Li Feiyang nodded and said, "Thank you for your help. I will help you defeat the magic statue and report it again today."

Yandi nodded. "It’s good that we can kill the magic statue out of here. No matter what you want to do, I Yan Di."
Li Feiyang asked curiously, "What do you want to kill the magic statue? And "who are you?" "
Yan Di said with a straight face, "Because" I want to be the new magic statue, and I am another reason why his hand magic will kill him, and I don’t want to tell you. "
"Well, then I don’t ask. Do you know what the magic statue’s weakness is? Or "How can we kill him? "
Emperor Yan shook his head and said, "I don’t know how to kill him. I’ve never heard of anyone in the celestial world being killed."
Li Feiyang showed indecision. "No? What should I do? " "Nothing doesn’t mean that you are not in the celestial world for hundreds of millions of years, and you don’t know how many damn places you have died. We have a choice, and that is war!" Emperor Yan firmly said this sentence with a tight sword in his hand. "When he comes, I believe that I will die, too. Today, it’s either him or me. If you want to live, go ahead!"
Booming heart!
The earth trembles violently, and the dust rises to the sky, and it explodes hundreds of feet high, like a fountain spouting from the ground. The light flashes in the sky, and the whole world is shaking all the time. A mountain rain is coming, and the atmosphere is full of the sand on the surface of the whole world, and black magic gas is pouring out crazily.
Suddenly, the sky was thickly dotted with flashes, and the crazy bombardment stirred up pieces of smoke and dust on the earth. The flashes were like living, winding towards Li Feiyang and Yan Di, and Yan Di had a low drink. Suddenly, a purple curtain appeared and wrapped them together.
Lightning strike caused waves of ripples in the tent. Emperor Yan looked somberly and secretly transported the capability. The tent suddenly doubled in thickness, and finally stabilized and blocked Lei Zhen from the outside.
Deep in the ground, there was a dull sound, and it seemed that something huge was drilling out of the deep underground, and the whole ground fluctuated violently.
"He’s crazy. Try your best. Be careful!" Yan emperor face now ferocious color roar a way
The earthquake shook the sky, and it was dark. A thunder struck hard on the ground and immediately made a small pit with a depth of about 100 feet. Then it flashed and struck crazily on the earth, and then a huge mound was quickly arched from the center of these potholes at a distance of 1,000 feet from Li Feiyang and other people. The mound was expanding, and the dust nearby was attracted by a great force and gathered crazily towards the mound like running water.
The mound rose higher and higher until hundreds of feet suddenly exploded like an inflated balloon, and the dust was scattered and scattered, forming a strong dust whirlwind. In that whirlwind, a person appeared.
The magic statue stands in the center, and there is a thick layer of black gas, and the earth keeps pouring out. The earth-gray earth essence is attached to the magic statue to form a suit of armor, which is evil and earthy, and it is also mixed with a hint of red blood.
When Fu appeared, he came with a strong and heavy atmosphere to make Yan Di Li Feiyang feel restless.
A crisp sound of gold and iron rings, and a long knife with strange patterns and runes engraved with blood color pops up from the palm of the magic statue. The blood color blade appears more horrible in the dark world than in the dark world. In the middle of the blade, a dense magic gas spreads towards the tip of the knife. In the past, the magic statue shakes a breath of Xiao killing, and the center of the magic statue impacts in all directions, and the magic knife makes a clear roar as if it is clamoring for an excited bloodthirsty feeling.
Shoulder armor, a long black cloak stretched out and fluttered in the wind and cloud.
Magic statue, step body armor as he moves out of the harsh click.
When the magic statue stepped with such strength, the armor still clanged, which shows that this armor should be so heavy.
Walking out of the smoke and dust all over the sky, I gradually saw this form, including Yan Di, who took a gasp when they were together.
The whole body is black and blue, and the forehead is blue, and the gold lines are flashing with harsh glow, and the red corners are flashing with breathtaking light.
The naked body outside the armor is also a dark blue magic statue. At this time, the whole person seems to be from hell, and the spectre with a horrible smell makes people stare at it.
The veins stood out in his hands, and there was a faint scarlet. His arms were thick and sturdy, and it looked like two muscles were knotted together, and the muscles were wriggling violently, as if something was struggling in the flesh and blood.
Hands and claws flashing cold light, stepping on a mass of dense red light, reflecting his dark blue body with a blush, the more bizarre and horrible it seems.
Unabashed puffed up domineering and crazy tyrannical breath mixed together like a mountain towards the two people almost let them breathe.
The magic statue moves towards them step by step, and the pressure of expansion becomes more and more vigorous.
Yan Di’s forehead exuded a little sweat, and some people couldn’t believe it. "He, he actually broke through to that level." I didn’t expect that. "
Chapter 234 O Human-God
Chapter 235 eyeing up
The flood gradually subsided and all the surrounding scenery returned to its original state, which disappeared strangely. At this time, Li Feiyang and Yan Di stood in the front battlefield of the holy witch country.
The magic statue’s body fell in front of the two people, and there was no vitality. His eyes looked at the sky as if telling him that he was unwilling.
A little halo appeared from the magic statue, and his body became fast and the streamer dissipated in the wind.
When the celestial world is completely erased, it will be completely lost. Maybe one or two percent of the tens of millions of streamers will be lucky enough to enter reincarnation and give birth to new life. Maybe there will be a chance to practice from scratch and become immortal again. But even so, the newly born life is no longer a magic statue.
The magic statue is gone forever.
Li Feiyang looked up and looked at the fields. Emperor Yan stood in his side eyes with awe and respect.
Tens of thousands of monks stood motionless in the fields and quietly watched Li Feiyang as if waiting for Li Feiyang to say something.
In fact, it is not that the monks present are obedient, but that each of them is firmly locked by Li Feiyang’s gods. It feels like being stared at by a python. If you make a slight change, you will be killed by a python immediately.
Li Feiyang’s strength has exceeded the current world rules, even if it is an idea, mental movement has great poverty power for these mortals.
Looking at Li Feiyang and Yan Di’s body, I feel that it almost covers the momentum of heaven and earth. Everyone hesitates and fears and looks at it with disguised terms.
They have understood everything in the dialogue between the former magic statue and Li Feiyang. Li Feiyang left the palace for the first world war, and he has already soared to immortality. This time, he is an immortal.
From ancient times to modern times, how many practitioners ask for immortality? Immortals are common, but few immortals come to earth.
They didn’t expect to see the immortal so openly, but they witnessed a fairy war.
What makes them feel even more incredible is that the so-called celestial world should have a devil!
The magic statue fiend’s various names and facts have subverted all the cognition of these mortals. In addition to their surprise and deep doubts, Li Feiyang looked at the people who were close to kao and gradually took a deep breath and calmly said, "Who wants to soar to immortality? I can help you. "
Don’t wait to hear these words, the monks responded. Li Feiyang continued to talk about it.
He told all the truth of the celestial world, including the whole celestial world. There is a bigger HarmonyOS outside, and the creatures in HarmonyOS controlled the entry and exit, limiting the creatures in the wilderness here and being forced to meet them. The Ministry of Facts said it
Li Feiyang’s plan is that since he has decided to enter HarmonyOS in the wild, he must unify the wild as soon as possible. The first step to do this is, of course, to establish his own team. If he wants to do it step by step, he must inform these monks of this fact and then take them into the wild.
After Li Feiyang finished, including Yingren, a face of shock and disbelief at Li Feiyang in silence.
There are many people who don’t quite believe Li Feiyang’s words, but Yan Di once again stated that Li Feiyang’s words were true after a short silence.
Even if I don’t want to believe it in my heart, I have to believe it.
Everyone’s heart sank deeply.
The cultivation way is illusory, obscure and difficult for hundreds of years, which is the ultimate goal pursued by almost every monk. However, at this moment, some people tell them that immortality is a process that they still need to repeat and be like people even when they arrive in the celestial world. From the beginning, there will be no difficulties, dangers and dangers, and they may die at any time. Even if they reach the extreme of the celestial world, they are just struggling in a bigger box. There is a wider world out there, eyeing them and planning to destroy them as soon as they have the chance!
Isn’t it a big joke that they try their best to pursue everything?
So what if it’s immortal? Isn’t the life you continue fighting and killing forever?
Then what is the significance of these shemale and all kinds of other creatures?
It’s like the sudden collapse of faith, and everyone feels desperate, so desperate that there is no hope or retreat.
"Don’t mind lost! Even if the destiny cannot be violated, it is necessary to change the fate of others! Even if you don’t think about it yourself, you must let your grandchildren win a chance! "
Li Feiyang saw that the people hesitated and immediately drank a big drink. This shaking day buzzed like a thunderbolt. All the monks immediately woke up with a shock. After a slight hesitation, someone shouted, "I am obedient! Fight our way into HarmonyOS! Change your life against the sky! "
"yes! Only the fairy is obedient! " Tens of thousands of monks drank a lot and broke a shocking roar.