Hum, Li Yi, you are a normal person who can’t be normal. Unless you directly change a person with abnormal IQ at this moment, you can’t guess my question at all. Just wait and promise me the conditions!

"Well, although it’s a little unfair to me, who am I, Li Yi? This little unfairness is like floating clouds in my eyes. I resolutely agreed," Li Yi said
"Well, Li Yi, we agreed that you can’t keep your word!" Lin Keer said.
"Yes, yes, yes, I am the most trustworthy. I have kept this sentence for many years," Li Yi said
"Bah, bah, a whip is really * *!" Lin Keer’s little face is red again.
"Well, if I were * *, can you still be so intact in front of me now? Would have let me in the * * "Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said.
"Bah Bah really * * I won’t talk to you about these problems anymore," said Lin Keer, who shook his head decisively.
"Well, forget it. Tell me something quickly. Let me guess. I’m afraid I really can’t help it for a while and then accidentally put you on * *" Li Yi said and made a very * * gesture.
"Oh, don’t" Lin Keer directly hugged his little breast.
"The more I see the more * * Chloe, the more I can’t help it." Li Yi said and walked away.
"Well, do you know what I came here for?" Lin Keer directly took three steps back and said
"Cutting a timid girl is just a joke with you to see how scared you are. Am I the kind of boy who has no concentration? This incident also exposes a problem. Chloe, you don’t believe me fully!" Li Yi skimming the pie mouth some don’t want to say
"You’re joking with me, and I’m joking with you. Please guess quickly!" Lin Keer said.
To tell the truth, Lin Keer was really not afraid just now. What is there to be afraid of? He and Li Yi are both boyfriends and girlfriends anyway, and he will give himself to Li Yi one day.
"I guess you want to come and have fun with me," Li Yi said with a smile.
"No, no, you lose. Remember, you have to promise me a request," Lin Keer said.
"That what this time is not a joke?" Li Yi decisively played a shameful life, which means this time is not.
"Well, forget it this time, but you have a chance this time." Lin Keer decided to bicker with Li Yi 120% and fail. He might as well be a little more atmospheric and let Li Yi do it directly this time.
"Well, Chloe is still * good? Then I have to think about it for a direct guess to let you spend more time with me." Li Yixiao said.
"Well, guess, but for a minute, if you stay like this, maybe I’ll still be here with you!"
"Hey, Keer said, did you run over and want to get my key?" Li Yi smiled and asked
"Er" Lin Keer didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"Haha, I guessed right. Come and play with me!" Li Yi wanted to laugh. I didn’t expect it. I just got caught in the ass by this key. I suddenly thought of such a thing. I didn’t expect it to be true.
"Li Yi congratulations, you guessed wrong. Actually, this time I just came to see if you were sad. Look at the fact that Qianji is a little heron’s sister who lives in the same room with you. Now Little Heron’s sister is no longer in trouble and will be a little lost. I’ll come and see and give you some necessary warmth." Lin Keer said clearly!
"really?" Li Yi decisively disbelieved and gave himself some necessary warmth? Then why not hug yourself?
"That can be false! It’s so sad that people are kind enough to come and see you, and you don’t appreciate it. "Lin Keer stamped her feet hard and said.
"Well, I was wrong this time. I admit my mistake voluntarily, but Chloe, didn’t you come and give me some necessary warmth? Can you give it?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Well, in view of the fact that the young lady came in and found that Li Yigen was not left out in the cold, let’s wait until you are left out in the cold!" Lin Keer said.
"Come on, Chloe, look at me. I’m left out now. How can you give me some warmth to feel the vitality of nature?" Li Yi looked at Lin Keer piteously and said.
"Li Yi has to say that it is not spring now, but winter, and there will be no vitality." Lin Keer shook his head and said.
"Should I have the key?" Lin Keer asked.
"Hey, I got nothing and got a key, cheat people!" Li Yi couldn’t help feeling
I was scared to death. I came here this time. I remember that Li Yi was not so clever. Before the game, I didn’t understand what was going on. Now, is it that people broke out and guessed it directly? Fortunately, the young lady is quick to react and add her own clever little brain, or she will have to sleep with Li Yi.
Although it is also a good choice to accompany Li Yi, it is very important to sleep with girls!
In this way, this room once again became Li Yi’s own world.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Peeping
"Hey, old man, can you tell me if I’m a bit back?" Li Yi is very resistant to talking to his old man.
"Smelly little have to say that your IQ is really … hey!"
"Hey, hey, old man, can you finish talking? Is my IQ high or something?" Li Yi asked
"Your IQ should really be honed. It’s too low. It’s obvious that you have been fooled by this little girl Lin Keer." Very Nai said.
"The old man how can I let Lin Keer to play? What else is there to say that my IQ is low? " Li Yi is really not white at the moment.
"Actually, stinky, sometimes your IQ is quite high, but sometimes your IQ is just like that of a neurotic patient. It’s like that brain-dead patient, and the basic IQ is half or none at all."
"I can’t help it. Is my IQ really that weak sometimes?" At the moment, Li Yi doesn’t believe that his IQ is so abnormal.
"I really have you to see if you have just been fooled by Lin Keer and you don’t feel anything at all. Tell me if there is something wrong with your IQ?" Have a little hate iron not to produce.
"Well, I still haven’t reacted, old man. Why don’t you tell me!" Li Yi’s brain cells are almost killing himself, but I just didn’t think of anything.
"It’s really stupid! Look at her and let you guess what she is doing here. This said that she can say what she is doing here at will. You can’t guess what she is doing. "The words made Li Yi suddenly realize that she was really close to being played.
"Oh, my poor key, so I accidentally gave it to someone for my evening welfare!" Li Yi almost didn’t cry with a pillow directly.
"Smelly little boy, look at you. You have a lot of keys on you. There is one on the right and one on the left. Did you give it wrong?" I really admire Li Yi.
"I see! The amount seems to be really wrong. I gave out the key to my security door, "said Li Yi, picking up a key.
"God helps smelly little ah, you can go in and peep for a while, so I won’t bother you." After that, I ran away directly.
"Hey, hey, what do you mean by voyeurism? I call it looking at my girlfriend fair and square. It’s strange that the old man didn’t come out to let me practice today, but I wonder how a good boy like me can need someone to watch him practice!"
Moonlight spilled on the sofa in the living room, making it look particularly beautiful.
"Ah, it’s a good show." Li Yi didn’t open her eyes for a long time.
Through the moonlight in the living room, Li Yi clearly saw where there was something and where there was nothing, so that Chloe wouldn’t find it by stepping on something.
"Holy shit, there’s a banana peel here. It’s a sign of death!" Li Yi couldn’t help but sigh
"Oh, I’m smart enough to put so many things in his ya. If it weren’t for the bright moonlight, I might be directly injured and go back to my room." Li Yi looked at the piles of bottles and banana peels behind him.
"I really don’t know where Chloe found so many banana peels. Forget it. This is not the main problem. The main problem is that you can look at those chubby and charming bodies in vain." Now Li Yi is purely a pig brother