Hum, it’s stupid to clip me with a stick. Keeping my ten fingers is bloody evidence

And I want to torture the queen mother, of course, and I want her to die, and I can’t testify against me
Medical skill is a high method, which can not only save people but also kill people, and even more wonderfully, it can torture people.
I deliberately pulled out a cold silver needle in front of the queen mother.
Looking at her eyes, from surprise to horror, physical pain may not be higher than spirit.
To torture the queen mother happily, we must first psychologically crush her, make her feel afraid, and let her, a woman who is used to controlling other people’s lives, realize that resistance can’t taste. That is the biggest torture for her.
"Do you want to acupuncture Ai Jia?" The queen mother’s eyes were fixed on my hand with a long needle face, Bai Rushuang.
Finally lost that arrogant and vicious strong woman momentum.
I TanTan hand a face of the so-called "don’t you want to ask me what to do? I didn’t want to do anything either. I think the queen mother’s face is yellow, yin deficiency and fire are flourishing, which means that she is physically ill. Of course, I want the queen mother to make a good diagnosis and treatment. Let’s have an acupuncture treatment first! "
I looked at my swollen radish hand again, slightly worried and said, "Actually, I usually have a good stitch, but if you clip my finger into a radish head, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to ensure the acupuncture point, but there is no need to stab it more than once. I am very patient."
The queen mother shook her voice in horror and roared, "Don’t you dare to mess around and mourn for your family."
I sneer at "Queen Mother, you don’t threaten me, even if I don’t do anything, you never want to let me go, and I will worry. It is better to get revenge now. After all, reciprocity is a virtue."
I threw the queen mother on the bed and lifted the clothes behind her.
The old witch’s skin is well maintained, although it is slightly loose, but it is still very delicate and smooth.
I stabbed her back with needle after needle, because the silver needle was thin, the hair was sharp and long, and I pulled it out quickly.
Acupuncture is not very painful, but if it doesn’t hit the acupoint, the pain will be different.
My needles deviate from the acupoints, which naturally adds to the pain.
It’s only a while before the queen mother gnashes her teeth in pain. It’s really a pampered woman. I can’t stand this pain. My killer hasn’t come out yet
I sarcastically said to her, "Does the Queen Mother know what punishment is the most painful? What’s a cudgel? Since you like lynching people so much, I’ll let you taste lynching today. You killed so many people and caused many people to ruin their lives. After death, hell is too cheap. Why don’t you experience what hell is today before you hurt others? "
"You’d better kill Ai Jia today or let Ai Jia live. You’ll know what life is worse than death." The Queen Mother shot bitterness in her eyes and gritted her teeth to devour me.
"Before that, I, Wang Chaoyan, let you know what life is worse than death." I touched a needle and inserted it into an acupoint on her back by mistake.
"It doesn’t hurt, does it? But then you have to hold back. If some acupuncture points are used at the same time, that kind of pain is what insects eat into the bones and internal organs, as if they were bitten by insects."
I pulled out another needle and flashed it into an acupoint of her foot.
"Ah!" The Queen Mother couldn’t resist the sudden pain and shouted. I immediately ordered her dumb hole so that she couldn’t call it out.
If you want revenge, you should let your enemy remember it deeply and never forget it. That will make her afraid from the heart and dare not do anything wrong again.
I gently twisted the silver needle and repeatedly pressed her two acupoints.
I don’t know how severe this pain is, but I know from the expression of the queen mother that it is extreme torture.
Her eyes almost popped out of her eyes, her face was horribly twisted, her lips trembled into a cold sweat and her clothes were soaked.
I quickly glanced at the queen mother, who was so guilty that she died, but it was just that I couldn’t bear to see her in this situation. It seems that my heart is not hard enough
Forget it. Even a second of this pain will be unforgettable enough for her. I’ll let her go for the time being.