But if you look left and right, you just can’t see anyone.

Nai two people have to decide to return to the inn to find another way.
"Has this brother ever seen the man in the painting?"
Yun Yong just turned to go back in the direction of coming, but suddenly a portrait appeared in front of him.
He looked up in front of him with a surprised look. The man wore a hat-like gauze and hung around. At this moment, some elegance and extraordinary faces were raised by the oncoming wind.
It exudes the temperament of Taoist spirits.
Looking at Xuanyi intently, I glanced at the vivid and enchanting woman in the painting.
He thought for a moment and then shook his head and said, "Never seen it."
"Let me see" Yunyong probe frowned in the past "I don’t know"
The man took back the portrait, and the sound seemed light. "Really? Excuse me two. "
The man dressed in white is like a fairy, and he continues to ask passers-by about the man in the painting.
From sylphy looked at the man again and finally turned around and turned into the corner with Yunyong.
"Listen to Xiao Er’s saying that there is a bag shop in the harbor that tastes delicious. Let’s buy some back." From Yun Qing’s outstanding charm, he handed the packed things to Bai Liyi.
"Good" thyme Yi smiled until she didn’t resist.
"Has this girl seen the person in the painting?"
Just ask YunYong male suddenly blocked two people way clear asked.
From yun-ching turned a look at the miniature pupil and narrowed his eyes and looked at it. He smelled like an inaccessible man.
I thought to myself, isn’t that her in this painting?
Then what is this man and her? Chapter 97 The return of an old friend ()
Thinking of this, Yun Qing smiled and looked at the man and asked, "I wonder who she is?"
The male painter said slowly, "She is my school sister named Mo Xian. When I heard that someone in Jingzhou had seen her, I found her."
Thyme Yi turned her head and saw a smile on the lips of the man in the painting. "It seems that God will treat you well and give you a pie!" ?”
Li Yunqing gave Bai Liyi a supercilious look, but he secretly cheered!
It turns out that … Her name is Mo Xian.
Yun Yong, as he turned into the corner from Xuanyi, was caught in a collision. The woman coming right against the face.
"ouch!" Female feminine shouted off her handkerchief.
From Xuan Yiwen, she quickly picked up the woman who fell to the ground and said, "Is the girl okay?"
I want to denounce, but when I see the elegance in front of me, I am charming and say, "Thank you for your concern."
From sylphy leng a loose hold female arm hand.
Yunyong bent down to pick up Pa and smiled apologetically. "Don’t be offended if you bump into a girl!"
I was puzzled when I saw the face in front of me, and I stared at people for a long time.
Sound took the handkerchief to detect YunYong sight face a red yan mouth smile "GongYanChong! My daughter still has to leave in advance. "
Then he turned the corner with small steps.
It was not until people left Xuanyi that they gently coughed, "Don’t look at it when people go far."
Maybe YunYong saw which woman?
Cloud chung during a new enlightenment "yi? Isn’t she the person in the painting? "
Tea house side
From Yun Qing’s eyebrows, she said slowly, "Isn’t she the goddess of nine days in Jingzhou prefecture?"
Male a lag "thank you two"
Although the tone is emotionless, I can also hear his joy.
"hey! And so on ….. "From yun-ching to stop wanting to leave the man.
The man immediately turned around and didn’t talk.
"You owe me a favor, but will you have to pay it back in the future?" From the soft audio-visual songs of Yun Qing, the movement is generally soft and refreshing, which makes it easy to relax.
"If you are kind, you will be rewarded!" The man said simply, "I don’t know what the girl is called?"
A moment after Yun Qing thought about it, people rushed to answer "She said she smiled" earlier.
The wind raised the hanging veils faintly from Yun Qing and saw the male corners of the mouth evoked a cold smile.