Moer saw that expression and froze her hand. I couldn’t help but pinch it. It felt good!

"Well, the skin is good, the figure is good, and the appearance is good." Moer commented.
"Moer" is very shy. Look at that hand. No one has pinched it yet (dare not? You can pinch it if you want to go to hell)
"eh? What a swollen bird! I can’t be a model. "Mo Er looks at Yin and thinks that ready-made models can’t be found all the time. (No one in the class has lunch.)
"Model?" Hidden corners of the mouth twitch. It seems that only this little girl dares to say it.
"Yes, yes, where can I find such a good model as you? Well, if not, I can find Lai!" Moer suddenly thought of Lai’s being hidden next to the children.
"Lai is Yi Lai" hides anger and rises.
"Hey, how do you know?" MoEr curious blink eyes.
"Moer, do you know him?" I heard Moer scream so affectionately, and my heart was stuffy.
"Yeah, yeah, he’s so pathetic. Hee hee sometimes goes to see him." Moer said it without thinking, but didn’t notice a jealous face.
"Mo Er is not allowed to see him, not all men," said Yin Super Overbearing.
"Hmm, what?" Asked MoEr idiot (suddenly a cold wind came)
"If you can’t do it, you can’t do it." I thought to myself that you are really touching other men.
"Big deal to go together" MoEr said.
"No" was rejected. Moer pouted and continued.
"Yes," MoEr asked.
"Then I’ll be your model, but don’t go." Someone should be = =
"Well that is my model! !” Moer smiled.
Someone feels that he has been set up.
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[Exclusive ★] 1: School Flower Trial!
the same day
"In the first round of the noodle school flower contest, please show your strengths," said a host, Grey Chang calmly.
"Is Moer ready?" Angela, the viewer is slightly nervous.
"Well, angela, come on!" Moer Zhan Yan smiled and that smile was dazzling.
"I will" angela also smiled.
So little by little, I finally arrived at the lovely little white.
The host of "Xia Mo’s performance now" calmly said that the horse had gone.
"Well, hello, everyone. My name is Xia Mo, and I want to perform the piano." Moer bowed slightly and sat on the stool gracefully. Today, she wore a light blue skirt and a bow at her waist. It’s simple and elegant. It’s best to look at Moer and those pink eyes and pupils. They are sparkling and beautiful! There was also a moment of absence after seeing it.
"How beautiful!" A boy froze.
"Yes, it’s beautiful." Stay there, ing.
The boys in the field are boiling, and the cold light flashes to shut up (awesome! ! I can, but no one will give a shit about me a)
Moer smiled and didn’t say anything about playing the piano. dila next to her was so angry.
The beautiful sound slowly entered everyone’s ears and they were intoxicated, and the judges were no exception.
At the end of the song, there was silence until a’ mental derangement’ suddenly swelled up, and the paws rang. Wave after wave did not stop. Is it necessary to be so excited that Moer’s mouth twitched severely?
The host of "Well, Miss dila is now invited to perform" has not seen such a terrible scene for a long time, which is a bit unsettled (cat’s paw)
"Hello, I’m dila, and I’m going to perform ballet." After that, someone jumped up without bowing.
Although it is beautiful, the judges all know that there is no real dance. Real dance has soul and people must like it very much and work hard.
After the jump, some people applauded, but it was not as loud as Moer, and dila’s anger increased a lot.
It was not until all the people in the department finished performing that the host said, "Every year is different after the first round of competition. This year, we are looking for a model to wear the designer’s clothes, and whoever designs perfectly will win. There is also an additional condition to photograph two people smiling in the three cold kings" (The three cold kings are hidden, and one will be announced later)
After hearing this, I want to spray blood, and two of the three are laughing. Why can I ignore you? It’s better to let me go to shit! When you want to do something, Moer’s mouth twitches, and you will know that it is not simple.
"Will it be difficult to hide those three people? What should I do?" Moer was distressed to see that the one opposite was one of them.
"Moer doesn’t know those three people?" Hidden looking at a face of distress MoEr is a bit funny.
Moer koo shook his head and looked at Cain piteously.
"Hey, I’m the one."
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[Exclusive★] 13 In progress
"What is hidden from you?" MoEr surprised to see hidden.
"Yes," Yin looked at MoEr very nai.
"Who are the other two?" Moer curious to ask