This time she can be 100% sure that she was reborn and reborn to the ancient times n years ago [

"This time, you don’t want to be unappreciative. The magistrate of a county is the richest advocate here. He spent 3,200 silver tickets to buy you. If you wait on your first night, there will be more silver. Don’t make trouble with silver. If you break Mammy, I will definitely make you prostrate."
Gentle and gentle all the way to the so-called magistrate of a county’s adult room stepped in, and a rush of infatuated incense came at the door guard and let her go in alone, while Mammy Yang stayed outside the door, but it was just what Jiu-Er wanted.
The incense burner curled up a pair of red candles in the room to make the room bright, but Jiu-Er’s eyes gradually sank and became colder and colder
The original magistrate of a county is a touch, but I don’t want to turn out to be a crane-haired, gray old man. The wrinkles on his face can kill flies, and his eyes are half narrowed. After seeing her, he reveals the obscene and shriveled throat of red fruit, which is constantly encouraged.
Ordinary men are just that. Mammy Yang gave her virginity to such a disgusting old man. Although she won’t really let people touch her, it’s a great shame.
This stunning appearance of 3.2 thousand was sold to an old man who was already buried, so it would be better to die
Hey, hey, beauty figured it out? The old man got up and walked slowly to the front of Jiu-Er. The two dogs could drill back and forth, and their legs trembled. Jiu-Er was really afraid that the old man accidentally fell to the ground directly.
The old man also saw Jiu-Er’s disgust, but he didn’t seem to be worried at all. You know, even if Jiu-Er is weak, he can kill him with his fingers.
Jiu-Er wanted to think, and immediately she was on high alert. She secretly swept around her eyes and found nothing unusual.
"Beauty, the night is short this morning. Let’s get to the point. Hey, hey." The old man had a wretched smile and some could not help it. His dry wrinkles and big hands reached over and took Jiu-Er’s wrist. Jiu-Er was just about to break free but found himself limp and limp, and a stumble ran towards the old man.
The old man seems ready to open his arms and live directly in Jiu-Er. He is stepping back a few steps.
"Beauty is bitter and dishonest? I know what the beauty is worried about. Although I am old, I will definitely satisfy the beauty tonight." The old man smiled slyly and struggled to hold Jiu-Er slowly in the bed. In the eyes, he looked back and forth in Jiu-Er’s body.
Jiu-Er can’t make any effort at this time if he works hard. Damn it, I didn’t expect to be countered by an old man.
Suddenly, Jiu-Er felt that as soon as her body cooled down, her clothes were untied by the old man and she was exposed to the air. Even if she was as calm as a cucumber, she would not be angry at this time.
"Beauty Beauty" The old man has been attracted by Jiu-Er’s body, and a pair of dry claws are forced to reach out to Jiu-Er’s undeveloped chest
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You let me die.
Jiu-Er hates heaven now, but she used to be the head of the organization. Thanks to her keen mind and her arrogance, how can she stand this humiliation now?
Whenever the old man touched the place, Jiu-Er felt that several ants had gnawed at the stomach, and she couldn’t move, otherwise she would have taken the old man to vent her anger.
"You, you get out of here, or else" Jiu-Er was waiting for the murder in the old man’s phoenix eyes to get stronger and stronger, but the old man seemed oblivious to touching and bent over to lick the biggest shame in Chapter III.
Anger is more than anger.
Jiu-Er felt that his blood was boiling and the room was burning with ecstasy and incense. I’m afraid he would lose control of his consciousness later.
And the old man has urgently unbuttoned his clothes to reveal his shriveled and unsightly body, which makes Jiu-Er bear it even more.
Think again in your spare time. Jiu-Er didn’t hesitate to bite himself. The pain on the tip of the tongue suddenly spread, and a heat flow came out from the tip of the tongue. Just Jiu-Er avoided the key and didn’t hurt the root of the tongue.
It is also this pain that has slightly resolved the weakness of the body and made Jiu-Er’s hands and feet feel conscious. Seeing the old man unaware that he was about to bully him, she quickly lifted her legs and clamped the old man’s neck. Everything was instantaneous for a second. Jiu-Er grabbed the old man’s head and turned to listen to Garba. A wretched old man went to the Temple of Hades to report his life early [
Jiu-Er, panting, looked at the old man who died unsatisfied. He felt sick. The infatuation and incense in the room became stronger and stronger. This place must not stay long. Jiu-Er wrapped his robe and staggered to sweep the eye room and found that there was no escape here. There were also guards patrolling the door.
The tip of the tongue kept pouring blood, but she swallowed it one by one. She didn’t want to die of bleeding before she escaped.
I didn’t expect to be robbed after rebirth, but my body was weak. If I hadn’t just been angry, I wouldn’t have instantly succeeded the old man.
"Crunch" She slowly opened the door and hung her head slightly, but inadvertently closed the door. Two guards looked at her and raised their hands to stop her way. She looked at Jiu-Er with some surprise.
Without waiting for the guard to open his mouth, Jiu-Er said first, "The two officials told me to go back to my room to get something, and also asked the two officials to let me go." She resisted the pain on the tip of her tongue and tried to make her words gentle and lovely, but it was very touching to expose half of her crisp shoulders.
To Jiu-Er’s surprise, instead of showing greed, the two guards frowned and became somewhat wary. "If the master has orders, he will also send me to get you."
"Ah," Jiu-Er Xiang slipped and fell into the left guard’s arms. The guard was slightly Zheng, but in the blink of an eye, his sword was already in the hands of Jiu-Er. A long knife was placed horizontally on the guard Bofeng’s eyes, and there was a sudden chill. Without hesitation, the blood was splashed all at once.
When another guard saw it, he quickly pulled out his waist sword and stabbed Jiu-Er, shouting "Come and someone will assassinate the magistrate of a county."
This voice broke through the silence, and soon hurried footsteps sounded around. Jiu-Er stepped back while responding to the guard’s long knife. I didn’t expect that the guard had two, and her body was too weak to kill him at the moment.
It’s also Jiu-Er’s principle to hit and run-she won’t wait here to be caught.
Behind the guards, the long knives will be cut at any time, and a dozen thugs will come out of the lobby in front, and even Mammy Yang will come running quickly.
"You bitch dare to murder the magistrate of a county’s adult. Give me a chance to catch her and catch her." Mammy Yang bared her teeth and commanded those thugs, Jiu-Er, whose face was colder. When she was not killing people, she was already exhausted. If she was besieged, it would really be her grave here.
Opportunity is to fight for it, especially the chance to live.
Jiu-Er tried his best to wave a long knife so as not to let people get close to each other, and his footsteps became more and more empty, so he could catch his breath when he left the gate.
The original lobby guests have long been scared by this move. Where is the fun mood? They ran towards the door. Jiu-Er did not hesitate to squeeze into the crowd, and people poured out of the gate. Some slight coolness suddenly got into the tip of Jiu-Er’s nose and entered her heart, which also made her awake. She took a deep breath and ran towards the distance.
The people behind her didn’t let her go, waving a knife and stick and chasing Jiu-Er all the way. She gradually felt physically overdrawn. If she ran like this again, I’m afraid she wouldn’t survive if she escaped.
She is not familiar with this place, and her eyes make her calm and analyze, and she can bump around like an elk.
The night in the running forest is deeper, and the rugged and steep mountain road makes Jiu-Er almost tumble down several times. Although these are far from her field training, her body is not her own after all, and everything here is extremely strange to her. Even if she has strong adaptability, I am afraid it is difficult to cope with sudden disasters.
It is dark in the mountains, and she is no stranger to it, and she can make good use of it to disguise herself, but those people behind her are chasing after her like cats smelling the smell [
For a long time, Jiu-Er couldn’t run any further. She found a slightly stout tree and hid behind it. She sat down on the ground and didn’t want to move again. Even the shortness of breath forced her to resist.
"Although the moon is shining tonight, I’m afraid the weather has already landed here."
At this moment, someone spoke not far from the front. Jiu-Er immediately became wary and came to brush his footsteps not far behind him. It seems that those people have already followed Jiu-Er, who dare not stay and struggle to get up and run towards the front.
I don’t know who is behind the "quick chase there" and suddenly shouted that everyone was running in the direction of Jiu-Er.
To Jiu-Er’s surprise, those people found her so quickly?
"I didn’t expect to smell such a poor tacky aroma in this Shan Ye. It’s really disappointing." The speaker’s voice was full of gas and magnetism, and he stood in a corner of a boulder in white.
Jiu-Er’s heart suddenly turned white when he heard such words. Those people will find her trace so soon. Damn it.
A few steps came to the boulder. Jiu-Er stopped and saw the speaker just now. I don’t know how to relax my vigilance. The words "save me" just fell and I felt that my feet were black and my feet were soft. Chapter 4 returned to Kyoto.
Three years later.