Nine eyes stare like two bells. "My darling guild token!"

"What? !” They smell speech by surprise "guild token? True or false? !”
"I still lie to you, don’t believe me!" Jiuchong handed the guild token to all.
Daughters are delighted to see it. "Wow, that’s great. It’s a guild token! With it, we can establish a guild and it is the first guild in Huaxia District! "
Finally, the token came into Shen Yue’s hands. Shen Yue looked at the guild token in his hand and said faintly, "… This is really an unexpected surprise!"
Jiuchong said, "But it seems that you are not surprised by this surprise!"
Shen Yue looked at Jiuzhong and said, "It’s really a surprise to say that this bank token is a gift, but if you want it to establish the first bank conversation in Huaxia District … it’s a pity that you are overqualified!"
"What’s the solution?"
"Want to listen to? !”
"Why do you ask if you don’t want to hear me?"
Shen Yue said, "It doesn’t really make much sense whether the guild is the first one. At the beginning, it will attract many players to join. However, with the development of the game, new guilds will rise one after another, so players who join our guild in advance may still jump ship and join other guilds. As a result, the advantages brought by the’ first guild’ will swing, and then this’ first token’ will become a token that will appear one after another. It’s just an ordinary token to establish a guild! Lost its due value! "
Jiuzhong recognized the final meaning that Shen Yue wanted to express and directly said it for her. "So … we should sell this card while it is in demand, make a fortune, and change it into real money when it is valuable, so we won’t be afraid that it will lose its due value? !”
Shen Yue’s eyes flashed a little surprised. "… you are not stupid!"
"I’m not stupid when I come!" Jiuzhong took the guild token from Shen Yue. "That’s what I thought. Since great minds think alike, we decided to cash this guild token into golden gold coins! Ho ho ho … How many gold coins do I have to change? !”
“……!” Shen Yue said for a while, "… I take back what I just said. You are just a money addict!"
Carefully pocketing the guild token, nine times bent down and came from the ground. This thing has a finger belly and looks like a silkworm chrysalis. It’s as muddy as white jade and crystal clear. Nine times looked curious. "What the hell is this? !”
The point attribute shows that "the golden silkworm can dominate and control the target by invading the brain of the target organism. The original owner is dead and is currently in the main state!"
"By the original is such a gadget to control the fire …!" Nine-fold words are still in the palm of your hand. It’s like a dead thing. The golden silkworm method suddenly attacked nine-fold and bit a hole in the palm of nine-fold and got into nine-fold!
Nine heavy surprised way "his mother is bad old gold silkworm method invaded the horse will become a method of people! You run quickly, or I’ll hurt you! !”
Daughters smell speech have fled to hide in the distance to observe the nine heavy situation!
Nine heavy in situ said to himself, "his mother really didn’t expect the old wind and waves to come over and turn over the boat in such a small river ditch and become a method person! This is simply a shame! !”
I’m feeling sorry for myself. The general instructions suddenly sounded!
Chapter 30 Parasitic beasts
"Congratulations to the player who has taken the initiative to recognize your Lord as your parasitic beast! Please name the parasitic beast! "
"The name of your new parasitic animal was named Xiaoyu!"
"What’s the situation …? !” Nine heavy don’t stand there at the moment.
Hiding in the distance, Shen Yue and others saw that Jiuzhong had been slow to move and ran back. Shen Yue asked, "What’s the matter? Why haven’t you become a monster? !”
Nine heavy a face of wry smile way "can’t change the golden silkworm method has recognized my Lord into my parasitic beasts! Anyway, what the hell is going on? If you are invaded by the method, you will become a method person. How can you recognize the Lord as a parasitic beast? !”
Shen Yue thought for a moment and asked, "When you just picked up the golden silkworm method, was it in the main state? !”
"How do you know? !”
"This is it!" Shen Yue said, "I’ve seen information about the golden silkworm method. This kind of golden silkworm method will choose one of its own after the death of its current owner. The owner will parasitize others! That’s the case with you now. His current owner, the master of the method control, has been killed by you, and you are the one he met with. It naturally chose you as its master! "
"That this is a good thing or a bad thing? !”
"It should be a good thing. Now you are equivalent to becoming a master of controlling methods in disguise, but all you can control is the golden silkworm method!"
"Well … that’s good, too. More harmful means! Ho ho ~! !”
Jiuchong’s voice just fell and the herd suddenly gathered around and surrounded Jiuchong and others!
Jiuchong said, "It’s not good to patronize and be happy and forget these guys!"
Shen Yue looked around the method of herd frowned slightly. "… don’t you think they are a little strange? !”
"What’s strange? I didn’t see it! "
"They don’t seem to be attacking us!"
"What do you say that? !”
"If they want to attack us, just come straight at us. It’s necessary to surround us in such a big way!"
"That makes sense … that this is how to return a responsibility? Did you touch your peers? They want to rob you? !”
"… your imagination is really rich!"
"Hey hey so-so!" As soon as Jiuzhong’s voice fell, suddenly a soft, gentle and very astringent voice sounded in his head, which seemed like bad words. "Master is not afraid that I am Xiaoyu. Their bodies are under my control and will not attack you. Now they are all your monsters. You can drive them to do things!"
"There will be such a good thing? !” There was a smile on Jiuzhong’s mouth. "Then tell them to sit for the old man!"
Jiuchong’s voice just fell and he saw the surrounding herds sitting on the ground in unison!
Daughters looked at all startled Shen Yue asked "what’s the matter? !”
Jiuzhong gloated, "Hey, hey, they’ve all become veterans ~!"
"Is there such a thing? !”
"hmm ~!" Nine nodded. "They are all controlled by my Xiaoyu, that is, by me. Now I can let them fart when I do things!"
Daughters smell speech in stitches Shen Yuedao "jade who is it? !”
"I’m the one who named the golden silkworm method parasitic on my body!"
"Oh!" Shen Yue looked around at hundreds of methods of herds and said, "This is another surprise. With them, I think our chances of success will be much greater! Ok, let’s hurry to the altar! "
When the crowd led hundreds of method of herd mighty came to the front of the altar where Feng Dance and others were located, Feng Dance led this group to be attacked by the star method of beast after Jiuzhong rode the dragon method of beast. There was no loss. Seeing the method of herd behind Jiuzhong and others, all the people were surprised and pointed to the method of herd. "It … it … they …? !”
Jiuzhong waved his hand and said, "Don’t be nervous. They are my own private armed people now!"
Phoenix dance way "what on earth is this? !”