Shaojie pounded up the pots and pans and gas tanks "tinkling" incessantly.
Dou Re-mei’s stupidity today is almost beyond the sum of her stupidity for so many years. The main reason is how this fellow does things. It is really difficult for normal people to understand and it is really unreliable.
Dou Re-mei lost his mind, but Qin Shaojie was busy. After a shovel pan crashed, Qin Shaojie came to Dou Re-mei with a plate.
"This … this is?" Dou Ruomei looked at the yellow and white things in the dish for a long time before she was uncertain and asked, "Scrambled eggs with rice?"
"You’re so clever," Qin Shaojie said with an eyebrow eye smile. "Come and try it. It’s my Qin family’s private kitchen. Most people don’t have a chance to eat it."
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Chapter 56 Before the chaos
The hall of the villa is almost crowded with people.
Qin Shaojie’s women or all the women with Qin Shaojie and Qin Shaojie’s parents are here. Everyone’s face is not very good, and the living room is also very quiet. The atmosphere is particularly strange.
"Mom, dad, sisters, say whatever you have." Finally, Ling Fangxian broke the silence and looked at all the people present and asked.
"Ahem" Qin Shaojie’s father Qin Huairen’s old comrade Qin is the oldest person in this villa. After coughing for two times, he said, "There are no outsiders here. You are all Shao Jie’s little confidante." Speaking of this old comrade Qin, he actually blushed a little and felt a burst of condescension for his son.
At this small time, I couldn’t make a fart after a few slaps. I don’t know what I hit, but I suddenly became obsessed with it. Not only did I get into Peking University, but I even had a girlfriend. What surprised Lao Qin was that this bastard even had his own teacher and the children were almost able to make soy sauce.
Hearing Qin Huairen’s words, several women all blushed.
Especially Xue Dan and Qiu Re’s little faces are as red as ripe apples. You should know that they are still big girls of yellow flowers. Qin Huairen is ashamed to say so.
Of course, they were classified as Qin Shaojie’s confidante by Qin Huairen, and they didn’t refute it. On the contrary, this is exactly what they hope.
Xue Dan will not say, except for the last layer of defense, which has not been broken by Qin Shaojie, it is already a woman of Qin Shaojie.
In autumn, Younger, who almost fell in love with Qin Shaojie at first sight, belongs to the kind of "have a wicked heart but no thief’s guts". He is concerned about Qin Shaojie but dare not express his expectation that Qin Shaojie will suddenly go crazy one day and then play a rogue on her, and then make uncooked rice into mature rice first, so that she can naturally follow her heart.
Looking at several women with different expressions and low heads, Qin Huairen sighed and said, "I know that my little job is really too much."
Qin Huairen got up and bowed to several women and said, "I’ll apologize to you for him and thank you for your kindness to Shao Jie."
"Dad, what are you doing?" Ling Fang hurriedly lifted Qin Huairen and said, "Shao Jie is a caring person. We all value him and will be with him."
"Yes, dad, this can not be" said Xiao-hui Yi with her daughter in her arms.
Looking around at all the girls in front of him, Qin Huairen said, "I know you are all good girls, and everyone is married, but now Shao Jie is missing and there is no news. What can I do?"
"Dad, don’t worry, Shao Jie will be fine." Although Ling Fang felt bad in her heart, she persuaded, "Maybe he was delayed by something and will be back soon."
When this was said, everyone fell silent again.
Everyone knows that Lingfang’s words are comforting everyone, even if Lingfang herself has no confidence in her words.
But this time everyone got together because of Qin Shaojie.
Seeing that the Chinese New Year is coming soon, Qin Shaojie has been missing for more than a month, which is nothing before.
Before Qin Shao Jie even went to do anything, it was as little as three or two days or more than a week, but at least he would call back to contact his family halfway, but this time there was something unexpected
Ling Fang also went to Yuyang Yuyang and told her that Qin Shaojie’s northern ghost war was to find the Suzaku, and he knew nothing else.
But they waited for more than a month and there was no news from Qin Shaojie, which made everyone sit still.
Regardless of Qin Shaojie’s status as a yogi, he is also the backbone of this family. Now that Qin Shaojie is missing, all the women are a little flustered, but they are not far from Qin Shaojie’s mind.
"Why don’t you …"
"Dad, don’t say that." Lingfang seemed to know what Qin Huairen wanted to say and immediately interrupted him and said, "We are all the same about Shao Jie. We are all waiting for him now."
"We’ll wait for him for uncle" Xue Dan also hurriedly said to Qin Shaojie, and all the women expressed their opinions one after another, saying that they would have to wait for Qin Shaojie to come back.
"What are your orders, my Lord?"
In a cave, Elder Nakata came in and said respectfully to the clown who was looking at the wall and didn’t know what was going on.