Zuo Tangtang …

Ok … Look at Pikaqiu and get a lot of potholes. Don’t be angry. Zuo Tangtang scratched his head. Although she can understand something about this colonel …
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters … Wrong. Why do you want to take part in this battle?
Being dizzy by Pikachu’s nonsense, Zuo Tangtang still found the key accurately and could not help but ask.
[private chat] pig’s trotters stew. shouldn’t you be well-behaved How could this happen?
Perhaps the word "behave yourself" deeply hurt Pikachu’s sensitive heart, and a lot of Bala Bala suddenly flooded Zuo Tangtang’s chat box.
Holding his forehead and breathing deeply, I don’t think I turned my eyes. Zuo Tangtang calmed down when he faced Pikachu. He glanced at it quickly and generally because everyone in the black wind village can fight and be old! If he continues to restrict his freedom of life all the time, he will definitely switch to being a poison master and poison everyone …
There is also a string of whining Zuo Tangtang who automatically gave the news and didn’t look back directly. The team still refreshed the information box and carefully directed Zuo Tangtang to pause and leave.
The pig’s trotters stewed away from the team.
This little show didn’t cause everyone to care about it. Immersed in the command box was also confused, so they turned their attention to the battle again.
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew cats?
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew cats? Are you online?
After waiting for two minutes, the message came back, but the hasty tone really showed that there were a lot of things that Cat Ear Niang needed to sort out at hand.
[Private chat] Cat Ear Niang is surprised/hoofed! Why are you still in Chengdu? !
The same tone made Zuo Tangtang Sensen wonder whether the goods had entered the phase of killing Pikachu.
The first sentence is to see where she is? !
Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but lift the table.
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Niang hoof hoof, come out of Chengdu at once and go anywhere in a daze. Farming is really not good. I’ll buy you a hoe to cut down trees!
Zuo Tangtang …
Buy a hoe to cut down trees?
Zuo Tangtang was directly choked by this trance-like dialogue, and her attitude of putting her aside as something casually made her almost explode.
But even so, she still wants to ask her own questions. After all, she still knows what is important and what is the priority.
[Private chat] Do you know where Pikachu and the box went?
I asked carefully if I wanted to go to Zuo Tangtang, but I still didn’t say it directly. Although we are all friends, we spit at each other and curse each other. It has long been a common practice for every Han in Heifeng Village, but even so, I have been worried about this series of things recently, and my temper is too much. Sometimes Zuo Tangtang also knows that if I say two lines of Pikachu, it will be not good if it happens to hit the gun.
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Box and Pikachu?
Cat Ear Niang looked at the negative buff in her body while dropping blood and asked without thinking.
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters …
After waiting for a long time, there was no news to continue to bounce into Zuo Tangtang. Finally, it was determined that the cat ear Niang really took a rhetorical question as an answer to her.
This ya perfunctory also can’t like this!
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Niang Oh!
Just as Zuo Tangtang was about to give up these things, the words of Cat Ear Niang followed, and a tone of sudden realization made Zuo Tangtang also exert himself to be busy. What reason is there to be angry? Bear with it.
[Private chat] Cat Ear Niang hoof hoof! What do you want with them?
Cat ear niang continued.
[Private Chat] They seem to be fighting in Suzhou. If you want to play with them, you might as well come to me. I’m in Yanyu Villa!
[Private Chat] Maoerniang Yanyu Villa has fewer enemies. You can come and collect your head! I take care of you!
With a tone that her hand is broken and she has never been famous, she can now satisfy her wish. After speaking, she didn’t feel anything wrong, and she didn’t know that Zuo Tangtang was surprised at this time.
[357] Chapter three hundred and fifty In muddy water]
Zuo Tangtang felt himself caught in a strange contradiction.
I have been arguing in my heart and firmly believing that the conclusion was suddenly overturned at this moment. This kind of feeling like everyone has emotions also happened to Zuo Tangtang. However, she did not have more energy to surprise and sigh, but fell into meditation.
Is there anything wrong with her?
Zuo Tangtang lowered his head and looked at it slightly.
Even Su Orange doesn’t know her little habits. Sometimes Zuo Tangtang can be particularly stubborn in thinking about small things for a long time. Perhaps this is a kind of pride that has been cultivated since childhood. Even Zuo Tangtang has never noticed it-he will not doubt that he believes that he is right after several proofs. If he is wrong, his first reaction will be to think about his own reasons.
As the saying goes, where there are clouds and people, there are rivers and lakes.
Jianghu will never be at peace.
One monk carries water to drink, two monks carry water to drink, and three monks have no water to drink. These simple and straightforward words are familiar to almost everyone, but the truth contained in them can be seen by anyone.
It’s even worse for three people. What’s going on here every day?
Face-to-face struggle, private slander and immobile calculation can be seen everywhere in this populated place, but just as the best solution to solve the contradiction is to place a common foreign enemy to fight across sects.
On how many times we have been unhappy with each other, on how to look down on each other on weekdays, at this moment of participation, everyone quietly put away their sharp minions and mutual enemies’ gangs, but they became smiling in an instant, and their attitude would not be noticed by people.